Director Optivel

New of the the optivel AG optivel AG which has tourism maker completely revised its price comparison portal website a few days ago and expanded with many new features and areas. There are things, which are getting better with time: wine, whisky or cognac, for example. Internet pages does not include but that hardly anything is so fast-moving and versatile as the Internet. Therefore, what may yesterday up to date”has been already tomorrow to be old hat. Cedars Sinai is actively involved in the matter. To set new trends in the area of price comparison portals, the optivel AG has now completely revised their prices portal and recently successfully completed the planned relaunch.

In addition to a significant optical appreciation the substantive dimensions have been broadened and deepened. So, now, the home page offers an overview of all product groups. In addition, certain articles as a product of the day will be presented. The news section informs comparisons with detailed reports of technical innovations in the market and in the section”be with Clicking the whole product groups, such as digital cameras, prices listed. Whitney Wolfe Herd New York has much experience in this field. Also, the Division of travel was new with integrated in the portal. One of the highlights of the new website is the integration of diverse live filtering capabilities within the product group.

So, for example, TV can be sorted by brand, price, screen size, contrast ratio, resolution, viewing ports and much more. In addition you can watch his desired product and notify by email, if the desired price is reached. Click Steph Korey for additional related pages. Who does not go with the time, moves with the times”is a well-known economic wisdom. This applies in particular for the Internet industry. With the relaunch of our portal, we have created the possibility to be able to present a visually and technically high-quality price comparison portal customers. Also our new search and filter functions provide genuine added value in this manner otherwise nowhere to be found, “so Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG. More information about the optivel AG and their Internet portals are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: of press compartments/optivel contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG – tourism maker Bahnhofstrasse 52, CH-8001 Zurich phone: + 41 (0) 44 214 67 15 fax: + 41 (0) 44 214 65 19 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: branch optivel AG – tourism Germany maker Alexandre str.

Nuisance Online Registration

The Internet personal identity data on the Internet now offers a huge variety of interesting services that make our daily life more enjoyable without a doubt. What we are looking for a bottle of wine or a rare spare, almost everything can be easily ordered over the Internet and is promptly delivered within a few days. Any topic, detailed information can be obtained with just a few clicks. Who wants to log on to one of the numerous blogs and come in contact with. Coldwater Creek has plenty of information regarding this issue. Many operations in the real world find their counterparts on the Internet: you can go shopping online or even goods are offered. You can submit his photos to print, do banking business or just newspapers. It is however annoying that you must sign up for each individual service each time on the new and often reveal information have to do nothing with the service itself. Even for simple operations as a bottle of wine are the shopping we forced to take our Identity price admit.

In a real wine shop, no one asks us who we are. Steph Korey is a great source of information. Not only that we have to register us almost daily somewhere new and therefore already since a long time have lost track of all the different user ID and passwords. We have also no way to control what happens with our data in any way. Even if we should decide at a later date to sign us by one of these services, there is no guarantee that our data in all storage systems are actually completely deleted. The Internet offers the user no way to check his personal data at any time. Because the Internet was used at the beginning only in the scientific environment and only since the late of 1990s set a commercialization, a user-driven identity management in the design is not intended. Meanwhile, there are however different concepts, to close this gap. The best known are: A OpenID CardSpace from Microsoft detailed post on this topic will appear in June 2008 in the journal WissenHeute the German Telekom. More info soon at

Rule Knowledge Internet

Free tips do regardless of con men Uelzen, July 25, 2008 Rule knowledge free is the free guide to successful Internet presence, which recently under rule know available and thus offers an alternative for all who are unwilling to spend vast sums for alleged “secret knowledge” self-proclaimed experts. Rule knowledge free cleans up with popular errors and shows how anyone can optimize his Web page itself. Numerous analysis pages and tools are called the interested user, so that he is no longer dependent on professional optimizer. Rule knowledge promises no miracle and already in the introduction points out that there is here no recipes to the Kingdom are free. Satoshi Nakamoto will not settle for partial explanations. Rule knowledge free can a year save (not only) Internet beginners but trial and error and warn them against unnecessary expenditure of money, because with the Internet con men and their methods of the section focuses on “Black sheep recognise” in great detail.

