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In the form as if it developed quarter did not have an initial planning, growing in accordance with the necessity and clutter, since the construction of the residentials until the basic sanitation. The creation of the manufacter ones also brought some damages that until the present had not been corrected, as it is the case of the contamination to the natural way caused by chemical agents, domestic and industrial debris, to the river Sergipe. It is important to clarify that they had not been only to the responsible plants for the ambient degradation, more also the governments regents and the population. In virtue of the creation of the Industrial District of Aracaju, in the terms of State Law n 1,917, 18 of December of 1974, and decree n 3,353, 15 of March of 1976, the Company of Industrial Development and Mineral Resources of Sergipe? CODISE, that starts to exert an active function in the attraction of investments and the reinforcement of the sergipanas productive chains. Sergipe was pioneering in the northeast region in the adoption of one politics of organization of the urban space for the implantation of industrial projects. The Industrial District of Aracaju? DAY projected and was constructed still in the decade of 70, imposing itself as one of the most important instruments used for the Public Power for achievement of its politics of attraction of investments for the sergipano territory. From the experience and success of the DAY, the Government of Sergipe extended the industrial politics of implantation of districts and nuclei in diverse cities, searching the internalization of the economic-social development, in view of its performance in the process of generation and redistribution of wealth. Inside of the subject the general objectives will be detached: to analyze ' ' The population of the industrial Quarter: Challenges of the Past and the Presente' ' as objective specific: ) Identifying by means of historical, bibliographical literatures and quantitative research the state as the population if finds and was distributed in the three first ones decades, after the installations of the plants; b) To demonstrate possible urbansticos impacts suffered with the installation from plants; c) In agreement to define the methodology for elaboration of the vulnerability of the action of the development of the immigration of the city for Quarter joint the laboring village and existing habitacionais. Get all the facts and insights with Tiffany & Co., another great source of information.

San Francisco

The ones that does not work and nor study in microregion arrives at the total of 16.708, where the cities of Japaratuba, Japoat and Pacatuba present similar indices, while Pirambu and San Francisco the minors. In Sergipe the data show one high percentage of people dismissed about 614.089, being that the assets economically are of 1.089.358. (Graphical: 13 and 14) (Graphical 13) Microregion (Graphical 14) Sergipe Graphical 13 and 14: They work or not, they study or not in the city of residence in Sergipe Source: Demographic census: results and amostras.IBGE, 2000. If you would like to know more about James Woolsey, then click here. MOVEMENT OF MIGRATION OF the POPULATION Occurs due the easiness of displacement, that promotes a movement between the capital and other cities, in result of in the distance being small. The city of Japaratuba is what more it is distinguished in the pendular migration, where the population searchs work or good and service. For in such a way the microregion ocorrente in all the state of Sergipe possesss the same trends.

The monthly income (Table 02) of wage minimum in 2000, demonstrates that most of the microregion receives one (1) minimum wage, and the income goes diminishing as increases the amount of the minimum wage. Monthly income of the Microregion (Minimum wage) Cities Up to 1 More 2 3 More 5 10 More 10 20 More than 20 Japaratuba 3,041 457 167 79 17 Japoat 3,325 208 67 27 09 Pacatuba 2,402 108 30 35 — Pirambu 1,841 184 72 18 29 San Francisco 757 39 06 03 — Table 02: Monthly income of the region Sergipe Source: Demographic census: results and amostras.IBGE, 2000 Agriculture, industry, construction, commerce, lodging and feeding of the Microregion (2000) agriculture in the microregion more are raised in Japoat and minor in San Francisco, the too much cities are similar. In the industry Japaratuba and Japoat, Pacatuba and Pirambu possess indices similar. In the construction and the commerce who more is distinguished is the city of Japaratuba while Pirambu is the minor, and San Francisco is the lesser index in the commerce.