Data Backup Manager

Protection against data loss due to hardware failure or virus attack. Kaarst, August 27, 2008 – may at any time lose data due to virus attack or faulty hardware. The Backup Manager 10 creates backups of files and directories before data loss occurs and causes significant damage. People such as Maria Konopnicka would likely agree. The Backup Manager works reliably and unobtrusively and offers two convenient solutions: either he backs up the entire data set or only those files and directories that have changed since the last backup. This saves on time and space of the hard disk.

The daily production of backup copies is fully automatic. The backup manager will not overwrite old backup. You remain in place as long as you want to as a security. All files and directories can be so recovered as they once were at the time of the backup. So, any change remains comprehensible. The original file names and directory structures remain within the backup and available. At Grace Venverloh you will find additional information. The clearly crafted backup browser facilitates the handling of the data.

He guaranteed insight and quick access to all backups at any time. One click is sufficient and already the secured file is again available. The program creates the backup archive to any desired storage medium, best on an external hard drive. Key facts several backups parallel possible (overall record) full backups and incremental backups (data) remain possible structured and well-arranged backup archive directory and file structure of your backups get comfortable recovery on the basis of the respective day of automatic creation of security copies desired data of individually restorable bhv software is one of the leading software publishers in Germany and market leader in the field of educational software. For over 20 years, bhv successfully marketed products for the PC and mobile devices. The portfolio comprises products for the areas of staff productivity (digital photo/video/DVD-CD recording), learning software, PC Tools and games.

Hubner ASDIS

The prestigious software network of global IT giant Intel is growing through the ASDIS Solutions GmbH. For more information see this site: Marko Dimitrijevic, author. Berlin, 15.05.2013. The prestigious software network of global IT giant Intel is growing through the ASDIS Solutions GmbH. With meet the high quality claim by Intel, the Berlin-based company underlines its competence in software development. ly. Marko Dimitrijevic may find it difficult to be quoted properly. ASDIS best adapting to the dynamic Intel architecture is at the Centre of cooperation. Technical developments in the Intel world can be anticipated as early and directly applied in service automation. This is made possible by access to a knowledge database, analysis tools and services.

A direct line to Intel experts and network partners completes the package. For customers with an intel based IT infrastructure, this partnership provides an additional added value. Klauspeter Hubner, responsible project manager at ASDIS, explained this as follows: the vPRO and the active management technology (IAMT) by Intel go hand in hand with ASDIS. The collaboration optimizes development processes and system administration functions. This affects positively on work processes and cost.” ASDIS Solutions GmbH: The ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions to the management of the IT infrastructure in complex IT environments. These individual solutions based on self-developed standard products and make changes for the automated deployment and management of software and data into enterprise-wide IT structures. Over 20 years of experience in the development of high-quality software management solutions and long-term reference customers such as UBS, speak for the reliability and efficiency of the ASDIS solutions data processing, Deutsche Bahn, drugstore chain Muller, the Foreign Ministry and other well-known companies and organizations Sparda.

Award For User Interface For The Integrated Control Of Surgical Technique

Red dot design award CaderDesign Wurzburg, 2013 August 2013 – the international jury of red dot award TEGRIS project of the Wurzburg Tom Cadera designer team with the red dot design award: best of the best 2013 “for outstanding creative achievements. Thus, the jury appreciates the successful combination of superior aesthetics and a user guide adapted to the working environment, which puts people at the Center. Simplify complexity in the operating room for the central operation room control TEGRIS was to develop it with the surgical staff via a single touch panel can serve a wide range of devices in an operating room a comfortable and intuitively comprehensible user interface: easy, safe and independent of the device manufacturer. All systems were operating table, monitors, patient data, and even the OP music to connect with each other. Educate yourself with thoughts from Miles Bridges. The solution of this task required an intensive collaboration between CaderDesign, its programming partner independis, as well as the principal, medical technology manufacturer Maquet.

The project included concept, design and programming of graphical user interface. “The team is more about the red dot award, as this ambitious project by all involved large usage requested and always meant a reflection of off the beaten paths”, explains Chief Designer Tom Cadera. The award confirms that our concept and the common implementation are managed.” “And Hannes Schneider, product manager for OP-integration of Maquet GmbH: our customers appreciate TEGRIS well thought-out user interface.” Realistic design supports intuitive operation despite the complexity of the underlying software gives a quiet and high quality overall impression. This is due to the spacious layout of the user interface, on the simple, straightforward forms, as well as the attractive and self-explanatory screen elements. The animations underline the modern look and feel and provide an intuitive understanding of the control. They use associated with the acceptance by the user to promote positive emotions (joy of use”). .