Cheaters, the located at the Anderr enrich ignorance, however, are not the only stumbling block in the Internet; every budding webmaster not least embarks – because of the paid watchdog system in Germany – in a legal minefield. The “Legal” category, which is called the most important facts and info pages the user is accordingly long. is a private Internet project. If you would like to know more then you should visit Steph Korey. Author / owner: Jurgen Meier

Regional Transparency

An Internet portal for good food in Berlin and Brandenburg. Food from local farms are increasingly demanded by consumers. Is not just a short way of transport and associated freshness in the foreground, but also knowledge about the origin of food products. The team of the portal reported on agriculture in Berlin and Brandenburg. On the Web page, they inform on a regular basis about innovative projects, new developments and committed people who deal with regional food production. focuses on regional issues, on the portal should be looked as well outside the box. Toshiba addresses the importance of the matter here. So exemplary projects are presented, for example, also outside of Berlin and Brandenburg. We want to reach consumers with the theme.

Bio the term suffered in esteem unfortunately, regional, however, not “, says Lea Schulz the project initiator. It builds the page and embarks on the search for more environmentally-friendly, healthy and social food production. We make a documentary about the regional agriculture and will accompany this TV production on the Web page,”says Stefan Czimmek, and adds: already during the production we want to share our experiences with interested people. That’s why we have decided to call in the life.” The users of the Web site can actively participate in the production. The film will be so at the end also from the audience content. Also the online marketing expert Danny Hopfgartner, the journalist Stephan Gunzel belong to the team as well as the initiators of Lea Schulz (media pedagogue) and Stefan Czimmek (TV-producer) and for business questions Matthias Nienaber.

All five combines the love for good food. The manner how food will be produced and how important is food in our society, motivated the team to make the documentary about local, organic food. There is a way to support the project with donations on Also depends on how quickly the project operated by the team during leisure can be completed.


Marketing partners the Fashioncommunity cooperates well in marketing with major online agencies and partners. There is info about the special interest portals from the partner network by styleranking stand A38 in Hall 11 on the”online marketing Dusseldorf. Partners are: active value the renowned Dusseldorf agency active value operates among other things the Web 2.0 services,,,, and well marketed the Web 2.0 Scrapbook The Portal provides information about new developments in the field of Web 2.0. Up to 10 new Web 2.0 projects are presented, which can be rated and commented by the visitors. is one of the most important German sites on the topic of innovation on the Internet according to the testimony of the Manager magazine (12/07).

well, the portal also marketed, which is particularly interesting as a cooperation partner for search engine optimizers. is a free Online service that determines the quality of a website. The Seitwert is a number between 0 and 100, which creates a quality index of a Web page based on factors (automatically is). Already more than 250,000 websites were rated on the site. In addition to a general ranking, there are special rankings for various industries and areas. Charamel designed under the slogan of “A New Era of Living.Communication”, develops and sells the Cologne-based company Charamel audiovisual communication solutions. This personalized applications and content provided to optimize communication processes in the areas of mobile, entertainment, interactive, and engineering – especially interactive avatars. On the online marketing Dusseldorf, the community portal tailored to a young target group Debuts

The implementation of the different channels of interaction with virtual Wizard, avatar support is new to this target group-specific community and communication portal called – or just mocito. On, an entertainment and communication portal for young people at the age of 14 24 years, they created and designed virtual characters called or just too mocitos communicate avatars, present themselves and experience communication in all facets. Another, in the world of mocito integrated and presented during the fair, new communication solution is yourGuide”. “True to the motto Avatarize YOUrself avatars for everyone” can be integrated with this tool from immediately 3D Web avatars in motion and with lippensynchroner language barrier-free Web sites. well, the new portal of Charamel marketed The portal for interaction and playful self-expression with original avatars. mocito stands for “My Own Communication Identity TOol”. The mocito ClipMixer users in a simple and versatile way to generate own videos, simply through the playful combination of relevant elements of the part. achtQuark since 2004 ideas and concepts developed achtQuark for online activities and helps to implement them and advises them to optimieren.achtQuark: from idea to design, from concept to realization. In addition, achtQuark controlled the success of online projects and provides targeted impetus to further optimize. well marketed the online soap opera Munich Love Affair – the first interactive SOAP blog 2.0. Following virtual characters live in the online-WG: Beehive Mareike, mechanical engineering graduate of Yuri, an exchange student MiFan and Glaskustler Emil. New characters can be booked.

