Hyundai Solaris

The total annual volume of sales of Hyundai cars a year in Russia should take 130,000th abroad, and a large percentage of the issued near St. Petersburg, cars will be exported, not in vain in the fabrication plant, together with ‘Solaris’ came tablets ‘Accent’ and ‘i25’. Moreover, in 2012 the plant in Kamenka, to be released on the calculated power and by car Kia – side by side with Solaris will produce a model code-named QB, which will replace the current Rio. As for price, it would, according to unconfirmed reports, will start from 350 000 rubles. In this case, in this class unfold a serious struggle for the customer.

By closest rivals include Solaris Volkswagen Polo Sedan (from 399 000 to 578 700 rub.), Renault Logan / Sandero (319 000 to 463 000 rub.), Who also recently got an automatic transmission. Do not forget about the Chevrolet Aveo (from 383 800 to 513 880 rub.) And Fiat Albea (from 366 500 to 429 500 rubles). Slightly more expensive are the Peugeot 206 (from 424 000 to 558 000 rub.) And the Kia Rio (from 449 900 to 519 900 rub.), But to a sedan from Hyundai can look at those who have previously opted out of Daewoo Nexia (from 229 000 to 306 000 rub.), LADA Kalina (from 256 490 to 333 198 rub.) and LADA Priora (from 289 983 to 373 279 rubles). On Solaris manual Hyundai places great hope. For success of the new sedan the company will suspend import of his “classmates – Hyundai Getz and i20. While not understand the situation and the sedan Accent Taganrog assembly, which can also entice prospective buyers of Solaris.

Perhaps the production there will be closed. However, Hyundai said that he intends to continue to continue to work with “TagAZ.” So that production at the plant in the Kamenka be somewhat more competitive in the most purchased class B +, which about 40% of Russian sales. And the stronger the competition, the faster fall rates – at least in the civilized world.


Style 50-ies. Women – the very modesty. The hair collected in the 'pony tail' or processed in the form of small hair pins with a banana, with a milled strands. Dresses and coats of H-and A-shaped silhouette up to the mid- calves. Appeared perlonovye stockings. Actual narrow pointed toes shoes with low heels. Style 60-ies. Appear the first hippies, defying society.

T-shirts are popular with a variety of text and graphics. Emerging fashion mini skirts (in 1966 Mary Quant appears in this shocking dress at Buckingham Palace to receive the Order of the British Empire for services to British exports). The image of women 60 symbolized Twiggy – mannequin-reed with a pair of eyes glued on the lash at a time. Woman effectively dyed: the eyes with marked fold century and artificial eyelashes, use black eyeliner. But the bright lipstick, eye shadow – also, no blush. Popular fleece with studs, high hairpieces, wigs, asymmetrical half-length or short hair, with an emphasis on the Cape, situated at the back.

The clothes used by black and white geometric patterns, popular silvery costumes. Hip length – mini, midi and maxi. Wear flared pants, wide belts, freely lying on the thighs. Appeared on the platform shoes, white boots are especially important, as a hippie – suede boots. Vamp It is a bright woman. Her makeup garish, contrast. Necessarily very long nails with decorations. Clothes original silhouettes with a large chest. It feels good to clear the tissues with a leopard pattern. Emphasizes the waist wide tight belt.

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