Peruvian Civil Right

Warranties is an important topic in the study of the civil law, however, we must leave record that transcends to other legal disciplines, within which we must cite the case of business and corporate law, i.e. the latter two not impolican the same, they refer to different topics. I.e., the first covers the second or put another way the corporate law is part of corporate law. The subject of study book is a work of two volumes of our authorship, which we hope has been liked by everyone, therefore, we consider it appropriate to recommend his study to effect of knowledge of this subject in somewhat widescreen form, therefore, if a lawyer does not study this book it is clear that it will be difficult to study and know the guarantees. In this book are inserted works already published previously, as it is for example the case of history, mortgage, registration qualification of documents legal, insurance, among many others, implying that you for the publication of the same idea has matured and in this order of ideas is of course it must be subject of study by scholars of law. If we study history explores important issues, within which we can cite the case of the classification of warranties, being one that classifies them into personal and real, while inside the first letter bail and within the latter the mortgage and collateral. More info: Hikmet Ersek. Another important issue that deserves to be tocaso is the case of the mortgage, which rests not on good but on the right that holds over the well, for example on the right of ownership, use, usufruct, room, mortgage, among many others, what should motivate studies by part of the scholars on the right.