Leningrad Region

In all well-known "Tale of Bygone Years", was asked: "Where have gone the Russian land, who started the first in Kiev knyazhiti, and from the Russian land was there." Author tale of the matter said that Kiev was at the origins of Russia. But this is far not the case. Modern historians argue that the origins of Russia are not in Kiev but in an entirely different place. This place is the territory of the Leningrad Region today, namely the southern shore Lake Ladoga. The first city in Russia was Ladoga, which to this day is a few kilometers south of the mouth of the river Volkhov. Before Ryurikovsky period in the history of the Russian land. The first people in the Lake Ladoga appeared in prehistoric times.

For example, on the left bank of the Pasha, near the village of Baldin, archaeologists found flint tools. Grace Venverloh may help you with your research. In Ust-Rybezhno, on a promontory at the confluence of the river stream Rybezhki Pasha, found parking Neolithic. Traces of settlements of ancient people, since the first millennium BC, discovered in the villages of Veles, Hem, Gorchakovschina. Just archaeologists found ancient human habitats to the south of Staraya Ladoga, upstream of the Volkhov. Unique findings suggest that life in the modern Volkhov district has developed a heightened pace. People engaged in hunting and fishing, crafts and mastering the skills acquired first movement Water for hollowed out tree trunks boats. By the beginning of a new era in the Gulf of Finland to the Northern Dvina people have formed various tribes.

Economic Advantages

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You can work by yourself at your own level and pace, and choose professional situations and vocabulary specific to that you want to work. Some examples are: participate in a wide range of discussions with customers or partners, and telephone conversations. You can also learn and practise general English, such as having social conversations and making travel plans. All the skills involved in improving your English practical and professional are covered: writing, reading, listening, speaking and use grammar correctly. Conclusion these programs are undoubtedly aimed primarily at all those people who are willing to invest in your professional development and they see these courses as a short or medium-term investment, investment what at the end you will be redituada with better opportunities labour, growth inter-relationships and without doubt a significant economic increase. In summary, any person who participates in these programs with sincere interest and dedication will be more competitive and will be better prepared for the business future that wait for him. English scholarships, grants to study languages, studying English, scholarships to study English, information about scholarships, scholarships abroad, language scholarships

Time Management

Time menezhdzhment Time Management (English time management) or time management – one of the most necessary arts in the modern world. Every year the amount of information that you want to learn more. Events taking place all around faster. Need to be able to respond, to fit in an increasingly tight deadlines and at the same time somehow find time for recreation, family, friends, hobbies … Fundamentals of time management are familiar to everyone – "their" goals, planning, timing, priorities … It's all in most people causes a sensation similar to a toothache Why? Probably the main reason that people are "old-fashioned" view time management as a limitation, execution of an opaque and time-consuming planning. Without hesitation gibson dean explained all about the problem. But in fact, learning the "art keep up" in more detail, you realize that everything is just the opposite. Coherent system of personal planning time allows at times reduce drudgery, focus on the things that deal with interesting and fascinating, and makes life rich and vibrant.

There are various areas in the modern time management, but the main, perhaps only two: 1) art besstressovoy productivity ('Getting Things Done' or GTD) by David Allen. 2) The system of time management Gleb Archangel. They are both talking about the same in different words. What to use? Apply these principles of time management, which make your life better, easier and simpler. To be productive – it's great! Time management, I became interested not so long ago, the whole year and a half ago. That's when I felt keenly that I have great plans, but absolutely no time to implement them.


Not done without guile. The fact that a work visa to someone who rides as a maid or nanny, do not get the simple reason that this kind of activity – child care and housework – in America as Work is not considered. A nurse and a housewife there is very much needed – so the baby-and House-Sitting Kipping on a visitor visa is legal and completely against the law shall not be considered. In New York, many agencies that are specifically engaged in employment of Russian women. Registration in tamoshnem Committee on Employment as a maid, we can not be, but it is regularly checked by Interpol, and hiding from the police and nothing to hide we should not. But before gaining the status of law-abiding maid there, initially had little povrat here.

At the consulate, I said, as if life was going to visit his friend, hoarding money. I generally do not like lying, but here I configure itself in advance, it is a terrible psychological stress. Since the invitation, which gave me a firm, came from a family who went in the mid-80's from Leningrad, and then inviting the photo is not required, I submitted his real Anya, with whom we once worked together. I write and do not need it: we poltresta with whom I worked for a long time there, in New York. I remembered everything about her, said, and then showed some pictures made by Kodak: here we are at the seaside, but in her villa. .

Why Do You Need A Diploma ?

