The idea arose many years ago to form a site where groups can be created to keep up with the news from that group. For example, if your studying in a class in high school high school (in some countries), you could create a group of that class, and then they could learn useful things about that class on Facebook. For example, if one the teacher of the first hour will not come, there is no need to make a string of emails or telephone alert, simply one group published the news on their Facebook group and all were notified that they could tomorrow being an hour late to school.It could also be used as reminder of exams, practical work, and other common agendas that shared the particular group. They could also share summaries and information about the class. Emil michaels opinions are not widely known. Facebook took more useful even though the class was not every day, for example, a course in art or literature of one hour per week.

The members created a group on Facebook and could be updated on the subjects to be treated in the upcoming classes and prepare. Or you can share interesting material about the class among all students. Facebook was very useful between University and working groups. But after a while, he began to arise social fungus. Members of the groups began to give use more social site, uploading photos and other personal data, which in small amounts does not affect the genuine use of Facebook.

But over time, this use began to spread and even surpass the original use for which served the site.Obviously the owners of Facebook gave rein to this trend since cuadriplicaban its users and visits to the site. They thought that this was a positive development, but they didn’t realize that in the long term were ruining the good use of the site. To develop this use, implemented social tools that tentaban more use by that side and increasing trend. At the same time began to use Facebook to find friends who had lost one or to connect with family and friends outside the country. They shared photos and anecdotes that they were shared to everyone in that group. In that sense, Facebook is used rather than emails since in a group of 10 people, each photo should be forwarded to 9 people, taking place in the boxes, and that kind of inconvenience. My opinion is that nowadays day Facebook this so oriented to serving the social purpose that have degraded the great utility that was born. Today were born several sites that perform the tasks than to Facebook at the beginning, and many users who used Facebook have decided to move. I hope that it has become clear what for Facebook.

Publish Books

Even professional writers can pass without an agency representing them. Publishers are willing to deal directly with an author are few. 95% Prefer to work with the agent that represents it and be glad to do and assume that you have completed a detective novel and know ten publishing houses that also published the genus. However, only an agent knows to what will interest them the approach that you have given to his novel. And that, in the case of a genus relatively easy to classify. Imagine that his novel tells the story of a teenager who suddenly left orphaned by losing their parents in an accident and must go to live with other family members to a remote site, where he began to realize that there is some kind of family secret that everyone try to skip over with a subject so difficult to accommodate such as gender (and unfortunately, publishers work encasing to books and authors), if you do not have an agent you will be virtually impossible to give with the appropriate editor not only so that you publish the book, but even to read it, because almost never publishers read the materials submitted by an author. The majority of these manuscripts end up in the waste basket. For more information see emil michael.

Said in a few words, the agent is the filter that publishers seeking to avoid read thousands of texts that at the end they do not interest them, either because they have no literary quality or because they do not develop the topics with a view to after interest by an editor, agent will become your best lawyer. It will be who achieved advances or payment terms that you never would. And if it’s a writer who begins (for which advances tend to be almost symbolic), you will in any way get a monetary reward that by modest as it is, neither would have achieved on their own. The agent will on the other hand, always keep you informed about his book sales, sending the corresponding annual report of the now well, how looking for that guardian angel of his literary rights? There are many spurious agencies who try to pose as serious, and are? I say this unequivocally? a scam. First, never sign an agency contract with someone that will charge you by evaluating your novel, send their manuscripts to publishers, or any other fees for services that professional agent offers for free. A professional agency only charges a percentage previously agreed from the advances of a book already hired by a Publisher, in addition to the rights deriving more ahead of annual the Preditors & Editors Web site contains a listing of hundreds of literary agencies in the world, sorted by alphabetical order, with warnings about its reliability. In the list are not all agencies in the world, but a good part of them. And although not all entries contain warnings, many agencies with accusations of fraud appear checked there. Review the list before you contact a possible agent