Hippo Families

(b) provide to families the means that enable the development of a career to their members. (c) assist and low-income families to achieve an adecuada administration of finances and income. ((d) promote programmes of physical health, prevention of enfermedades, etc. e) facilitate cultural and spiritual programs that allow increasing the fortress emotional partner families. (f) promote workshops that teach the storage and food processing and obtaining resources in the home for times of crisis.

Religious faith may be important at this point. The moral codes and all ethical principio in a social group represent the result of extensive experience. To increase the tangible nature of the concrete advantages of morality, the masters and visionaries have learned to use symbolic resources to make – the more objective and accurate. An important method in a good religion are the me – all that it uses for solve in a practical way the basic psychological problems, even without understanding the reasons of because they are generated. Today the priest and analyst are fighting in the same direction. Be humano need a force that built it, a push up that raised it from their base instincts. These are just vile when they are poorly oriented. Man ne-cesita have a vision of perfection even if their faith structure is precarious and necesite a great target for his reasoning.

The Imago Dei, (image of God), installed in the human nature to the hombre toward spirituality (transcendence) that when it is well-conceived strengthens the transactional relationship between people. 4-Belief in a natural and moral law. A belief that there is a law not natural and moral escrita is the fourth prin-principle of democracy. The philosopher Augustine of Hippo said that man was created with the law written on their foreheads. I.e., that cuando a human being comes the world knows ins-tintivamente who do not must lie, steal, covet, etc.

Tramper Van Box

Y machines with such devices very promising, at least in the European market. That visitors are not looked under the bottom of the car, an exhibit put on a mirrored floor. It reflects the gas equipment, which may be a serial. All interested visitors curiously studied the anatomy of the abdomen Berlingo Erdgas. That's from someone I did not expect commercial pryti, so this is from the Romanian manufacturer. And they've gone and built a prototype YAV – Young Activity Van, station wagon for recreation on the platform Dacia Logan MCV.

Even the icon that accompanied the description of the car, pointed to his target audience – young couples and couples with two children. Rear Door Camper with equipment Hymer tilled vignette at 180 . Embodiments YAV at least four: Logan Express with two full beds and superstructure Weekend-Camper, 5-seat Logan MCV with the same superstructure, Tramper Van Box for two adults and two children and Logan MCV at 5 locations with a large luggage on the roof and equipment Tramper Van Box. The price of pleasure is low by European standards – from 15 to 20 thousand euros. Together, easier to deal with competitors, and more profitable to participate in exhibitions.

Such is the philosophy of the two brands, whose products are exhibited in a street exposure side by side. Firm FGS specializes in making evacuation platforms and evacuation of aluminum superstructures. She presented not so much the range of products as proanonsirovala their capabilities, whereas TBZ showed a new trailer with a broken frame and tractor-tow to the lowering solid aluminum platform. Electric fever has not spared the European subsidiary of Ford. Prototype BEV, created on a platform Focus, next year will be exhibited in the UK through a special program to environmentally friendly transport. And while everyone acquainted with the device BEV. Batteries at 23 kWh provide car top speed 136 km / h and autonomous mileage of 120 km. Enough voltage to charge a standard 230 V and 6-8 hours of continuous power from the socket. Do not stop experiments with Ford Tourneo Connect BEV, which is capable of elektroversiya travel a distance of 160 km with full load as the delivery of auto transporter. Symbiosis of several brands showed a product that represented the masters of the firm of Rudolf Hartmann. Her experience by today's standards is worthy of respect: a firm works in the market of commercial vehicles since 1980, using the platform and install IS0LI TowFox. In recent years the EU has become an abundant snowfall. And ordinary tow truck on the chassis rear-wheel drive car in such conditions often powerless, and that was the basis for use as a base machines SUV Land Rover Defender and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. One of the areas of specialization of the company – tow trucks with twin cabins. Typically used chassis – IVEC0 Daily 65S18. On show this technique demonstrate the spectrum of possibilities of the manufacturer. South Korea's concern has prepared a rich placer prime minister. Among them stand out nicely canary coloring concept pickup, relating to the prospective family Soul.Evropeytsam was presented and crossover Sorento second generation. For us, it is interesting because it will come to Russia with two new engines – diesel and petrol, of mounted with mechanical or automatic gearbox. Besides the version of 4×4 will be front-wheel modification.

New Russian Entrepreneurs

It is a pity that a third of the price we overpay for the brand. But it is already the market. You demand, with the same language here? After the collapse of the former republics of the Soviet Union, including and Russia turned out to be one on one with the dominant influence of the two superpowers of the most powerful economy in the world: the United States and the United Kingdom with their rich and invaluable experience in building market community. Our country was forced to learn a new look at the world. Does anyone learn from that? Learning has to have the strongest, and who it is, as you should have guessed.

True, the search for old books on economics, psychology, menedmentu years of release, a kind, 1992-1997-th. Nine out of ten – conversion, without a hint of foreign authors, which at that time simply did not exist. That's right, except my grandfather Marx did not yet know about Capitalism is nothing. But this well written British and American guru of Sciences. Inefficient production of domestic industry saw through border opportunities.

