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Discover ten basic rules that prevailed at the time and that always lead to success in any business if they are correctly applied. 1 Spends less than what they desire: is a fact: independent of what one WINS, the expenses normally tend to exceed what you enter. It is our human nature that wants to satisfy their various appetites and not know to distinguish between what is necessary and what is a luxury. 2. Be faithful to your vocation: we all have a purpose here on Earth and the skills and talents to carry it out. It is difficult that a person can succeed if it does not develop the inborn talents that has.

Most people found his vocation sooner or later, but many others end up devoting himself to an area that does not correspond to them. 3. Locate in the right place and at the right time make a study of the supply and demand of your service or product. No sense offering the same offering thousands of other people at the same time and in the same place. 4.

Avoid debt as if it were the plague. Money is like fire. It is a good servant, but a terrible AMO. When money has authority over his life in the form of a debt, it converts it to a slave. However, if you discover how to make the money work by Ud, you will have a faithful servant who will work by Ud day and night, nonstop. 5. Be persistent. Many people leave to fight in difficult moments and never reap the fruits of their efforts by not persevere. 6. Anything you do, do it with excellence a wise person once said: things are done well or do not. The ambition, energy and diligence are key requirements to achieve success. 7 Always be aware of what is happening in your business in the eyes of the employer are more valuable than a dozen from the hands of the employees. The best employees may ignore important points which it had not escaped to the owner of the business. 8. Use the best tools and care for its employees 9.-don’t be afraid to start below. Many successful people will say that the first $1000 that won were much harder than the rest of his fortune. It is because acquired much experience to learn how to generate money. On the other hand, a person who inherits the money or be indebted, skips this important stage and fails in their businesses. Do not despise small beginnings. 10 Is an independent student of lifetime all successful people have one thing in common: educate constantly. It is a habit of life and a passion that illuminates them with new ideas and helps them to continue increasing what they have. If you need help to change their financial situation, they will love our 10 facts about how to have a business that a mother taught her son and as a result of which he became a millionaire at age 21! You can download them for free on of Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to get a vision for your life, set goals and then pursue the specific education so that they can achieve them. original author and source of the article

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When you talk about building a business on the internet, the first thing that comes to mind is that it will be fast, I don’t know exactly why, maybe because bombard us constantly by internet with the idea of creating a business on the internet is going to be something easy and fast. Further away from reality, never think that whoever wants to create a profitable business, either by internet or by another site and more when it comes to serious business, must be the mindset that as all businesses must be slow and safe if what we want is to find a system of life through an internet business. Throughout the experience that I have in internet business, I have to say for myself that still I did not anything fast and effective, of course, that when one already did its job, it is then, and not before when perhaps begin to leave things more quickly, but we should not forget that what was done before is the result of an effort that later are rewarded with successful achievements and that seem to have been rapid. Which is to say, to carry out any business with which you want to to succeed, you must work hard, be devoted and expect results in the future and not immediately. The internet business therefore if what you want is to achieve stability in time should be relaxed and full of everyday learning since it will be the only way to create a successful and durable business.