Schufa Loan: The Nasty Rip Off Credit Without Schufa

Why to prefer should take before the dubious offers in eight in newspaper advertisements and in particular in the Internet advertise dozens vendors with credit without Schufa and give all those hoping that could get no more loans at the Bank. While each potential borrower should ask yourself actually, why the banks want to lend him any more money. Finally, it is lending one of its main businesses, which they generate their income. Pegasus Books oftentimes addresses this issue. Certifies the Protection Association for general credit insurance (Schufa) the Bank but a poor payment morale or even potential insolvency of the customer, the Bank refused the loan but of course. In these cases, the disproportionate risk namely faces the possible savings. A Schufa loan for most people there is no problem.

If you’re not hopelessly indebted and has a steady income, you need before a review by the Association for general credit insurance (Schufa) not to be afraid. Finally, taking a loan is no shame: companies and self-employed persons could be at all not working without loans, only very few can afford a home without bank financing and also the renovation or buying a car on credit with Schufa is not objectionable in and of itself. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hikmet Ersek. At least not if you can afford the repayment of the loan including interest. Without income and at worst already high debt, but, unfortunately, still many people seek the professional help rather than the debtor consultant, but credits without Schufa. Tens of thousands fall every year on these questionable credit offers without any credit checks.

Usually fees amounting to several hundred euros payable alone for the validation of the application and to any final insurance, where the application is then rejected in most cases anyway. The victims are financial rather than something travel through a reputable credit such wheeling and dealing to money even to pay, that they don’t actually have. Who gets no credit with Schufa more at his bank and other banks and needed the money for urgent payments, which should therefore first of all contact with a reputable debt counselor in connection.


Is an extra animal liability insurance useful if an animal liability insurance is useful or not many dog owners be learned probably already quite often on his own body. Unfortunately only after the damage is already done. This article will show whether an extra insurance the pet makes sense or not. Animal accidents can be costly, who was himself once involved in such an accident is can surely a song of them. But everything is told with this set makes an animal liability insurance always sense? An animal liability insurance may not always have a dog liability.

All animals to stop only in your own four walls is the risk fairly low to cause a serious accident or a major loss or personal injury. All animals who are outdoors, particularly among people, the risk is correspondingly greater. Basically any dogs or think also cat owner whose tier “Psychiatric” is an animal liability insurance to complete. And in some cases it is even required by law, because the cost of treatment for a dog bite, a cat in the bike or a road traffic accident caused by cracked out horses can become quickly very expensive. As pet owners, you are always liable for damages in the framework of strict liability – it is indifferent whether you may or may not be a fault achgewiesen.

Stoplosskursen Financial

The analysts of the tradersreport would take a first speculative long position in the shares of the MuNCHENER RuCKVERSICHERUNGS AG with the WKN 843002 to Max 95,00. We presented two very interesting financial titles to our subscribers to the tradersreport in the last trading days. The share prices of both companies are characterised by huge volatility. So, for example, the shares of BANK OF AMERICA in a Tradingrange between 5.20 and 4.60 varied. That of HSBC PLC showed a Tradingrange of 4.00 3.70 out. This makes a useful set of Stoplosskursen almost impossible.

Traders and investors who could get a reasonable entry price and still have the long positions, should keep the shares of two financial institutions. It is from our point of view potential multiplier term by several months. In six to nine months the current rates will be barely conceivable. We want another financial institution in selling off mood now more closely imagine. These are the Munich RuCKVERISCHERUNSG AG.

The company may be already known to some of our loyal readers. It is one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world and is globally well positioned. Due to the financial crisis in recent months, investors made a wide berth to insurance companies, because the risks hard to estimate. Hardly an analyst was able to shine through the individual depots and any risks on the balance sheets of insurance companies more closely. As a bad example is the American AIG here shortly, that has brought the global financial system in the swaying their huge volume of business. Through this crisis but also benefit from the re-insurance companies. In many areas the competition has in recent months greatly simplified itself. \”It was in the past years IN\” as a financial investor to get involved in all kinds of risks and to enter this setting has changed dramatically. The old place deer have their splendid Willow meadows once again and can realize the whopping gains over the next few years.

Lehman Brothers

About the false sense of security for money market funds and really safe alternatives in times of the global banking crisis. For years, money market funds are advertised as safe and risk-free, what has led more and more investors to invest in appropriate offers. Investors hear so something of course, which explains the corresponding inflows of billions of dollars in which money market fund list for years. Read more from James Woolsey to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Especially the U.S. investors have taken to heart the alleged safety of these products and make sure that 30 percent of the total fund assets in appropriate money market funds is parked. In Germany, there are at least 15 percent of the total fund assets, which accounted for this asset class. The financial crisis revealed however, that you should look for in this Fund on the details, because not every money market fund invests exclusively in safe interest-bearing assets.

