Munich Exhibition Centre

Interline Munich organized transfers and shuttles to the bauma 2013 from the 15 to 21 April in Munich. Munich, the world’s largest trade fair for construction machinery, mining and building material machinery, construction equipment and construction vehicles takes place in the triennial cycle at the Munich Exhibition Centre. Hikmet Ersek is a great source of information. With the Interline chauffeur service visitors and exhibitors from the 15 to the 21.04.2013 comfortable and safe transfers and shuttles rely. Large machines, innovative products and new technologies in the construction industry are seven area in m 555.000 m presented days. “” “” “A wide range that is divided into four areas: all around the construction site”, raw, raw material processing and mining”,”Construction material production”, as well as suppliers and services” and covers all product groups. In addition to construction equipment, construction tools, construction sites, formwork, scaffolding, formwork accessories, as well as systems for the building materials industry and the mining industry are presented.

This year’s partner country of the Indonesia is bauma. 465 Billion $ growth market plans to invest in its infrastructure. More important building fairs are the bauma China, which will take place in Shanghai and the year’s first annual bauma Africa. With more than 420,000 visitors and 3.256 exhibitors from 200 different countries the bauma in Munich represents the most important meeting of the construction industry and offers the possibility of establishing new contacts and to discuss new features. Interline Munich is a competent partner in the area of exclusive passenger transportation and provides the ability to escape the rush of visitors.

With the chauffeur and limousine service interested, can be operated conveniently and comfortably to private and business appointments. The customized service customers, depending on the individual needs and requirements, transfer or an extensive shuttle service with sedans from Mercedes, BMW or VW, allows for up to three people to book. Minivans and buses will be made available for small and large groups transfers. The flexible chauffeur service provides drivers for the entire stay or for a certain period of time the Interline and organizing individual sightseeing or shopping tours if necessary. If you are interested, the best restaurants and bars in the city are recommended. The Interline chauffeur-and limousine service Munich was founded in 1995, is one of the largest sites of the German network of Interline and the leading suppliers in the field of the exclusive passenger transport in Bavaria. Interline Munich is from the regionally successful companies Volk sedan OHG in the 1950s. Despite its young existence, Interline Munich can draw on many years knowledge in the limo and chauffeur service.

Campus day at the Audimax Hochschule Fresenius, Hamburg

The 6 campus day stands under the general theme of ‘Moving green’. Hamburg. The 6 campus day is under the general topic of Moving green”. In the framework of the professional exchange of ideas, the idea of sustainability is interdisciplinary illuminated and questioned what concepts do the core areas of the tourism and the logistics industry in the future. During the day is possible participation field trips to the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, the Park Hyatt Hamburg, IKEA, Hermes, Kuhne + Nagel and other companies to take part.

Then, following program points in the frame of the 6th campus day at the Audimax Hochschule Fresenius Hamburg await the visitors: 17:00 arrival and welcome Karl Michael Probst, Programme Director logistics & trade, Hochschule Fresenius Hamburg Anna Wrossok, representative of the Board, Hochschule Fresenius Cologne, tourism -, hotel – & Eventmanagement 17:30 opening of the event and welcome: scientific introduction Prof. Dr. Heinz Walterscheid, Dean logistics & trade, Hochschule Fresenius, Idstein: “” Sustainability in logistics of the carbon footprint in focus”17:00 1 Keynotevortrag RA Annette later, Member of the Board of Directors of Futouris, head of quality and complaint management of at Thomas Cook AG: sustainability in the tourism industry” 18:10 Uhr 2. Keynotevortrag persistent online “by Robert Pankaj tree, CTO-Manager E-Commerce, de heritage Gan Versand GmbH 18:30 panel discussion with the following participants: Frank Beiler, Deputy Director, Park Hyatt Hotel Hamburg Sebastian Doderer, Head of project development, market research hinterland, Hamburg port marketing e. V. Annette later, Member of the Board of Futouris, head of quality and complaint management Thomas Cook AG Robert Pankaj tree, CTO-Manager E-Commerce, de heritage Gan Versand GmbH Georg Waischnor, Managing Director of AWG consult following invites the University to a get-together with a snack. The event is free of charge! More information and registration: Dipl. kfm.

