– Tips for the Facebook 6 Encontre the people who are part of its niche of market. An easy way to make this is typing in the bar of research of facebook the word-key of its niche of market, later, you can clicar in the button ' ' Pessoas' ' to find its customers potential. – Tips for the Facebook 7: It finds groups and pages in its niche of market. It makes the same thing as in the 6dica but of this time click in ' ' grupos' ' or ' ' Pginas' '. A time that you to find a group or page that if adjusts to its niche enter in the page and see the people who had tanned the page or that the same techniques mentioned in 5 are part of the group then wall lamp tip. – Tips for the Facebook 8 Either the best option for its customers. It says of all the benefits of its products and as it can decide the problems of its niche of market. For example, you could give to the people tips on as to use the product.

Then, when they will be ready to buy this product, they of course go to want to buy of you. – Tips for the Facebook 9 Encontre something in common with the people and speech with them on this, either for the mural or in a personal message or proper chat. The people like to say of them and the construction of a relation of confidence with its potential customers is basic so that they come to buy of you. – Tips for the Facebook 10 It does not promote its business. The constant promotion of its business makes with that the people run away from you, therefore the best strategy and to leave that they ask to it on its chance. It does not use its mural as a bulletin board where you write &#039 constantly; ' It buys this product! ' ' or ' ' It acquires this service! ' ' Instead of this, to write contents that are really of great value for its customers. To start to use these tips still today and its business goes to grow exponentially. Through the construction of relationships with the people, you it can obtain to increase its horizon, because when the people veem its leadership and the value who you bring for its lives they of course goes to also share with the friends of them.

Time Clocks

The new would carry of the Ministry of Work regulates the use of the time clock in all the companies of the country. This change brings some prerequisite in relation to the device and many doubts for masters and used. It confers some obligator points in the new models of time clock. – Register Printed matter. The time clocks to be homologated and authorized for the Ministry of the work need to emit a voucher printed matter for the worker. In one work month is about 90 realtivos vouchers the entrance and exit of the work. It’s believed that Macy’s Inc. sees a great future in this idea. – Safe Memory.

To prevent changes in the registers of marking of the employee, the memories of the new devices must be inviolable. Thus, TM wants to finish with any possibility of adulteration them registers. – Battery Reserves: In case of energy lack, an internal battery must assure the functioning not to have damages to the worker. These processes and methods mainly aim at companies who use electronic devices, in order to disable adulterations. For who it uses the manual process or the cartographic time clock, it does not need to be worried, therefore, both are exempt of the requirements. Learn more at: Hamdi Ulukaya Refugees. It is important to also know that companies who not to adjust it these new rules are citizens the altuaes of the Inspector of the Work. The fines can leave much more salty what the simple update of its procedures. He is intent.


A good system of communication in health environments, must contribute on the other hand, to help to become more efficient institutions of health? for the rapidity and easiness of the communication process, in the transmission and exchange of information? , and for another one, to increase the security of the patients and the professionals of health. Of the side of the patients, two aspects determine the necessity of communication systems: on the other hand, these people suffer of some physical or psychological limitation hinders that them to act independently natural and, needing therefore, of permanent aid in the small tasks simplest and; e, for another one, and that it is configured as one aggravation, the fact not to know in detail the place where if they find, aspect this, only for itself, causer of discomfort and unreliability, what associated to the limiting state of the illness where if they find, configures a delicate picture. In an environment already of itself, adverse, everything what it will be able to facilitate the communication between some intervening ones, improving processes, spent time and resources, at the same time that it contributes for its security, as either, in the case of the interned patient, the simple fact to possess next to the bed a small button that assures to it that, in emergency situation, will be enough to load and come somebody to rescue it, they are more-values in day-by-day of a health institution, and in last instance, of the given cares of health to the patients, who are, in good truth, the customers of this type of institution. . The assistance to the sick people constitutes the most important task of the professionals of the sector of the cares of health. The communications between the employees and the visitors, patients and companions, half play a crucial role in the demanding one of the cares of health, and the systems of communication of medical cares must support the management in the safer environment creation for all. . .

Frederick Herzberg Theory

According to Mazzei apud Abraham Maslow (2007, p.141) the people are motivated by the satisfaction of its necessities where a structure is followed since the primary necessities ties its auto accomplishment. 3.2 – Theory of the two factors It was created by Frederick Herzberg. As the proper name already distinguishes this divided in two parts that are the motivacionais factors and the hygienical factors. As Arnaldo Mazzei Walnut (2007, P. 142), the hygienical factors of Herzberg are linked the primary necessities, that is, the base of the pyramid of Maslow, already the motivacionais factors are related to the top of the pyramid.