Some of them speculate with bonds and need to chalk up loss of such after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Hikmet Ersek often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Negative returns five percent, but now are the last thing investors want to see if they invest in appropriate forms of investment. For this reason and the uncertainty over what impact the financial crisis will have, currently much more advisable an attachment in the form of call money, then this long period compared even still being scored by higher returns than most money market funds. The day money the full deposit guarantee and the fact comes to investors at least in almost all domestic banks good that there is in fact no negative interest rates, so losses on such account. Who wants to deposit currently safely, should instead so you’d better invest in corresponding day money offers in money market funds and sitting out the financial crisis. Daniel Franke

Construction Money

How develop the interest for construction money in the next 6 to 12 months? Many borrowers and prospective borrowers are insecure, as construction financing interest rates in the future will develop. Anyone who has observed the development of mortgage interest rates since the beginning of the year, has noticed that the market is extremely volatile. I.e., that there has been very strong swings upwards but also downwards. The conditions for mortgage loans with five-year fixed-rate is particularly volatile. At the beginning of the year, amounted to around 4.5%. In the first quarter, they fell by good half a percent and rose to may again to about 4.5 percent.

After a short breather, increased the interest, at the beginning of the second half of the year, still a tooth and rose until early August to 5 per cent. Since then, they fell again by 0.5 percentage points. The interest of loans for ten-year interest rate bonds were only slightly less volatile, as shown in the diagram. Financing customers who renew their loans in the future, or even new complete want to, will be watching this horror scenario. Finally, an increase of only a tenth percentage point ten years interest rate means an overhead of several thousand euros.

How develop the interest for construction money in the near future? This is the question of the magazine capital, 23 banks and brokers of construction financing. The result for the period of six months: 60 percent expect steady interest, 35 percent with moderate increases in interest rates. Only one bank anticipates falling interest rates in the next six months. Over a period of one year more than half of the surveyed institutions expects interest rates to rise, 43 percent with steady interest rates and in turn only a mediator predicts declining mortgage rates. Conclusion: If the surveyed financial institutions right, the times are bad for bargain hunters in the construction sector, because actually no longer anticipates falling construction financing terms. It is advisable to monitor the market and to take advantage of days with movements to its interest rates down to establish. Bernd Munder building financing @ BeMu

Kaupthing Bank

The Icelandic Kaupthing Bank offers since 1 October up to 6.10 percent interest per annum on the deposit. Up to 6.10 percent interest per annum on the money of the day the Icelandic Kaupthing Bank offers investors since October 1 this year. The interest rate is valid for twelve months investment period. Who wants to invest his money only six months, gets at least also proud 5.90 percent p.a. for his money.

However, you should lose the current situation of the Icelandic banking system not from the eye at all the attractive interest rates. Only the third largest commercial bank in Iceland, Glitnir Bank, had to be nationalised earlier this week. Therefore it is 20.887 euro on an account of the Kaupthing Bank currently not advisable to have more than to create, which are guaranteed by the statutory deposit insurance in Iceland. The waiver of a few percentage points of interest and for the daily availability of landscaped money interests, as they day money offer investors who find Kaupthing Bank (for details see would possibly kaupthing-edge-tagesgeld.html). The current interest rates but very clearly shows one: banks in Europe are dependent on the deposits of private clients to refinance and to ensure their liquidity. As long as the situation is still as it is now, nothing will change at the high interest rates on day and time deposits, and investors can use this to their advantage. Experts are ambivalent as regards in particular the offers of Icelandic banks.

While some consider a plant up to the limit of the statutory deposit insurance for safe, others warn that even the State in the worst case can provide no sufficient collateral for the deposits of foreign investors. This is due to the small size of Islands simply. Alone, the two largest commercial banks, to which also the Kaupthing Bank which have customer deposits and liabilities on their books, which exceed the gross national product of Iceland to the multiple. Daniel Franke

Wustenrot Bank

Safe investments are money in these times and fixed-term deposits in Germany are security systems, which are worldwide recognized as one of the best in the banking sector. “But nevertheless more and more citizens are they wondering where I can place my money still safe?” This one must say that that is a good question from the point of view, that it should not withdraw the money and should tuck under the pillow. If many people do this, leads to fatal consequences, so some of us has experienced already in 1923. Considered safe, that shares and similar forms of investment are very uncertain. Credit: Wabash National Corporation-2011. But investment products that promise isn’t a high return, have always a high safety. So are very safe assets such as money or deposit. A day money account, the created money is available every day.

