Unambiguous answer to the question – you can earn. Another thing – how to make money. What is called for the rustle of nuts do not want to work nobody, not even protein – and she needs to touch the walnut legs and one s in his teeth. Freelancer – the same protein, seeking the nuts. Protein from morning till night, runs through the forest in search of hickory. When the nut is found, it lacks the first got a nut, and carefully chooses the one that is bigger, no spots rot, hard-shell.

Shorter speaking, the highest quality. After that drags him into the hollow, protecting fans from other nuts. Freelancer should do the same. We first wanted 'nut' – freelance site, where they were offered jobs just to freelancers. Then follows a choice: jobs, project.

Freelancer who wants to earn, is not limited to applying for one project, for one vacancy, he examines and sniffs everything that is offered at his specialty. A good freelancer knows the same thing, and protein – not all equally edible nuts, and not all projects can get to work. Therefore, we must examine (leave application) the greatest possible number. Should not be considered the result of Freelancer, how the money had fallen from the sky. Just so no one gives money, so you should evaluate their work adequately. Communicate – 'I am ready to undertake this work under any conditions "- is not value yourself, your skills diminish their work. In addition, customers are wary of such statements. If a person is willing to work on any terms, maybe he's just a loser? Or the quality of his work is extremely low? Such employees are not wanted. To earn a freelance, you must be an expert in your field. Real specialist. Witless protein remain hungry, a freelancer who does not possess expertise in their field, and will not be able to earn. No one has yet paid to anyone, simply because people really want to get the money. Freelance – work hard, which requires responsibility, discipline, knowledge and skills. If you want to become a freelancer, then remember: you have to work the same way both online, only better. And then you will visit customers and income.

Missiology 09

In this second part of the Missiology course, we had to listen to the classes of Professor Cesar Leclere. Specialist in church documents, the us spoke of several documents that underpin the Mission in the Church. Eye this is not copied some text has been written, but transcripts of tape recordings of live classes. Maximund Illud apostolic letter of Benedicto XV, 1919 November 30 is the first in the modern era on the propagation of the Catholic faith in the whole world, and there is a great concern of the popes, and stroke back, and goes on giving importance to this essentiality of the Church. It is the nature of the Church, being a missionary, and they go to work a the Ecclesiology, and is a first modern document on missions. It is also called the Magna Carta, large letter, highest card. Missionary also draws many theological, pastoral and spiritual guidelines in the field.

Especially in it find a first outline of what will be or will be called: the Missiology historical, theological, pastoral, right, and spirituality of the mission. The Pope has the merit of having raised tempers of the Christian community immediately after the first world war. The fervor missionary that is at the same time index and encouragement of the document missionary. It was the beginning of the century of missions. It is a difficult time for the war. At the same time there is a missionary fervor.

The entire Church is involved in this fervor. What is the merit of this document? It consists of chart guidelines that would be later evangelism guidelines. There are several aspects that points out it in its index. And even today they are still priority. Documents that Pope Juan Paul II today, has done picked up what this letter. There is a preparation, attention, and permanent training of the missionaries.

What You Want To

Do you know what you want? That if I ask tell me that Yes, you know what you want. Probably my tell you want to be happy. What grace, that says either. But if I ask that you define (and write) in detail what is be happy for you, are not able neither to write the first word. We live with our mind set on many desires, what we should ask ourselves is if they are desires. If you wonder, probably to discover that most of them have been imposed you from the outside, your parents, the school, the cure (or Rabbi, the same da), media, etc and your own desires? That you don’t know what are. They have domesticated us so, that we have forgotten our true desires, those who there us the soul. Moreover, we do not even dare to say to ourselves about what we want.

They made us believe that they are fantasies, abstract dreams. And we have believed us. But it is not. Our desires are quite lawful. Our desires are our essence.

Forget our desires is forget who we are. It is the worst of betrayals, ourselves. I propose a game, sit down and start to write everything that you want. Read the list the next day and corrected if necessary. Again read the corrected list the next day. Do this exercise daily. I bet double against simple, that after one month, your list will have changed completely, but is not to worry, because that will mean that you’ve been looking inwardly and rediscovering what you really want. And perhaps even begin to give you desire to realize them. Do this exercise, it is fascinating, you’ll be in the start plan your life as you dream it when you were small to, until you pollute with desires of others. So we are, as we can, building our reality. Original author and source of the article.

Steve Alpizar

The hardest part for the achievement of life changes is to withstand adversities generated by negative beliefs, which cling to stay, refuse to die, this is something that brings many disadvantages, for example many years ago he watched as a person already it was an adult and still lived with his parents, consciously expressed his desire to leave this House and begin its independence, but whenever he was about to achieve his goal appeared thousands of circumstances that forced it to return to the same position, why? Because that person had installed in his subconscious that had to live with their parents, finally achieving independence but was quite arduous task. When a limiting belief is affecting drastically our lives normally this is called resistance of the mind, or resistance to change, has deep spiritual implications, it is necessary to put a large share of conscious sacrifice in order to bring about change. Information in our interior clings in incredible shape, but if we insist on the opposite direction with greater strength, negative belief must necessarily be weakened and eventually fall or lease, it is therefore essential that your desire is burning, fight day and night in what you want despite adversity. The resistance of a negative belief is nothing more than a manifestation of power, now imagine that force in the direction of your wishes, is a wonderful thing, and that is precisely their mission, achieve reroute power, for navigating in the direction of the current and not against. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will understand the reasons because a belief seeks to maintain it and most importantly, removed from his life all the negative information that is an obstacle for the life you want, reading this book will change your perception of the world and create an organized along with your wishes reality.

Does Becoming A Person With Good Luck?

There is thinking that there is luck in this life, the truth is that everything is due to positive beliefs, then lucky you need to build to make spiritual power to give us what we want no matter how big it is. You can observe the history of thousands of lucky people and you’ll realize that there are always differences between those who manage to create favourable conditions for their life and those who do not, finally all responsibility rests with you, so if you consider that in the past it has not created much luck then has time to do so. What is luck? It is a series of positive events from the criterion of a person that obey internal beliefs, the best thing is that we can program it, emphasizes the aspect of the criterion because not all people want the same thing, what is essential is to achieve inner satisfaction. If you already know what their goals then ask yourself to has failed them? It is possible that it is full of doubts and missing decision, one of the worst ideas limiting is the fear of failing, here You must defeat this belief with continuous actions, at the beginning it may seem crazy because maybe you’re risking everything he has, but the vast majority of times that is the difference between success and failure, the obligation for the subconscious mind is a pressure too great, finally has to give up their power and give you what you want. When we read in the Bible that Moses was expelled from Egypt and sent to the desert is wondering, what options did Moses? Pass the desert or die, lived to find a great mission, this comparison is not so that you are going to walk into the wilderness but to fully understand that the power of the subconscious mind and the change of belief usually act when you are facing an emergency. .