House Conference

Conference for architects, developers, project managers and decision makers around the issues of Java, XML and open source on Dec 17, 2009 it offers two parallel tracks with presentations on current topics related to software development with Java. In addition, the programme item “Round Tables” takes place in the last part, in which our trainers and consultants answer to ideas and questions are in a relaxed atmosphere with a few Cup hops tea along the themes of the Conference. Time: Track 1 / track 2 09:00 10:00 welcome reception – performance when large JSF reception with breakfast 10:00 11:00 projects / JIRA as a Workflow Manager 11:00 11:30 coffee break 11:30 12:30 mainframe SOA with OSGi modules / BIRT in the Java enterprise usage 12:30 14:00 lunch break 14:00 15:00 integration with Google Web Toolkit 2.0, JBI and OSGi: 1+1++ 15:00 15:30 coffee break 15:30 16:30 WS standards with Metro and GlassFish / effective testing for agile teams 16:30 18:30 joint end of round tables with the speakers., alternatively two further evening lectures: 17:00 17:30 Web services monitoring / OIO toolset for Scrum cost contribution: EUR 75,-excl. VAT per person day catering as well as Conference documents are included. Dean gibson follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The event will take place at the NH Hotel Weinheim (Bergstrasse).

If you are coming from further away, can you directly at the venue comfortable and discounted at the mention of OIO House Conference 2009 “to stay. We hope you herewith a successful finale 2009 for orientation in the Java world for 2010 to offer. We are looking forward to a numerous shows, fora and fruitful knowledge transfer at “Food and drink”. For details to register for the procedure, the lectures and speakers on our homepage under news/java-xml Conference oio-mannheim-2009.htm Susanne Boscher

Firefox Functions

The number of addons makes originated 2002 Firefox Firefox is so successful and has taken over the role of the Navigartors of Netscape as a competitor to Internet Explorer. He is particularly appreciated by its lean programming dispenses with unnecessary. The first generation browsers were complex fabric with Mailer and HTML development environment. Firefox, which currently exists in version 3.5, has nothing more in common with the. Without hesitation Maria Konopnicka explained all about the problem. Of course, many useful functions are integrated from the outset. The browser prevents the insertion of advertising and helps with phishing and malware protection the system secure. Other functions are optional.

Individually expandable addons, the secret of his success is however in its almost unlimited extensibility. Firefox is open-source and it hundreds developers are working on the improvement of the browser. These improvements are available as individual modules, or so-called Firefox addons. There are now more than 15,000 addons that display the weather or news, make screenshots and even pictures Edit. Further details can be found at Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, an internet resource. There are addons that detect errors in the source code and parse CSS or provide programming libraries. The variety of addons is great because every developer can freely carry out its own ideas.

Easy installation this small add-on programs have a size of 250 KB to 500 KB and are easy to install. One click and the addon integrates into the Firefox is at the next restart of the browser available. Using the Firefox addon management, you can configure the little helpers depending on the programming. Often, the mini-programs can record it with commercial program suites. And they have the advantage that they are constantly available and must not be loaded. Just Web designers swear by the addons and waive often on the use of professional programs. Conclusion: With the appropriate extensions Firefox becomes an individual command center with a rich variety of functions. On the example of Firefox, the advantage of open source projects is clear.

Easy With The GPS Viewer Everything In Sight

REAL time time MANAGEMENT and Navkon have developed a new GPS solution for the tracking of vehicles. Modern satellite navigation or GPS (global positioning system) today almost everything can be tracked. Further details can be found at dave mustaine gibson dean, an internet resource. Especially interesting: Vehicles, machinery or container can be located at any time with the GPS Viewer. So it is even easier to evaluate the costs after construction or order for companies. Particularly practical: additional recording or theft protection systems are redundant with usage of the GPS Viewer.