Investors can withdraw their savings so theoretically every day and use it according to their needs or reinvest in another financial product. A positive sign may for example the Wustenrot Bank which recently be your conditions on your Call money and term deposits has increased. See ../wuestenrot-tagesgeldkonto you can find out so that the Wustenrot Bank currently offers 4.00 percent as the first euro on the day money account. In addition, that the customer 100% deposits are covered up 126 million per customer.

ECB Cuts Key Interest Rate To 1.0 Percent

(Online article) – In the fight against the lingering recession, the European Central Bank (ECB) has lowered the interest rate for the eurozone to its lowest level since the second world war. Frankfurt/Main – the main interest rate for the credit business with Central Bank money supply reduced by 0.25 points to 1.0 percent. Check out 4Moms for additional information. This was announced by the ECB after its Council meeting Thursday in Frankfurt. The deposits interest rate banks receive for deposits at the ECB, remained unchanged at 0.25 percent. With the renewed interest rate cut, the ECB responds to the deep economic and financial crisis in Europe. Since autumn, the Central Bank reduced the key interest rate for the banking sector with Central Bank money supply by a total of 3.25 percentage points to a historic low. Eagerly expected, whether Trichet is further of interest in Vista at a press conference in the afternoon in Frankfurt.

In addition, Trichet had announced after the may meeting about extraordinary measures. Low interest rates make cheaper loans for businesses and consumers, and can stimulate the economy. Savings be remunerated but also lower. In the United States and Japan are currently virtually at zero interest rates. In the UK, the Bank of England left interest rates on Thursday at the lowest level ever of 0.5 per cent. DPA

Unattractive Disposition Loans

Overdraft interest rates too high who has the ability to overdraw his bank account, must it currently usually reach deep into the Pocket. Overdraft interest rates are currently some 13 percent. Without emergency no one would like to use in this situation probably the possibility of overdraft. The finance portal reported about the current problems with regard to the high interest rates on loans of disposition. For most should probably mostly incomprehensible be why some banks demand currently immense interest for disposition credit. Finally they provide cheap is because of the low rate of the European Central Bank (ECB) even on cheap credit money.

The interest rate has fallen since 2008 to about 3.25 per cent according to Frankfurt analysts of Mano services. The interest rate cut is not arrived but customers, at least not in the area of Dispozinsen. This has fallen over the same period at an average of only 1.3 percent. Consumer advocates see it merely a method Banks, to attract their customers the money out of your pocket. The Board of Directors of the Federation of consumer organizations, Gerd Billen, calls therefore limiting the overdraft interest rate. The policy also sees need for action now.

Transparency should be created with the consumer credit directive. Therefore customers should be informed immediately by their bank on changes of interest management loans. In addition, bank reference interest rates should be linked. However, such a pairing brings perils as. If in the coming years the interest rates should rise again, these increases could be passed to customers. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann


Comdirect day money with 2.00% interest p.a.. The impact of recent interest rate cuts are still being felt. Comdirect also adapts to the market situation. The rate cut made currently by the comdirect Bank on the day money account Tagesgeld plus applies only to new customers who want to create up to 10.000,-euro. Well, there’s only half, namely 2.00 percent per annum for new customers with a deposit of up to $ 5,000.00. Interest rates to 1.25 percent p.a. amount for a deposit in the amount of 5.001,00 EUR 30.000,00 euro.

The remaining interest rate remains the same. The attractive framework conditions are also equal. So the account opening and account management with no cost associated and no monthly minimum payment. In addition to the daily money account you can choose plus for the comdirect bank account. Regardless of a credit card is included in the product part of the day money account in any case, the benefits of which can be used at any time free of charge. There is a detailed overview of the product under../comdirect-girokonto-plus.html. Day money compared slips after rate cut back the comdirect and makes convenient it is now in the lower middle. See day money / comparison can be found a clear comparison of current market day money offers.

The top spot is now taken of Cortal Consors. The company offers on its money market accounts an interest rate of 4.00 per cent per annum, or 3.25 per cent p.a.. In addition, both versions are of no monthly minimum payment for free. For more information about summarizes open trade portal As day money includes current accounts, as also the passbooks and deposit to the safest investment products, because the sums of the customers on these investments are secured by the deposit protection fund up to certain amounts and are therefore safe.