After much effort you have gotten to fulfill perhaps one of the dreams more appreciated by all the entrepreneurs Trabajar from House! Sweet home home, one of the phrases more known worldwide, and we are few those that we can occur the luxury to work from our own home, enjoying its great advantages. Nevertheless, everything is not what you thought, perhaps to work from house does to you per less productive moments and doubtlessly this affects your emprendimiento, simply because your relatives and friendly know that they can llamarte and they do not leave of interrumpirte. Also the typical distractions of one marry, or because your family requires attention or the television that does not leave of llamarte between many things that allow us to live one more a pleasant life in our home. Therefore I want to share with you in this article some of the advice who allow me to obtain better productivity in my business and of avoiding the distractions to the maximum. 1. – Our space: It is fundamental that before deciding to work from house you can have a place destined to one office, where concentrarte avoiding the distractions to the maximum. You place will have to be preparing it of harmonic way and who coexist with you to include/understand that when you are working you need to avoid that they are relaxing to you.

To speak with the family is a key point when a business begins from house, since in certain way and from its place all must participate in obtaining the harmony in the home and limiting the interruptions to the maximum. 2. – To maintain a work routine: It is very easy when one works from house to jump from an activity to another one without maintaining an order logical of the activities. Therefore you must have present that although you are in house and you do not have to travel, you must maintain the responsibility of a work, levantndote early and identifying what is the schedule in which you feel but productive for certain tasks. 3. – Distrete: To be able to leave the office and to go to the gymnasium or to realise another type of will allow you to activities to be able to return of more relaxed and efficient way to your work. When you feel that your productivity is handicapped, divirtete, I left of the office and it begins to give a return or simply to go to make some purchases to the supermarket, because the confinement of the work is what sometimes it does not allow you to achieve your daily objectives. Eye! if you feel that more of 50% of the day he has not been productive identifies as they are the reasons and it works in them to obtain the maximum yield of your activities. PS: Cuntame in which tasks you feel that you are not productive and I will help you to obtain your goals.