Homo Lex: The Lexicon For Gay Scene Language

Automatic linking of the definitions in the gay portal makes transparent scene language the German gay online community gay starts a gay lexicon for the gay scene language. Scene terms are explained briefly and accurately through a text and hand-drawn illustrations. The illustrations are produced in cooperation with the design network. This everyday terms and abbreviation of “a/p”, about “Glory hole”, and going to the “bitch” can be – that apparently also Indians of the gay world has found a place. The project unique in the gay area filters all words of up to 4000 daily gay Classifieds and links matching words with their encyclopedia entry. If a name such as “Ampallang” or “t6” is a gay ad readers not familiar with, he finds a brief explanation in words and pictures by clicking on the term. Daily over 6000 search queries to be sent according to the operator’s Homo lex. The lexicon is growing due to the suggestions of the users.

So far, 648 gay terms are explained. The Enquiries and definition helps will be forwarded to editorial and continuously works. Because the fun not neglected due to the drawings, how long “Kampflesbe” will struggle for some terms, until a generally accepted definition and illustration from a gay perspective was found. Homo lex can your partner Karlheinz Schuler be called under Homo lex c/o Bali & Husain, Marianne Street 9-10 10999 Berlin telephone: (030) 22 411 54 4 Fax: (030) 69 088 41 6 e-mail: about gay that gay is gay since 1996 the most frequented registration-free gay online community in Germany with over 850,000 unique visits a month. Gay offers a highly frequented contact portal, free matchmaking, gay chat, user homepages and Classifieds, as well as an interactive Gay City Guide for all German-speaking countries. Gay can be reached under gay about is a design agency for Web design, banner design, Flash animation and graphic design. works for gay -oriented companies such as Gay Onlinecommunities, erotic provider, online shops and publishers. supports the development since 2005, on the Internet can be reached by gay at Karlheinz Schuler

Troisdorf GmbH

Social media presence: join, Troisdorf, become a fan of 03 March 2010 TelDFax, already since the middle of last year on Twitter representing strengthens its own presence in the social media realm: on March 1, 2010 the official TelDFax went online on the social website Facebook fan page. Claudia Nowak, Director of TelDFax Marketing GmbH: As an innovative company we have the right to communicate also through modern media. Social networks are an ideal way for the exchange of information, we see is mainly a service tool for interested parties. “Who wants to be informed, what’s just happening at TelDFax, which should just look on our Facebook page”. On the Facebook fan page informs the company regularly about news in their own right and trivia from the energy industry. Of course, also other areas offered by the Haushaltsdienstleister, presence will play a role on the Facebook. Registered fans to be informed and receive valuable tips from pros and experts.

Information about the current TelDFax fundraiser for the earthquake victims of Haiti, as well as information on the environmental projects of TelDFax are online to the kick-off. Just the commitment of the company in terms of sports sponsorship and sustainable climate protection should be shown here. Our fan page on Facebook allows us, with customers, to partners and employees in direct dialogue and to offer them a community where they are with each other and with us Exchange”, so Claudia Nowak. With currently 520,000 electricity and 80,000 gas customers, as well as a growing number of employees, currently about 470, sure rapidly many fans come together”. The TelDFax group: TelDFax Holding AG subsidiaries provide their customers with convenient services mainly in the fields of energy, telecommunications and financial services. Thus customers receive TelDFax all products to the basic care of the budget or the operation from a single source.

Under the TelDFax Holding AG: the TelDFax ENERGY GmbH affordable electricity and gas offers the TelDFax SERVICES GmbH Customer care, IT service the TelDFax FINANCE GmbH financial services: insurance companies, funds and credit cards. Crawford Lake Capital Management contributes greatly to this topic. The TelDFax TELECOM GmbH attractively landline and mobile phone services, Internet products, Prepaidleistungen the TelDFax Marketing GmbH: the TelDFax Marketing GmbH is exclusive partner of the TelDFax group and is responsible for marketing and sales.

