The Zohar

He knows how to write in secret, so that only the worthy can understand the key to the wisdom hidden in the "Zohar." Here, of course, not talking about the third eye or trance visions. Simply book "Zohar" written language "branches". Our world is set in motion the forces (gravity, for example). Some of them we can feel, measure, other are beyond our perception. Bye. Further details can be found at Macy’s Inc. , an internet resource.

In order to provide for them, and created a special language – the language of branches. Anyone who wants and seeks, can now develop a special sense of the forces that control us and our world. The key to this – in the science of Kabbalah. Once you have mastered it, people "see" what the book says. Thus, the book "Zohar" is written. And immediately after writing it disappears.

As mentioned in the book itself – is unworthy of generation. Too low spiritual level of mankind. It took 900 years. The book is "accidentally" discovered by Arab caravan. Aramaic is not familiar to them, and they sell like parchment paper down. In the market, by chance is a Kabbalist, who suddenly dies, a dirty vchityvayas a crumpled piece of wrapping paper. He understands that in front of him a sheet of mystery books … He caught the hand of Arab boy who sells these sheets and he shows for two dinars a cave in which lay beneath the stone pile of yellowed sheets … No chance, when we speak of such books as "The Zohar".

Choose What Grade You ?

Imagine that you are a student, and today came the day the most important for your exam. The subject difficult. You taught it, but maybe not too hard. Something you know, but, alas, answers to most questions seem to be a mystery for the family seals. And here in the audience with a completely neutral view is a teacher, quietly sits in his place and said: – Guys, in principle, I do not really matter what you will be the result of this examination and your stay in this Institute as a whole. Yes, and your goals in life I did not so much worried.

It's your life, and everyone in it makes its choices. So we offer you a deal. If you realize that your skills do not shine, but you are not going to pretend a good estimate, you can give me a student's record-book. I bet you three, and can be free. If a satisfactory score you're not happy, then I invite you to a conversation in which you can get a higher score. But if you screwed up, I bet you dispassionately "two". Going? And here you begin to lay out the situation in my head.

Like and want to get better ratings, and is pricked. After all, we usually want stability, confidence. The three, but surely. And there, God knows that we will fall behind the question, right? And so at this point did you? *** You know, my friends, if you look globally, this situation is very close to life. Only in the real world subject which we hand – this is our future, and the teacher – life itself. If you look around, we can see that a huge majority of people live somewhere in the "C grade". If we talk about Russia, the average salary of 25 – 30 thousand rubles, I think it is satisfactory. Because all of us since childhood, our parents, society, the media offer a stable version. Follow the "School – the institution – the work" and you will have the usual quiet life. Bomzhevat not will be, well, okay. But what about those who want to live differently, those who yearn for bright and busy life? After beaten path does not lead to where we want to go. And then we begin to look the other way. He who seeks, always finds something interesting, and now our feet are starting to slowly and carefully walk the overgrown, barely visible trail, where possible human foot has never stepped. And only God knows what awaits us on this path. Perhaps the road will be pass through a wondrous place and will lead us to where we wanted to go. And maybe we'll find it at your death. We can read thousands of stories about how people follow their dreams, achieved the most. Yet shyness and chill for We did not leave the skin. We all grew up in this society. His values – stability and confidence, and change and uncertainty scare. And only if our dream will be stronger than fear, false beliefs and stereotypes, we do deep breath and step into the unknown. After all, there lies our only chance for a full and vibrant life. Time to make a choice, the Lord. What grade you want from life?