Hippo Families

(b) provide to families the means that enable the development of a career to their members. (c) assist and low-income families to achieve an adecuada administration of finances and income. ((d) promote programmes of physical health, prevention of enfermedades, etc. e) facilitate cultural and spiritual programs that allow increasing the fortress emotional partner families. (f) promote workshops that teach the storage and food processing and obtaining resources in the home for times of crisis.

Religious faith may be important at this point. The moral codes and all ethical principio in a social group represent the result of extensive experience. To increase the tangible nature of the concrete advantages of morality, the masters and visionaries have learned to use symbolic resources to make – the more objective and accurate. An important method in a good religion are the me – all that it uses for solve in a practical way the basic psychological problems, even without understanding the reasons of because they are generated. Today the priest and analyst are fighting in the same direction. Be humano need a force that built it, a push up that raised it from their base instincts. These are just vile when they are poorly oriented. Man ne-cesita have a vision of perfection even if their faith structure is precarious and necesite a great target for his reasoning.

The Imago Dei, (image of God), installed in the human nature to the hombre toward spirituality (transcendence) that when it is well-conceived strengthens the transactional relationship between people. 4-Belief in a natural and moral law. A belief that there is a law not natural and moral escrita is the fourth prin-principle of democracy. The philosopher Augustine of Hippo said that man was created with the law written on their foreheads. I.e., that cuando a human being comes the world knows ins-tintivamente who do not must lie, steal, covet, etc.