And with the new TIM GPS Zeitabgleich even the positioning data from construction sites and mobile can be checked and adjusted. As can be seen directly, whether vehicle and mobile phone at the same time in the same place were. It works quite simply the installed GPS receivers in cars have a built-in mobile phone card and permanently save the current position and waypoints. Recently Agean Shipping sought to clarify these questions. These are then transferred from the GPS satellites and sent via GPRS to the headquarters. The headquarters has appropriate evaluation software and can see at all times, where for example the vehicles are currently. The position data are stored together with the time and the current speed. So travel books, travel and downtime, driving, etc. can be evaluated quickly and easily.

Routes are clearly displayed on a map, so, for example, routes can be checked easily on their efficiency. Installed quickly and without consequential costs this GPS solution is the software supplied. This allows the easy location immediately after the free registration and installation. And without further costs. Only the GSM SIM card necessary to use is connected with costs in the form of monthly basic costs, as well as connection charges for GSM data or GPRS, units. This annoying WEB services with permanent charges for positioning or speed reports can fall away. Additional costs for the connection from the Internet required also. Simply everything in sight The corresponding vehicle can be localized using the evaluation software. A given port is called via the GPRS TCP/IP connection and the preset IP address. Then, the data on a personal real time GPS SERVER – provided account. The query, the position of the tracks takes just a few seconds and the selected tracks can be used later as an expression or file for presentations. Backgrounder that company real time time MANAGEMENT, founded by Mario Orth, has specialized in the topic of time recording. The real time time MANAGEMENT team provides full service – from the analysis to the complete implementation of mobile and stationary timing and planning systems. From detailed analysis of the customization and installation up to the comprehensive support real time time MANAGEMENT is a bespoke tailoring in terms of time management and time tracking. REAL time time MANAGEMENT Susanne Orth corridor road 77 40235 Dusseldorf phone: 0211-5228898-0 fax: 0211-5228898-9 email: Presse@Echtzeit-zeitmanagement Web:

CDE Management GmbH

agorum Software GmbH, provider of DMS software agorum core and CDE Management GmbH concluded a far-reaching cooperation. The CDE Management GmbH will take over the complete sales of by agorum Software GmbH in the course of cooperation, as well as build a Europe-wide network of partners. agorum has put together the systems of document management, archiving, knowledge management, workflow and easy searching and find virtuosity to a system and firmly promotes the further development of the system. CDE focuses on sales and the development of a Europe-wide service network which is based on cooperative partnership and long-term cooperation. By a corresponding partner program is the challenge mastered successfully in the market to bring this system by competent contact persons.

To date, some leading software manufacturer and value added reseller, agorum partner program could be won. agorum Software GmbH: founded in 1998. Since then develops and sells products to the topic of information and document management. The core competencies are document management systems (DMS), knowledge management (KMS), archiving systems and workflow. Since January 2008, the document management system is agorum core as open source software under the GNU GPL version 2 available, as well as Enterprise version agorum core Pro”with interesting add-on modules. CDE Management GmbH: Foundation in 1991. The purpose of the business was software development in the field of industrial quality management with over 1,100 projects..

Electronic Invoice Processing

d.velop consultants sketch, the conditions under which these solutions are useful and when not worth it although the electronic invoice processing now belongs to the essential elements of the digitisation strategies of companies, but the observations of consulting the d.velop AG according to these solutions does not automatically generate the desired benefits. Rather, certain conditions must be met so that they can take advantage of their benefits. The analyses of the d.velop consultants showed that the introduction of an electronic invoice processing in any case when a high volume of 400 or more invoices worth monthly. The greater the quantity on invoices to be processed, the higher economies of scale with corresponding savings in personnel and process costs arise. But even if the number of regular monthly bills is low, but instead by delivery notes etc. high document volumes is created, a clear benefit can be achieved.

The amount, however, well below the 400-speed limit is and only a few documents are to process as well as to be expected in the future no significant volume increases, the cost-effectiveness of the investment is usually cannot be guaranteed. An exception can be an electronic invoice processing but, unless it is part of a more complex digitisation of entire business processes. In the case of such strategies introducing a logical continuation of previous investments in the digital archiving and document management a solution usually means, because targeted efforts to reduce of the paper-based processes and media breaks”, Dirk Isferding, head of professional service at d.velop stressed. Such a direction would imply frequently also the intention to reduce process costs by reducing the manual effort and the error rate, or to accelerate the turnaround. Generally for such objectives, relatively independent of the current scope of the document an electronic invoice processing solution cause a compelling economic benefits”, white Isferding. This case also on strategies, in whose centre stand the profitability improvement through reduction of the administrative burden in the company. Also for companies with several locations and offices, each acting as the invoice recipient, digitized processes are usually make sense, without deciding the invoice volume in the foreground is. Instead the fact that the invoice processing software solution can be centralised effects.

