Francisco Javier

However, wisely own their military status, they continue to betray in their communications to his superiors, certain disapproval by disinterest and ignorance that both Hispanic bodies expressed with respect to the possessions of America. Opposition to political or economic changes, and the horror against the crime of wanting independence, would be demonstrated through actions and claims of the Commander of the Apostadero, Captain Jose Maria de Salazar, who had no doubts about the infamous plans of the Board of the Capital, even though their members have wanted to disguise them with the hypocritical mask of our August sovereign Lord Fernando VII. Against the nonsense of a revolution, which seemed to them frankly separatist, mariners acted as Ordinances in the Navy, their formation and their status as faithful Bras of the monarchy were sent. Santiago de Liniers, reviled by the Spaniards, accused of Napoleonic pro by the Governor of Montevideo, Francisco Javier de Elio, despite its close ties with some of the Creole leaders, did not hesitate, faithful to its condition of marine general, to lead the counter-revolution of Cordoba to overthrow the Board and return to the Regency of the Rio de la Plata. Another official general full of merits and services, accompanied him brigadier Juan Gutierrez de la Concha. Santiago de Liniers, on the verge of being shot in head of Tiger along with this and other companions in misfortune, call them that they not protested before the vowel of the first Government patriotic Juan Jose Castelli, who had come to hasten the execution, saying that they were happy because all died with the satisfaction of having been faithful to the King and the nation and that his honour fell unharmed to the Sepulchre. In those moments, Captain Salazar insisted from Montevideo that the independence party is great, which I also did other contemporaries on the realistic side, which at least partially refutes the idea that everything was small secretive and the decision of an elite product.


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How To Promote Your Site For Free

How to promote your own site and besplatno.Privet in this article, I'll tell you how to promote your website for free. You have built a website, and most importantly it is beautiful and it has information, but the trouble is, it nobody comes and you do not know what to do, do not worry, I'll you all the details to tell. Let's start with the fact that the site should be informed and your site should be the theme. For example consider the theme of gardening, but it means that your site must be linked to direct to the gardening, that is, it should be a natural visited gardening, and not one or two a sufficient number of possibly video, some files, well, generally on the topic you have chosen. Need is for to reach your site visitors and interested in your article, and if none of the above will not, then your visitors will just go and then go in search of what they sought. We begin with Registration in search engines because they are the majority of visitors bring it to your website.

If your site is little information related to your theme, then perhaps your site and all will not get into search engines. And so if you all are well in place with all the above listed, then you can feel free to register. How exactly do you now teach, write in any search engine 'Yandex' or 'google' (all which only have one) write: 'Add Site' and you go to the page where you can add your site, well, so look for water (Add url to google) go and fill the easy form, we can assume that all, as this can be done in 'Yandex', but there's a little harder after the registration of the site you need confirm that you are the true owner of the site, and that is to download the text document 'with a name like require Yandex' get to the root of your site and click on the check. Everything! To increase the number of visitors to your site, you must be registered and in catalogs. Just write: 'add the site to the directory' and select all that you have on the first page, in short, the more you register your site in directories the more likely that your on your Site visitors will drop. We simplify the task you a little bit because in the registration in catalogs almost always have to drive the same, so open notepad (the one that is on your desktop) and write down there everything related to your site, and then is the address of your site or some other 'URL of your site' your site name and description of your site and when registering to directories simply copy from Notepad and paste in it beside that you need is a much easier you task. And now let's talk about the buttons that ask to install on your site, some directories. You have a situation you have registered in the directory and you are asked to install the button on your website, you will not be afraid of its charter, do as if I was just two weeks on your site does not become more visitors to come, just the button or link to delete. Button is better placed at your site. On this I have all. Good luck with your registration sites.