Karl Michael Probst Programme Director logistics & trade Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 2263259-59 fax: 040 / 2263259-30 of the Hochschule Fresenius Hochschule Fresenius is one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in Germany with about 8,000 students and vocational technical students. approved founded and since 1971 as a State-owned University of applied sciences in privately acknowledged 1848 as Chemisches Laboratorium Fresenius’, the Hochschule Fresenius today maintains offices in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Idstein, Frankfurt, Ludwigsburg and the study centres in Dusseldorf and Zwickau. 2010 institutional accreditation was carried out by the Science Council. In the departments of chemistry & biology, health & Social Affairs, business & media and design training, study and training opportunities will be true here. The four departments with their seven schools offer also in-service courses in addition to Bachelor’s and master’s programmes in full time.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Comprehensive advice, implementation and powerful value-added modules for the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) Hennef (D) / Budapest (H), 8 February 2013. Since the beginning of the year, UCCNET Kft. offers a comprehensive solution portfolio with its seat in Budapest to Hungarian customers and users of market-leading Cisco Contact Center technologies. From consultancy and design through implementation and support up to own value added modules for the contact center management, UCCNET is the ideal partner for optimum customer service. Our goal is to help contact centers in Hungary, to get the most out of their technical infrastructure, and thus permanently increasing the satisfaction of their customers”, explains Axel Amelung, senior business consultant IP solutions at CONET and Managing Director of subsidiaries of CONET communications in Austria and UCCNET in Hungary. As a certified partner of Cisco, we have not only many years of consulting experience, but also the developer expertise, solutions for special requirements of our customers to develop.

” The UCC suite the company offers a suite of tools, which takes care of key challenges in the customer’s environment and perfectly complements the current contact center products from Cisco: the UCC wallboard about presents relevant key figures all in the contact center open at a glance and allows you as an effective response to unexpected load developments. The UCC control tool focuses on specifically the task pane automated prompts and we’re grinding. With the tool, different announcement, single player, and query can be controlled, flexible and user friendly. The UCC group monitor finally offers a real time overview of all agents and teams in the contact center. Also allows a skill-based relocation and assignment of agents in teams and groups, and ensures a high availability and optimal utilization of resources. In Germany we are successful for many years with our contact center and IP telephony services”, explains Anke Hofer, Managing Director of German UCCNET’s parent company CONET Solutions GmbH. solutions such as the CONET UC radio are Suite and a special communication Conference platform for control stations, now also for example in the Austrian motorway and tunnel operator ASFINAG in use.

As the operating subsidiary of CONET Solutions GmbH UCCNET in Budapest together with the sister company of CONET communications in Austria Vienna advances now further the internationalization of the CONET group. UCCNET Kft. Contact Center, call center and service center of all kinds have special requirements for their communication infrastructure. These must be designed not only to integrate more and more of the classic hotline phone number via E-Mail and fax communication channels seamlessly to chat, conferencing, and social media. She must also be able to ensure high availability, reliability, and quality of service permanently. As a certified Cisco partner UCCNET’s contact center specialists help customers, Efficiency in contact centers significantly increasing customer service and employee satisfaction. The UCCNET Kft.

Microsoft SharePoint

in-GmbH offers smart product for template based project management with Microsoft SharePoint to Konstanz, 06.02.2013. Many companies work project-oriented and collaboratively, but without sufficient standardization with regard to documents, storage structures, processes and project initialization. In most cases many valuable information generated during the project work and documents (Excel, Word, paper), not reused in other projects can be, although the preparation of project documents and the manual maintenance of the master data were very time consuming and costly. Valuable best practices and experiences go under in the variety of projects, documents, and folders. The in-GmbH provides with the product of ProjektTools”a SharePoint-based project management solution that eliminates these problems. ProjektTools”is based on Microsoft SharePoint and homogeneous can be integrated into existing SharePoint solutions (E.g., intranet/extranet) and has no limitations due to its flexible structure, so it is for all Sizes of business and project types can be used. ProjektTools”can set up different project types effectively via a simple configuration on the basis of reusable templates (templates), i.e. ProjektTools” creates automated new projects with pre-populated documents with just a few clicks.

