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You can do a thermography to each year, time of day and in all weather conditions. But when good thermography as a diagnostic tool? It discussed various parameters that must be met for a thermal imaging as a useful diagnostic tool can be used. This involves environmental influences like the weather but also to factors […]

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Boilers New Generation Of Life

Family firm ATMOS was founded in Bohemia in 1936. Initially, production was focused on powertrains for automobiles and ships, turning the solid fuel into a gas that is used the same principle that used in modern wood and charcoal – wood boilers. Since 1942 the company began designing and manufacturing compressors, ATMOS, which has exported […]

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Earn Money With The Solarcarport

New and awesome: Solarcarport of the iKratos-Solarcarport, finally it is possible with little effort, to generate electricity. This makes possible iKratos from Weissenohe a simple idea of the company: the carport with solar cells. So it is possible to aufzustandern off the carport in all directions, a solid wooden frame allows a tilted in all […]

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The Material

Together with a production planner, production and work processes were analyzed on-site. Then a future observation was carried out in a workshop, which means that where Prefag look in five years, which could come in business fields to which stronger, which are weaker. The chance to restructure operations, has used Prefag and almost completely changed […]

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A company of construction in Spain may be specialized in specific aspects of the construction process or can have all the resources to finish the entire project, from design to its construction, by their own account. It tends to be good idea to hire a firm that is capable of concluding a project, from the […]

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