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Heating bills 2012 check / savings day 2013: five heating tips as an alternative to the piggy bank of Berlin, 28 October 2013. Save with the tag cash account or the bank book hardly worthwhile. The current low interest rates at banks are to blame. Experts advise on the occasion of the Weltspartags on the 30.10, prefer to calculate the heating energy consumption. Consumers should take their heating costs under the microscope on the subject of saving because here they can save lots of money with small energy-saving measures,”Stefanie advises Jank, project manager of the heating mirror campaign of the non-profit co2online GmbH (

To detect whether the own heating energy consumption is too high, and what savings are available, tenants and owners can check their heating expenses settlement 2012 professionally with the free heating advice of co2online. The heating opinion analyses the consumption – and cost items of the heating expenses settlement or heating energy bill, rated the building or apartment based on regional comparison values and gives recommendations to increase savings to exploit. To order a personal opinion of the heating only the coupon on must be filled in and submitted together with a copy of the slip. Again, tenants and owners can save, because the heating opinion is supported by the Federal Ministry of the environment and is free of charge. Outside the eligibility period, the delivering of the opinion of a heating costs 35 euros. Tips beat day money account shows a comparison: for consumers, it is more lucrative to reduce the own heating costs with the help of five tips to open as a day money account. Who puts all five tips, can save up to 245 euro heating costs in one year.

The interest for 5,000 euros on the day cash account with the currently highest rate of 1.51% p.a. be only 75 euros. Money values of tips: draw the curtains at night! Especially in the winter, curtains and blinds should be closed at night. So, less heat escapes and there can be saved annually up to 40 euros. In the winter and autumn only shock airing! Tilted Windows unnecessarily cool the rooms during the cold seasons. Through shock airing is, however, to sufficient supply of fresh air, and heating energy saved. A saving of up to 125 euros a year is possible. Lower the room temperature! Six percent reduces the temperature in the apartment to a level can be saved per year energy costs. 60 Euro are savings, if based on annual heating costs around 1,000 euros. Bleed the radiators! Growls and gurgles of the radiators, air is likely. Every year around 15 euros can be saved by regular bleeding of the radiator bleed key. Install wall insulation behind radiators! An insulation of walls behind the radiators reduced heat loss. This brings an annual saving of about five euros per radiator. Through co2online the non-profit co2online GmbH () is committed to the reduction of the a climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Interactive EnergiesparChecks, an energy savings, heat mirrors and heating advice she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. A strong network supports various information campaigns with partners from media, science, economy and politics. From 2004 to date, co2online created more than 70,000 heating advice.

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Based on the driving car charged at the rate as is every year in the autumn, we are also just now in the Wechselsaison of the insurance. Whether it be but more expensive or cheaper, is not clearly anticipated this year. Therefore everyone should compare the prices of different suppliers, because motorists can save money by switching the car insurance. Even experts advise to the comparison can be performed easily by anyone through an insurance calculator on the Internet. And this comparison is particularly important since the motor insurer new stand every year and recalculate the tariffs.

But here, it should be noted that the price makes alone already have good insurance. A German insurer is a whole new way to attract customers now and wants to collect travel data with a kind of black box in the car which then are evaluated by the insurance and the new car tariff is calculated on the basis of. By this tariff, which is offered by the S direct, a specialized subsidiary of Sparkasse, motorists could go ahead and carefully, in the future be rewarded for their driving style. That at least is the idea that lies behind this tariff. The S direct customers have the possibility that referred to as S-drive offer in addition to their car insurance to complete and save up to five percent of their fare. For this purpose, the customer needs a cigarette box-large telematics box, which is installed in the car and costs 71,40 euro annually. By the insurance, the customer then receives a point account, which stands for the discount credit.

According to the insurer S direct the telematics box developed by the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica gathers GPS-based data over the distance, travel time, speed, and the braking performance. Should register the telematics box, thereby exceeding a speed limit or regular speed, points will be deducted the vehicle users. And the fewer points remain, the less the rebate fails at the end. The data of the vehicle is initially SSL-encrypted in the data center by Telefonica in London sent and stored there anonymously. Therefore store the customer data solely with the insurance and the actual driving data at Telefonica. Then only the number of kilometres and the point values calculated on the basis of driving are transmitted to the insurance. However, privacy advocates are skeptical of the new car price and request that customers prior to the conclusion of the contract would have to be elucidated extensively on the collection of data. A further point of criticism is that the box the customer annually costs money. Therefore should be exactly calculate each of the insurance provider, how much the new system can actually be saved at the end.


Comdirect day money with 2.00% interest p.a.. The impact of recent interest rate cuts are still being felt. Comdirect also adapts to the market situation. The rate cut made currently by the comdirect Bank on the day money account Tagesgeld plus applies only to new customers who want to create up to 10.000,-euro. Well, there’s only half, namely 2.00 percent per annum for new customers with a deposit of up to $ 5,000.00. Interest rates to 1.25 percent p.a. amount for a deposit in the amount of 5.001,00 EUR 30.000,00 euro.

The remaining interest rate remains the same. The attractive framework conditions are also equal. So the account opening and account management with no cost associated and no monthly minimum payment. In addition to the daily money account you can choose plus for the comdirect bank account. Regardless of a credit card is included in the product part of the day money account in any case, the benefits of which can be used at any time free of charge. There is a detailed overview of the product under../comdirect-girokonto-plus.html. Day money compared slips after rate cut back the comdirect and makes convenient it is now in the lower middle. See day money / comparison can be found a clear comparison of current market day money offers.

The top spot is now taken of Cortal Consors. The company offers on its money market accounts an interest rate of 4.00 per cent per annum, or 3.25 per cent p.a.. In addition, both versions are of no monthly minimum payment for free. For more information about summarizes open trade portal As day money includes current accounts, as also the passbooks and deposit to the safest investment products, because the sums of the customers on these investments are secured by the deposit protection fund up to certain amounts and are therefore safe.