Public Power

From this vision, the period of training of the pupil of the course of Social Service in the area of the Social Assistance, implying in the understanding of the supremacy of the attendance to the social necessities on the requirements of economic yield, the conscience of that the social rights are universal, in order to become the addressee of the alcanvel assistencial action for excessively the public politics, the development of the respect to the dignity of the citizen, its autonomy and its right the benefits and services of quality, as well as the familiar and communitarian convivncia, forbidding if any vexatious evidence of necessity, and the commitment with the promotion of equality of rights in the access to the attendance, without discrimination of any nature, guaranteeing itself equivalence to the urban and agricultural populations, capacity of ample spreading of the benefits, assistenciais services, programs and projects, as well as of the resources offered for the Public Power and of the criteria for its concession. These principles that are enclosed in the project of the Federal Government for the Social Assistance establish the paper of the period of training of the Social Service, assumed for the work that was developed by the trainees, in Caruaru-FOOT. To facilitate to the work of the Social Assistant and the aiming of the public politics it was implemented I register in cadastre Only for Social Programs? CADNICO, that if deals with: an instrument of identification and socioeconmica characterization of the Brazilian families of low income, understood as those with equal or inferior income the half minimum wage for person (per capita) or monthly familiar income of up to three minimum wages. Its information can be used by the governments federal, state and municipal to get socioeconmico diagnosis of the registered in cadastre families, for in such a way, to make possible the analysis of its main necessities (MDS 2011, P.

Public Relations

It is that the democracy obtained to attract for the Government, to attract for the public thing, all the individuals, bringing for the Government, in its wider meaning, the proper men who are governed, if not with a direct participation, at least with this elementary right of being able to choose governantes' '. (Theory of the State, Themstocles Brando Cavalcanti, Rio De Janeiro, 1958, P. 5.) Detached the public relations and professor Cndido Theobaldo affirm: ' ' If a regimen exists politician who needs Public Relations is necessarily the democratic one. Participation of the people in the government is the basic principle of the democracy. Ample and effective participation, so that all can, really, to influence in the official decisions. Nobody must be excluded from the responsibility to contribute for the formularization and solution of on problems to the public affairses. For its success, the governmental administration depends on the attitude and opinion populares' ' (ANDRADE, 1979:21).

In agreement, therefore, with Theobaldo de Governmental Andrade, Public Relations it would be the deliberated, designed effort, coeso and continuous of the high public administration, to establish and to keep a mutual understanding between governed governing and (adaptation of the official definition of Public Relations of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations). Or still, Governmental Public Relations are the method of action that, through the dialogue designed and permanent between governed governing and, it looks to identify to the social interest the State is with absolute somewhat permanent certainty, certain, whose existence and permanence are not questioned. In reason of this, each individual now recognizes that it has elect representatives that they manage the State. This is a relation of easy understanding for all the citizens who depend on the state machine for its life, that they use health services, education of other essential areas subsidized by the State. In this way, the government is understood that elect to take care of the necessities of the citizens, will be analyzed, charged e, why not to say judgeship, in accordance with the same values with which if representative chose.