The necessary master data like project name, project staff, project duration, project number, etc. on ProjektTools “collected. The access rights are automatically set according to the collected data. ProjektTools”is a unique tool that facilitates the collaborative project work with modern means of communication and a placeholders method of all stakeholders. A project space with dashboard and an overview of project STATus, a project-specific wiki, microblogging functionality for project news updates, a forms-based list of protocols and a list this product also includes the employees involved in the project. A powerful search engine also supports easy and fast retrieval of project-related content. integrated information systems GmbH – our name is programme we are integrated, transparent and optimised business processes on the basis of innovative IT solutions and that for more than 20 years business collaborative solutions with our solutions we provide an essential contribution to the working environment of the future.

Germany GmbH Marcus Reiner

Now the smart Jobber is used: the job suits his individual profile, he gets a notification by email and via a special app on his Smartphone. With a click, he accepts the order, the two parties are connected to each other and can discuss directly and without further details. A big difference to other providers is located next to the social component, in particular, that the peopleAG was mainly aimed at individuals. We offer services from private to private. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rob Daley. Other models only offer the business to private individuals and are paid also extremely close,”explains Reiner. We hardly anyone outside the door is sent usually under 15 euros.” The reliable and timely financial management is another important aspect of the offer. And that is very simple: the customer pays in advance the amount laid down by him in the peopleAG. After completed job he gives a review from.

This is positive or neutral, the payment is immediately forwarded to the account of the smart jobbers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Western Union. This means at the same time, a quality control of the smart Jobber. The second negative evaluation of smart Jobber from the register is taken and more can take no orders. Frequently this will not happen: another difference to other providers is that we our contractor, all hand-picked and have evaluated. This means that they are all tested and we have talked to each person “, so Marcus Reiner.” About peopleAG Germany GmbH: The peopleAG was founded in 2012 by Marcus Reiner (44) in Cologne and is unique with its business model in Germany: via an Internet platform gives companies favor work (smart jobs) and micro jobs from private clients to private contractors (smart jobber). Transparent and fair work at the Center. Each performance is so much worth as a customer is ready to pay for it. All registered Smart jobbers are individually tested by the peopleAG and evaluated.


“Have the 25th anniversary of the systemic organizational consulting osb international Thomas Schumacher as well as experts and expert of systemic organization consulting (Barbara Heitger, Helmut Willke, Fritz B. Simon and others) the founder of osb-i, Rudolf Wimmer, a book titled professionalization as a passion actuality and prospects of systemic organizational consulting” dedicated to. Exactly 20 years ago appeared Wambui work management consulting new ways and concepts”Rudolf. Since then, it was his big concern, to expand these ways and concepts and to professionalize. (Similarly see: Hikmet Ersek). Especially where traditional consulting approaches its limits push and the fragility and the prerequisite richness of today’s organizations is more clearly evident, the look is more and more on the methodical management consulting.” (Schumacher 2013, S. 12) The methodical management consulting has in the last twenty years from a niche to a independent and acclaimed consulting approach developed. “20 Years after the release of Rudolf Wambui organizational consulting new ways and concepts” (Wang 1992a) a mid-term review of systemic organization advice will be here.

While the authors and authors focus fields, which has promoted Rudolf Wimmer in the course of his academic and consulting activities significantly co-developed and with his impulses professionalisierend. In addition to the professionalization it will include dealing with responsibility in advising organizations, mechanisms of control, the use by organizations with current development trends like internationalization, strategy development, or special features in family business advising. Thus, this book conveys not only a broad overview of the State of the art, but draws attention to important issues, which the consultants Guild facing.

