The Zen Path Of Awakening

Teacher, what meditate? What is beyond thinking how do get to meditate on that which is beyond thought? Not meditating what is Zen? Multiple definitions can try, but all of them would be useless. We can more easily tell what is not. It is not a religion or a theory. It is not based on any dogma or philosophy. The essence of Zen is not in any school, teacher or writing although it is sacred. It allows the direct knowledge of oneself above values, Nations and races. Zen is a form of Buddhism that in China was developed under the name of Chan and in Japan became one of the most important spiritual but also social and artistic.

Its principles were applied to all facets of the man. The zen Word is a contraction of zenno, which corresponds to what in China was called Chan and the Dhyana India. In all three cases it can be translated as meditation. Traditionally its origin goes back to the same Buddha who in the so-called sermon on the peak of the Raven, rather than go to his listeners with words remained silent, only making the gesture of showing a flower. One of his disciples, Kashyapa demonstrating that he had understood this teaching of silence, smiled and reached understanding in that moment. Although there is no document proving it, believed that the Buddha had transmitted zen teaching to Kashyapa, followed by many Indian Patriarchs, until arriving to Bodhidharma. The principles of zen Buddhism came to China from the hand of the monk Bodhidharma, a direct spiritual descendant of the disciple of Buddha Mahakashyapa, around the year 520.

According to tradition, Bodhidharma was the founder of the Chan in China in the 6th century A.d. Zen Buddhism in Japan begins to develop from the s. XII taking root with much depth and creative spirit in the Japan culture.Zen, despite being a type of Buddhism, has a direct influence of Taoism regard your introducer in China, Bodhidarma, there are several legends surrounding this figure.

Personal Development

There is a relationship between forgiveness and personal development. One of the great struggles of the human being in personal development, is that it costs us to say sorry, but while it is easy to forgive in simple terms, bone to simply say so, the pure truth is that costs us a lot do it really. It is not said in words that one has forgiven such person, or to even think to do so, but rather the power that gives you. We must have the courage to forgive someone, it is an extra for the soul point, because when we forgive we are freeing us from a great burden that we carry over and we managed to be more become detached even in our acts, because we will be more determined to give without really expecting anything in return. Many probably think that this does not benefit them at all, and that rather that person not deserves be forgiven oneself really deserves to forgive, not only because we all make big mistakes or are likely at some point to proceed from worst forms, but also in some other occasion We have a chance of being pardoned, besides life is short, and by more harm than a person can make us, if in your hand forgive him and doing it of his own guilt, help, you’re going to feel good, and never keep rancor. Many have the tendency to look to the past and live thinking about the bad things that happened to us leaving us dragging by that stage of time. This is not going to help in any way, nobody says it’s bad to remember, but you should do so with care, you should feel really with all my heart, mind and soul that that person is your friend, and you do not glorifiques by your act of forgive because this in itself, is the same as not having forgiven. .


With the internet boom, in the last 10 years the network of networks is has gone filling thematic portals that segment very well accessible for users information. Proof of this are websites or guides of scrapyards, which allow you to easily locate these centres of recycled vehicles and even place orders for parts and spare parts through the own websites. Thanks to these guides, have the relevant information to us without having to go localizandola among other information that us is not interesting. For example, that it would have a guide with dealerships, companies rent, scrapyards, workshops, etc if the end all data appear mixed. This only lia users and does find that information that we need is virtually impossible, for long Finder bearing integrated or by very well that it is organized. With these specific portals that have multiplied in recent years, users and professional disponenen of very powerful tools that facilitate daily work, we could say that it even served as a yellow pages but with the difference that we already have selected a sector in particular to locate a contact. If you look at google and you do any search related to scrapping, or even carpenters see early results that appear to belong to this style guides, sectoral guides that are increasingly more used in the network. When you’re a business owner and want to advertise on these guides often have a high or even contact form to request the inclusion of your company. It is a matter that you get in contact with them and close a deal to start selling from that web. Original author and source of the article.

Internet Customers

Like taking care to the client via the Internet has become one of the bases commercial strategic for many companies. That’s why that digital tools that provides web 2.0 allows us to maintain in a human and fluid relationship with customers at a reasonable price. In the online business, the importance of care and provide a service to the customer is greater than in the world of business offline, there is no face-to-face contact between the client and the company. In addition, companies must have a stronger relationship with your customers that today’s competitive environment demands it and the only way to avoid that competition take them is maintaining a close relationship with them. Before these threats in a competitive environment, learning to serve your customers over the internet and handle properly the Tools 2.0 you will get a value to the attention to the same opportunity. Below we mention a few guidelines that will be helpful: knowing clients must know the characteristics of our target audience and the type of online behavior so that we can build and adapt the website to the different profiles of users, their needs and interests. Change the focus in business focus differ offline versus online businesses, therefore forget the offline guidelines and begins betting by applying criteria web to more comfortable, simple, practical and effective customer experience.

Constant renovation say that use Web 2.0 tools such as the social media releases with multimedia content, Keywords, links, among others. Participation do participate to clients to develop a sincere dialogue that fosters loyalty. We filtremos if in case we detect negative and foreign content to our Organization in other sites, it is considered a search engine optimisation strategy. It is very common that we use e-mail that constitutes the most used and simple method to cater to the customer through Internet. And so our communication can optimize in this environment, follow these tips: A response concise: give him solutions and detailed particulars of the steps to be followed.Let’s be honest: If the product that we offer does not match with the needs of the potential customer, or perhaps can help you, explain why and offer alternate solutions.Let’s be clear: be concise responses.Do remember past emails: when we attend an email from a client, it is always good to include the original message of that potential customer or included specific paragraphs of your message.The spelling must be perfect: permanently review the spelling in your messages before you send them.Avoid capitalization: this goes against the rules of etiquette throughout the network, which can be interpreted as that you are shouting! visit: original author and source of the article