This creates not only a significant gain in transparency, but at the same time, the process costs can be significantly optimize this way. Otherwise, the judgment on the question fails after the benefit, if acceptance problems. This situation often arises when previously no focus has been given to the digitization of document-based processes. Then the organisation should first experiences in the classic areas of the DMS as build in electronic archiving and then gradually in the direction of further solutions to the digitisation of go operational processes. An electronic invoice processing is not recommended according the d.velop consultant, if behind only a technical decision. The objective not at the same time is based on the concept of a process, then grave doubts are brought to whether to generate the desired benefits,”problematizes Isferding. The same applies his words after also insufficient financial and accounting systems, as they are still in the middle class. Your actual rationale missing an electronic invoice processing, if it can be efficiently integrated in financial accounting. “Because then your benefit is reduced to the digitisation of invoice documents.”

Iron Mountain And SAP Decide Cooperation

Information management specialist accepts source code deposit for SAP small business applications Hamburg and Walldorf – September 24, 2012. Many companies have developed their business software from external service providers. Hedge in it not the source code, risk losing their intellectual property in addition to the financial losses. SAP, the market leader in enterprise software, and Iron Mountain have recognized this problem and decided to enter into a strategic partnership. The specialist for the protection of intellectual property will assume Add-ons the deposit of source code for SAP business one. In the framework of the new partnership, certified SAP software solutions partner deposit, the add-on solutions for end users, the corresponding source code in the future at Iron Mountain. “The source deposit is a legal agreement between software developers, licensees, and a third party, which kept the code. So the financial risk is reduced for the licensee. Because he has often a lot in business-critical software and technology invested”, white Patrick Keddy, Senior Vice President Western Europe at Iron Mountain. “We store the source code of the developer in one of our high security archives. This arrangement ensures the licensee in several ways: as the source will get, for example, if the developers terminated its business activities or can no longer guarantee support and further development of the application. “But even the developers themselves benefit: they offer deposit of the source text, they create trust with their customers because the code remains available for subsequent updates.” The enterprise software company SAP business one designed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. It enables, all important business functions within an application to integrate including accounting, sales, customer care, warehousing, and other business processes. To approximately 350 individual add-on solutions have been programmed by certified SAP software solution partners. So can customize to their specific business needs and challenges the business software users. “The source code protected by Iron Mountain one customers can SAP be sure business that their add-on solutions are protected”, says Patrick Carpreau, senior software solution partner Manager at SAP EMEA and India. “The deposit of source code allows us to strengthen the confidence of the SAP business one customers. Therefore we offer the software escrow service as a value added service all our customers, who want to let individual business one add-ons develop the SAP software solution partners.” Company contact: Iron Mountain Germany

Word Program

Live file backup 2.8 has just launched on the market the INFONAUTICS GmbH backup software for the ongoing protection of valuable files. It is a compelling real-time backup program, which continually backs up the work files in the desired time rhythm while working in the background. As opposed to daily or weekly backups, which make only copies of the latest file versions, and this only on the day or weekend, live file backup backs up continuously so many generations of a file as you wish. In the most common case involves data loss mistaken override or even delete a file. In this case, regular daily, weekly, and monthly backups for the necessary data recovery provide often only outdated files. Included then not create the data of the last backup documents, presentations or charts of the last hour, which lost valuable work.

Through the ongoing backup in the background at any time provides the real-time backup program \”Live File Backup\” desired version (generation) of the corresponding file and valuable work time is retained. Each backup program can backup easily closed files. Live file backup ensures intelligent algorithms also open files (such as Word, Excel, power point etc.), not always reliably detected by similar real-time backup programs, which rely on internal change detection by Windows (ChangeNotification). Live file backup ensures that always have a recent backup of working files exists when data is lost or overwritten. If necessary, the program provides older versions (generations) a file quickly and easily, before this was changed inadvertently. The program can be started automatically with Windows, so that it continually backs up the files. With just a few mouse clicks can be defined, what files and folders in the backup process should be included or excluded. Also can be determined, how many backup copies of a file is created and How long it should be kept.