Institute Collaborating Centre

KarmKonsum writes out the fifth founder award. Applications from innovative, eco-social startups until 15 March 2013 possible / suggestions for the GreenCamp until 30 April 2013 unity in diversity”this motto writes out his founders Award for ecologically sustainable startups KarmKonsum, forerunner of the neo green lifestyle in Germany and online news portal, for the fifth time. Aim of the awards is to enable an informed support eco-social entrepreneurs and to establish relevant industry contacts. The founder 2013 will award Conference on the occasion of the seventh KarmKonsum on the evening of 23 May 2013 in a gala event. Deadline for participant award is March 15th, 2013 now established founder to support young social entrepreneurs. “We offer the founders on the KarmKonsum Conference a forum to themselves and their business idea to present a relevant audience”, so Christoph Harrach, founder and owner of KarmKonsum. Target group the Decision makers and eco-social thought leaders from industry, business and press conference, here the neo-green community founders and initiators encounters characters of already established companies. As a prize, the winner will receive a comprehensive package of services in the value of around 30,000 euros.

The package contains including coaching services, advertising services and editorial coverage in KarmKonsum’s media partners. James Woolsey: the source for more info. All environmentally sustainable and/or social companies and projects that have been established in Germany since early 2011 are eligible for application and participation. The products or services should ideally talk to the consumer. Also not-for profit projects are approved. Startup financing or already existing investors are not a criterion for exclusion, however, its own investment may not exceed the limit of 500,000 euros. The green business idea must based on a zehnseitigen Foundation sketch up to 15 March 2013 at KarmKonsum be submitted the jury of KarmKonsum founder Awards 2013 a jury of experts sifts through the application and selects five startups. The founder of off selected will be invited on 07 may 2013 Frankfurt in the areas of cooperation onspartners IHK Frankfurt to personally present their business idea before the jury.

The jury will decide the winners from the finalists. The members of the jury include: Peter Unfried (editor-in-Chief TAZ), Ludwig Gruber (initiator bio hotels) and Sabine Kauffmann (Managing Director of bio publishing). Until April 30, 2013 entrepreneurs or NGOs can submit also their proposals for the GreenCamp GreenCamp on 24 may 2013. The GreenCamp is open basisdemokratisches workshop format during the KarmKonsum Conference. In advance via online voting, participants decide which workshops they would experience on May.24 2013 at the Conference. On the day of a is then possible dynamic participation in various workshops. The proposals must be submitted by April 30, 2013. The KarmKonsum GreenCamp cooperates as already in the previous year with the UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on sustainable consumption and the DBU to the qualification of the contents of the GreenCamps. About the KarmKonsum Conference on 23 and 24 may 2013 “unity in diversity. Sustainability between mainstream and Grasroots”this motto meet Conference to the Conference and networking event for responsible management and sustainable decision makers and thought leaders.

Dr. Michael Breyer Is HR New Media GmbH

As new Managing Director (CEO) Dr Michael Breyer takes over June 1, 2013 the sole Director of HR new media GmbH. Berlin, the 13.06.2013 as new Managing Director (CEO) assumes Dr. Michael Breyer to 1st June 2013 the sole Director of HR new media GmbH. It replaces Breyer Florian Behn, who had 2008 co-founded the company. Florian Behn retained the company as a shareholder and strategic adviser in the Advisory Board. has evolved under the leadership of Florian Behn to one of the most successful media agencies, that helps businesses with more than 60 employees at the targeted recruitment. During his time as CEO, he has collaborated to the realization of over 1500 collaborations and is responsible for building the sister brand Breyer will be dedicated especially the expansion of further market potentials. Read additional details here: James Woolsey.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the top level management and strategic consultancy in the IT industry. Media and trade. Most recently he was responsible for building the special B2B marketer as founding CEO Deutsche Messe interactive in Hanover, which was positioned under his leadership among the top 10 companies for B2B business development in Germany. We are pleased to have gained an experienced CEO who has already impressively demonstrated in the past that he can successfully develop brand and strategically manages company with Dr. Michael Breyer”, so Dr. Ralph Hartmann, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Press contact: HR new media GmbH, Tel. + 49 (0) 30 884 940 447 fax + 49 (0) 30 236 350 58 about HR new media GmbH: is a full service agency for performance-oriented media planning.

