Language and Culture

" But the language as a system of signs and means of expressing emotions and feelings also have animals. What makes it 'human'? Today, the language – 'not only vocabulary, but also the way people express themselves. " It is used for 'purposes of communication and is capable of expressing the totality of human knowledge and understanding of world '. In the West, the language is understood as a 'communication system', which consists of some fragments and a set of rules used for the purpose of communication. Very important distinction western linguistic thinking – understanding the language not only in connection with a particular state, but also to certain parts of the country, region, etc. With this approach, the language goes hand in hand with the culture of the country, an area that is the ideas, customs, a group of people and society. Sometimes a culture is understood that society and civilization. We believe the definition of supporters lingvosotsiokulturnogo method does not exaggerate the power and significance of language in the world today.

In their view, the language – 'strong public an instrument that generates a stream of people ethnic group, forming the nation through the storage and transmission of culture, tradition, social awareness of the speech industry. With this approach to language intercultural communication – especially 'Adequate understanding of the two interlocutors, or people who exchange information, belonging to different national cultures. " Then, their language becomes 'a sign of his affiliation to a particular carrier socium'. However, culture often serves not only as a means of association, identification, and instrument separation of people.

San Fernando Transport

The journey. A place of departure (6 am): San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), a place of arrival, the Plaza de Legazpi in Madrid city. Distance: 15 km (approx). According to Ivan Illich, the transport industry mold a new kind of men users. You live in a world alien to the people with the autonomy of its members. The user is aware of the maddening shortage of daily use causes time to train, car, subway and elevator, which transported daily through the same channels and tunnels over a radius of 10-25 km, the user lost consciousness of the physical powers, social and psychological man available.

Intoxicated by the transport, the man thanks to his feet do not forget that the territory is created by the man with his body, and takes the territory which is not only a landscape seen through a window by a man tied to a chair. I want to contrast the way in the two means of transport used. The visible: bus from San Fernando de Henares to Calle Alcala, in the area that connects to the transport invisible: a the meters to Legazpi Pueblo Nuevo. At 6 am, winter or summer, the wind chill is, at best, fresh, and in winter the cold is not inviting to go out, add the dark of night and imagine the laziness and the inability to be stirred under of clothing to hide such a monstrosity. On the way up to reach the stop chasing me silence, imposed not to wake my father.