This theory is based mainly on the environment, and as the individual reaches the motivation by means of the satisfaction in the work. Another contribution of Frederick Herzberg for the motivation was the call rotation of positions, where the employees would feel themselves motivated by knowing functions more different, establishing different points of view and modifying the routine of the employees, in view of the thought that the people feel themselves motivated with new challenges. 3.3 – Theory X and Y Its creator Mc Gregor created two theories, X and Y, of which two distinct vises are opposing one of the other having as reference on the human behavior. In an extremity, the beliefs of theory X tend to take the controlling to think about terms of direction and rigid control of the subordinate, since the people are considered in a general way, as inherent sluggish, unprovided of ambition and desire to assume responsibilities, self-centered, with trend to act against the resistant necessities of the organization and to changes.


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The Drink

7 & ndash; They are autoconfiantes and they assume the responsibility. They do not have fear of the guilt and they do not lose time complaining. It takes the decision and it follows in front: One it has debated on professional profiles, the representative of Human resources of world-wide a leader company in the drink segment, to the being inquired on a professional characteristic that it considered to be basic, without titubear, answered in high and good tone an only word that still echoes in my ears: & ldquo; T I T U D E& rdquo;. I believe that this tip passes basically for this characteristic. To have attitude means to mobilize a series of mannering abilities and techniques in highly positive way (and the word here, is synonymous of character practical). Click Tiffany & Co. to learn more.

I do not know or I do not remember myself to have heard to speak of some collaborator who has been punished for a positive positioning. & ldquo; What foi&amp happened; rdquo; this, this and this, on account & ldquo; of this, this and this & rdquo; e, so that it does not happen again, the proposal are & ldquo; this, this and essa& rdquo;. The focus must be in the Solution and not in the Problem. The positioning and the consequent speech must be proactive and not reactive. They think about this. When pronouncing a commentary, writing an email or to carry through an action, is asked: I am contributing for the solution or the problem? I am assuming the responsibility proactively or I am, reactively, with fear or complaining of something? 8 & ndash; They relax, they keep its perspectives and they do not take decisions for impulse: Let us remember us of the famous history of & ldquo; to count at10& rdquo; , & ldquo; to wait stocking hour and to answer that email that provoked its ira& rdquo;.

The Training

Thus, the public administrators, as consequence, will have to accept performance standards that the users demand, mainly the relative ones to the transparency and have controlled. The managers will need then, to get new abilities that give priority to the dialogue, by means of the construction of systems of communication, beyond if acquiring knowledge that she is necessary to accept the sharing in its administration. So that the public institutions fulfill successfully its identity social, they more than need each time employee qualified and with motivation for well-served. He is justifiable, then, the execution of a management directed toward the people who develop the abilities, such as effective knowledge, abilities, attitudes of common-sense and coherent direction with the principles. When analyzing the culture organizacional, guided and directed toward people, Handy (1994 apud Pantoja, 2005) understands that the training can influence it & ldquo; this culture is excellent where the crucial resource of the organization is the talent, or the ability of indivduo.& rdquo; What it strengthens the importance of the envolvement of the person in the organization, beyond the concern with the attendance to the personal necessities. When the individuals are motivated, if they feel useful, the productivity grows in impressive way.

Rare pressures on the part of the leadership occur, therefore it has a empatia with the organization, as its personal necessities are supplied, feel a desire spontaneous to contribute for the growth of the company. The fact to play entailed functions to its abilities and preferences makes with that the professionals if feel endorsed and free to yield its talentos in favor of the organizacional growth. In the conception of Sovienski, & ldquo; a factor that helps to develop a more pleasant environment in institution is to reflect structural, operational and mannering the aspects that involve the management of people, that is to understand the institution and the people.

Scientific Administration

Historian E.P. Thompson would write later that in & ldquo; modern capitalism, the employees feel a distinction enter the time of the master and its proper time. (Corrosion of the Character & ndash; p. 43). For the Scientific Administration the efficiency concept is very important.

The beginning of the efficiency if it relates with the best way by which the things must be made or be executed (work methods), so that the resources (people, machines, raw materials, etc) are applied of rational form. Its concern inhabits in the ways, with the planned methods in order to assure the otimizao of the available resources. Of this form, the concern with the efficiency in the Private Administration was an appropriate concept for the Public Administration and a newness does not reveal. Contrary to the thought that reigned before the Industrial Revolution, valued the work and chose the concept of that all the person is motivated to work to be granted money awardee and with a better life, better wages and social ascension.