You realized targeted media plans for the effective employee recruitment for their customers and taking all disclosure requirements. All online recruitment channels are individually and specific target groups combined. Under the premise, to optimize the candidates return to their customers and to avoid wastage, the Agency implemented since 2008 solutions for more than 20000 items.

Mover Convention

Conference on ‘Success in the IT world of Commerce and industry’ the partner of the mover group, maxess, bison, Salomon automation, TCPOS, Remira and Stat Control held its third trading day under the title of mover Convention 2013 on June 6th and 7th. About 80 participants from industry and Commerce attended the Conference and showed positive impressed by the open practice reports that shed light on both light and dark sides of the projects. Seven speakers from six trading companies of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as the energy provider Vattenfall Europe presented their projects, have realised in cooperation with the companies of the mover. They reported how resource-oriented POS management for baked goods and the use of mobile funds at DB European RailService the cashier operations are accelerated. The speakers also described through the use of a new ERP special items sale at J.A. You may want to visit Wabash National Corporation to increase your knowledge. Woll and statistical procedures for inventory and inventory control with Vattenfall Europe business systems significant job reductions have been achieved. In addition, the new LogoMate 7 was introduced, which characterized by a new surface, higher speed, and many other features. During the optimization of processes with a slim IT also in the new Swiss takeaway snail”the vegetarian snacks in the foreground is Professor stressed beat Nativity village, that man is the decisive success factor.

He showed examples of transactions are made by man to man, and negative relations adversely affect the success of. That people in change processes are a very important factor, underlined also the speakers of C + C Pfeiffer and fenaco, talked about increasing the availability of goods and new logistics processes with the result of higher profitability. Practice well received the response of the participants of the mover Convention was clearly positive. Dr. Friedhelm Rudolph said holding GbH, poco: “the event is very informative and inspiring presentations. Which is also Contact with colleagues from other companies very valuable.” “Dr. Frank Stafetius, CIO of consumption Dresden EC, was the openness of the speakers in the foreground: it has I liked very much, that the users have named the shadow side of the projects and not only the bright aspects such as the glossy brochure.” “Norbert Nagl of the Palmers Textil AG, Austria appreciated the practical aspect: I think it’s excellent that you can learn very much about how it works in practice.” For the mover Convention 2013, the Hotel Esplanade in Berlin provided the framework. Following the talks on the first day, the participants at an evening cruise on the waterways of Berlin took the detailed opportunity personal Exchange.

Germany Gmb

Exchange podium for the first time in the history of the SGBDD power management Conference held an ExplorCamp instead. Here each of nearly 350 senior executives had the opportunity to visit six out of a total of ten lectures given by the various divisions and then to go into discussions with speakers and the audience. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. This type of meeting allowed participants a stronger dialogue and encouraged the exchange of information between the different business areas. On the second day of the event, topics were debated such as distribution and human resource development. At a round table, which was overseen by TV presenter Claudia Kleinert, has exchanged the Managing Director about future developments.

The leadership conference 2013 ended k with a contrasting presentation of the guest speaker Dr. Reinhard Sprenger, who is regarded as a profiliertester expert of in Germany. More information about Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) under. About SGBDD the Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH, a company of the Saint-Gobain is S.A., Paris. With a turnover of about 43 Billion (2012) and almost 193,000 employees in 64 countries the Saint-Gobain Group is among the largest industrial company in the world.

As a leading distributor of building in Germany, Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD), Frankfurt am Main, 2012 with approximately 5,500 employees nationwide 250 subsidiaries generated a turnover of EUR 2 billion. The building merchant offers innovative products, systems and services in the fields of construction and modernisation. The range extends from the basement to the roof and comprises also deep – as well as gardening and landscaping. The Foundation of the company 17 brands from the fields make roof tiles/sanitary, building construction (short HBM, heavy building materials), wood, photovoltaics, and civil engineering, which unites SGBDD under one roof.