New Russian Entrepreneurs rushed to the west of the technology and means of production. And here they all had to deal with the problem of not knowing just English, which cited an absolutely all the documents accompanying the newly purchased equipment. And no matter what was purchased: German vertical milling machine or a party of Korean television. It's been a dozen years until the legislation of the country has come to the aid of domestic the consumer, forcing the import manufacturer to include in the instructions for use "translated into Russian.

World Wide Web

Given that the number of Internet users is constantly growing, many companies and individuals are beginning to run your business using the World Wide Web. It does this by creating and promoting websites. In good old days of promotion of sites, even on the most popular queries meant to work on the internal content of the site. Ordinary inclusion in the keyword tag of the home page was the key to success! Situation changed dramatically in 2006. Starting this year was the promotion of the site include buying links on other sites. Previously, buying links for site promotion was unusual. The same that to buy photographs, while how they can download for free on the web. However, such a device search engines, so appreciate the external links.

Service on the promotion website can not only assert itself, but also gives people the information they need about the products and services. In the difficult task to promote the site of the work depends on SEO, which will take place to promote the site to obtain the search engines. Of course, everyone has the desire to see themselves on the front page and even in the first triple, but maybe it only with a serious approach to site promotion. This web-site should be well equipped to face the search engines. One of the biggest challenges in optimizing resource-right to pick up key words. After optimizing a web site can be promoted and intensively and extensively. However, extensive version is much smaller. What should I do? Regularly add and update the text on the site, up to date, to comply with textual content optimization web site.

This will increase the resource position in the ranking and will, of course, for a long time to achieve optimal results. Site (its goods and services) will be familiar to search engines and to visitors. Extensive way to help support and produce a periodic change text without requiring costly. The site owner chooses for themselves methods of website promotion, Considering the objectives and tasks of the resource, the expected market and financial performance. Extensive promotion is aimed at long-term and reliable results, and the intensive promotion is directed to a speedy and tangible result. You can compare this type of promotion with mass and expensive advertising campaign, promoting the brand. In this case the goods are sold at a price that pays for advertising costs. The continuing cash flow for such campaign is necessary because the cease financial investments in advertising and the effect disappears immediately. Intensive methods – this is buying links on frequently visited resources, duplication of advertising links to your site (banners, contextual advertising etc.). Way costs.

Marketing Research Study

It's no secret that marketing research is beneficial to the future, successful development of any form of business. Market research, as such, includes a significant number of events aimed at obtaining and analyzing information about the market, customers, competitors. Perhaps one of the main stages, a clear study of possible consumers. It is essential that market research was divided into distinct sub, each of which has a definite purpose. What is the purpose of pursuing the item on which investigated the potential consumers of your services or products. First, the study gives consumers opportunity to assess the potential demand and popularity of your products, as well as on the basis of the data, to develop a competent advertising concept. Secondly, it is an excellent opportunity to study the needs of the consumer to know in needs of human beings. And, thirdly, the study helps consumers understand their behavior, as well as the dependence of behavior on personal, social, cultural and other factors.

Hence it is clear that this question is one of the defining moments of a successful marketing research. It should be noted that there are several factors that affect the correct assessment of consumers and their behavior. Among them, defining important social factor. Consider it imperative for market research may not be adequate for consumer ignorance of social status or social groups to which they belong. On human behavior, the consumer is influenced by many aspects, such as marital status or family cycle, the various cultural factors, belonging to a particular subculture or social class. This information may be collected by social surveys of the population.

The survey can be conducted orally, but brings great benefit to consumers filling out your questionnaires aimed at obtaining necessary for you information. To collect all information about customers, its analysis and classification, leaving a huge amount of time, energy and material resources. Often, the company does not have the necessary resources, especially when it comes to individual entrepreneur. It is recommended that the issue of studying consumers, as well as conducting market research in general, trust specializing in this company. Its staff does all the work, gather necessary information, will make its analysis. You will only make the right decision.

Government Stability

In this respect some conditions outlined as: metals, fossil fuels and minerals must not be extracted at one higher rate than its reabsorption in the Earth’s crust; artificial substances must not be produced at one higher rate its disintegration and absorption in the Earth’s crust; the man must not reduce the productive areas of the nature or harvest most of what nature can create; human needs must be addressed with the most efficient methods possible in use of resources and more socially fair way to achieve social stability. The comment, although this sounds simple, originating implications that could limit many areas, as for example, the mining and the extraction of fuels, as well as the production of long-lasting substances foreign to the nature, is made conditions that the century firms currently must comply in order to contribute to the ecological and social stability in the world in general. For the Venezuelan case this should be very seriously, where the current Government must give prominence to the role of enterprises and the security that their operations do not deteriorate the environment, know leverage, rational and ethically the riches that the country provides without affecting anyone, giving preference to the interests individuals, to which the community, population requires. The independence between the companies and the Government: this is very significant, because Governments may no longer have the control over the destination of the industries that produce in their countries, but, on the contrary, must give way to the globalization of markets and capital to create an enabling environment that generates competitive advantages for companies, them should be supported for its development, operability and not hinder them sectoral and industry convergence: differences that hitherto had delimited the sectors public and private companies of a country are gradually disappearing, i.e. are are witnessing radical changes where enterprises of the State should also put emphasis on outcomes and systematic administration.