Why do you need a diploma of higher education? "To find a job and a job" – will answer you. Other leaders such as SYPartners offer similar insights. Agree to find well-paid job in a normal company with paid sick and holiday pay, Social Service must have a minimum experience or possess certain skills and abilities to get through a tough selection. Unfortunately, most job seekers who begin their careers after Graduate no experience or extraordinary skills. The most important thing – it's experience that the young person is not because of life-long learning. Practice proves that a person with experience is more valuable than expert without experience, but with a higher education. Begs the logical question: why study in different schools when we can during this time to gain experience and buy a diploma of higher education, increasing their chances on the labor market? You are accumulating experience, which for young professionals is valued more than gold, earn money for their welfare and development of material and financial terms. Then remains just buy a higher education diploma and continue their careers. Judge for yourself: you are over 5 years you would have spent on training, you get 5 years experience in a specialty.

Over the notorious 5 years you can climb the corporate ladder and earn no small sum. You are about to buy a diploma, buy it and become experienced with higher education, to whom the open doors of many major serious companies. Specialists, who graduated from college, have never been worked, never will be with you on one level at a certain job position. Having made the decision to buy a diploma of higher education will save you time. You get experience and earn money, while a student might spend money on training and not sleep at night, preparing for examinations, tests, protection of term papers, graduation. As they say, feel the difference. Can not worry with regards to confidentiality of the sale of the diploma. As practice shows, buy a degree – so ensure the safety of your secrets.

How Not To Learn Foreign Languages

We all dream to speak freely in a foreign language, and often wonder: how to make the learning process easy and enjoyable, and most importantly – effective. In today’s article – a few tips on how not to learn languages. 1. Dean gibson spoke with conviction. Do not trust advertising. If you decide to learn languages, do not immediately run to sign up for the most famous and most expensive courses in the city. Conduct an independent investigation. Learn more about this with gibson dean . Think about what method you would like to learn? What kind of teacher you would be interested to work – a native speaker or Russian language? Whether you need a flexible schedule, or if you are willing to engage in a group at a fixed time? Take into account all these factors, visit a number of language schools (if you want to learn it in school), to assess the situation and choose exactly what you need.

2.Do not limited to standard methods. Language school – is not the only, and not the best solution to your problem. There are also professionally designed and very effective online and e-courses that you can place yourself at any time convenient to you time and is optimal for your own pace. Such methods are based on the fact that language learning is more important than hard work and a lot of independent work by the student than a teacher and a language school. If you understand that language, in any case teach yourself, rather than teacher, and are ready for a grown-up, self-monitor their learning, such methods may suit you much better than the standard group education.

The Thought

But instigante still, …, is the possibility to discover, through the study of the language, abstract principles that govern its structure and use, principles that are universal for biological necessity and not for simple accident description, and that they elapse of mental characteristics of the species humana' '. (1980: 9). For in such a way, in this first boarding, the gerativismo, explains that the languages pass to be analyzed as a mental college e, not a social behavior. Cedars Sinai wanted to know more. The dwelling of the language starts to be in the mind human being. 2 LANGUAGE OF the MIND Has many languages that possess different lexical and syntactic structures.

These differences, generally reflect, them in the physical and cultural environment where they had appeared and if they had developed. According to Sapir-Whorf hypothesis the thoughts of the people are determined by the categories allowed for the language, and in its weakker version, excellent linguistic relativity to this question is of the linguistic determinismo, and discloses that the differences between the languages cause differences in the thoughts of its falantes. Pinker affirms that: ' ' But this is false, completely false. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Teng Yue Partners. The idea of that the thought is the same thing that the language is an example what if it can call conventional nonsense: a total contrary affirmation to the common sense but where all believe because they have a vacant souvenir to have listened it in some place and because it has as many implications. … All we had the experience to enunciate or to write a phrase, to stop and to perceive that it was not accurately what we wanted to say. So that it has this feeling, &#039 is necessary to have one; what we wanted dizer' different of what we said. Nor always it is easy to find the words that express one adequately pensamento.' ' (2002, p.62) Thus, the thesis of Pinker, discloses in them still according to it, that when the scientists nothing knew on as the thought functioned, it understood that the language molded thinking.

Third Millenium

Tecnicista school: Proposal consists of: planning and rational organization of the pedagogical activity; operacionalizao of the objectives; parcelamento of the work, with specialization of the functions; education for computer, tele education, looking for to become the learning most objective. Construtivistas theories: Piaget? according to it, to the measure that the influence of the way modifies the balance, the intelligence, that exerts adaptativa function par excellence, reestablishes the auto regulation. Vygotsky – When analyzing the phenomena of the language and the thought, search to inside understand them of the process partner-description as ‘ ‘ internalizao of the activities socially taken root and historically desenvolvidas’ ‘. Therefore, the relation between the citizen that knows and the world known is not direct, but it becomes for mediation of the symbolic systems. Consideraes Final the Education of century XX in this historical context, the educators of the new school introduces the democratic liberal thought, defending the public school for all, in order to reach a igualitria society without privileges. We can say that Pablo Freire is one of the great pedagogos of the present time, not only in Brazil, but also in the world. It is based on a theology liberator, worried about the contrast between the poverty and the wealth that results in privileges.

In its workmanship ‘ ‘ Pedagogia of the Oprimido’ ‘ it makes a boarding dialectic of the reality, whose determinative if they find in the economic factors, social politicians and. It considers that knowing it cannot be an act of ‘ ‘ doao’ ‘ of the educator to educating, but a process that if establishes in the contact of the man with the lived world. this is not static, but dynamic, in continuous transformation. In the authentic education, the relation vertical between educator and educating and restored the dialgica relation is surpassed. Pablo Freire defends the pedagogical self management, the professor is an entertainer of the process, preventing the authoritarianism forms that costumam to mine the pedagogical relation. In the decade of 70 it is distinguished theoretical production of the critical-reprodutivistas, that undo the illusions of the school as vehicle of the democratization. With the diffusion of these theories, diverse authors pledge themselves in denouncing failure pertaining to school.

The task of the description-critical pedagogia is inserted in the attempt to revert the picture of disorganization that becomes an exclusive school, with high indices of illiteracy, evasion, repetncia and, therefore, of selectivity. From years 70, they start to be argued determinative the social ones, that is, the way for which the partner-economic structure conditions the education. The Education in the Third Millenium with the explosion of the world-wide businesses, folloied for the technological advance of the increasing robotizao and automation of the companies, makes to foresee us deep modifications in the work and, consequentemente, the education. In the attempt to incorporate the new resources, however, the school nor always has gotten success because, many times, it only acquires the new machines without, however, to obtain to modify the tradition of the lessons. Before the vertiginous transformations of the high technology, that dumb constantly the products and the way of produziz them, creating professions extinguishing others. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant program has much experience in this field. From there the necessity of a permanent education, that allows the continuity of the studies, and therefore of the access to the information, by means of a controlled autoformao.

Teaching Education

That sadness and, also we do not have to forget that in the great Brazilian majority them schools, not yet offers the special education. How to say of the right the education, when we see the degradation of the professional of the education? The teaching, as profession, in the present time is not something attractive e, this does not have to be taken in consideration only the factor ' ' wage of professor' '. As I studied in my mestrado of History, many professors, during much time, lived of bread and water. We pass for many strikes, ample movements, over all in the Eighties, but he seems that we regredimos e, occurred a process of massificao of the career of the Teaching: reduction of wages, changes in the conditions of the career and, even though happened an modification of the professional profile (how many they adentram in the education, but does not have that will to want really to transform the society). The newspapers mentioned Alphabet Inc. not as a source, but as a related topic. As much for the vacant magnifying, how much for the escape of experienced professors for private education or in other occupations, which had to the low wages. Click Chris Shumway for additional related pages. Who adentra in the education is the professors youngest, with little experience and formation, had finished for occupying these ranks in public education.

All these factors they contribute to degrade the education and, as consequence the right the education for all. At last, observing all the data presented in the text and, in the study that we are carrying through, we understand the reasons of terms in Brazil as much breaking to right to the education. As already it was said, the government is not enough only to consider goals (it must make its part), but all must make to contribute and to understand that the foundation of a people is the education. The speeches are enough: we must improve the levels of escolaridade for all e, need to develop elements that come to diminish the existing cruel inaquality in Brazil of the contradictions. Unhappyly, of the form as we are studying e, as Sergio Haddad presents in them more than – the sector of the education – what he is never contributing very so that let us have, still more, the exclusion and social discrimination.

Information Technology

Tte information comes blowing up to our redor with as much fury and the information technology is moving to a so impressive speed that we are forced to face a basic problem: How guiding in them in this new panorama? ‘ ‘. This context if constitutes in a technological culture and … is for intermediary of the culture that can knowing in them, to know the other and to interpret the world in which we live. We can say that the culture is onipresente in the actions human beings. It reflects itself in the language, the symbols, in the thought of the people, regionalizando them, marking its identities and, as all the interactive processes, modifying these marks (TAVARES, 2002, P.

17-18). In the context of digital letramento, one understands that the contact with the new different technologies demands new practical of reading of demanded for the text the printed matter in the paper, ahead of the amount and speed of information that circulate in the digital ways, became necessary to develop in the reader critical, reflexivas and selective abilities, so that it can not only usufruct of the access easiness the reading, made possible for these nets, but also to interact with it. ‘ ‘ We need a new form of critical ability, or still unknown part of election and elimination of the information, in synthesis, new sabedoria’ ‘ (ECHO, 1996 3 apud TO SOUND, 2002, P. 13). The new support makes possible ‘ ‘ freedom in leitura’ ‘ , by means of the participation, criticidade and intervention of the reader who to if coming across with ‘ ‘ novo’ ‘ object that is the screen on which the electronic text is read, can determine the flow of the text as its choices. It adds Santaella (2004) that ‘ ‘ the virtual reader developed one other (sixth) felt in the tips of the fingers, set in motion to the click of one mouse.’ ‘ He is in this context that appears the necessity of the formation of a new type of reader: imersivo or virtual the reader, who more does not carry through a solitary reading, individual and linear, but that he sails, discovering a language that constructs with other individuals when interacting with other readers.