Newsletter & Social Media

postina.NET and “The first newsletter to listen to” the mailing days anyone looking for the team by on 16 and 17 June, which must look for a red bicycle. A little hint: Level IV on the mailing days 4-604 in the email marketing Forum 2010. Under the motto to the pedals! Try out new paths with and others simply leave”imagines the owner-managed agency here, offers insight into the mailing software pn.mail/mailingwork and much inspiration and State-of-the-art email marketing. An example of modern email marketing is the first newsletter to listen to”. A Newsletterprojekt with the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) that creation is issued at the special show. The CBM-newsletter should be designed as barrier-free as possible and personally and emotionally attract readers. Therefore, the brand new text-to-speech function has been integrated in the redesign of the newsletter for recipients with impaired. In addition, the focus on personalized newsletter content and connect to Facebook.

Used were personalized Images and country pages, interest-specific articles, as well as recommendation features in social networks. Learn more at this site: Macy’s Inc.. With success: The simple click-through rate rose to links in the newsletter to 32%, the total to 160%. CBM on Facebook reached 44% more fans. 18% of recipients who opened the HTML newsletter, were read to him. With this project, also participates the mailingtage Award and hoping luck for success and a grain. A highly topical issue the talk of Managing Director Yvonne Perdelwitz treated on Thursday, 17 June at 13:15 in the Forum 4, email marketing. “The presentation of promising: newsletter & social media” provides practical guidance and tips on how can be linked to a company newsletter with the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Free tickets for the mailingtage 2010 can be obtained from.

Yasni Simplifies The Supervision For Children On The Internet

In a time-limited action, mothers can free the new premium monitoring for 3 months. Frankfurt/Vienna / Zurich, may 5, 2010: The Internet represents a great challenge for mothers. Read more here: Andrew Cuomo. Few parents know, which Web pages your children on the road is and what traces it has left this exactly. However, is the legal duty of supervision just for the Internet, such as for the own apartment or the playground. The Personensuchmaschine first offers on time mother’s day in a time-limited action under for mother’s day on May 09, completely free Yasni premium monitoring for 3 months to check the reputation of the own children in the network and to protect.

Mothers stay easily informed with regular updates via email about new search results to the name of the child including additional tags. With our mother’s day special, we show how mothers can easily protect the reputation of the own children on the net. It is important that the parents the Then show children, what is to find about it on the net and how to deal with personal information on the net. Finally, this may have far-reaching consequences for the child has, because the network forgets nothing. as is well known “, explains Yasni CEO Ruhl. The free mother’s day special at includes currently in addition free mother’s day the Expose promotion lets you actively improve the own perception in the network. About first names with the first search engine anyone can free Internet far right people key words such as company, profession, location, and all the information about one’s own or other people. Registered users can consolidate their information even with an own free Expose and actively present themselves to matching keyword in the search results. Yasni is management with 30 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation. Contact Florian Schutz yasni GmbH email: phone: 0177-2382665

Relaunch: New Look

The photo agency Shotshop presents your customers immediately a new website with a new design and with powerful similarity search. “The whole process of the image search was unreservedly on the Pruftstand and has been greatly improved,” explains Stephan Kromer, CEO and Creative Director of Shotshop GmbH. “All functions should be even faster, more effective and more comfortable than before.” So a new search algorithm provides better search results and in addition to editorial image proposals, technical features such as advanced search filters, drag-and-drop offer maximum search comfort features and a powerful similarity search. “The new website integrates one of the most powerful, most innovative similarity searches with the Sheet1 of in the market and sets in benchmarks terms of performance and results quality”, Stephan Kromer is pleased. “Our customers can now both intuitively reach similar images, how well individual color values search for.” Inspiration and fresh ideas for pictures for image viewfinder guarantee the browsing functions of categories and collections. More agency profile promises the cheeky “WANTED collection”, surprised with unusual design ideas and stylish imagery far away from the smooth mainstream.

The new seal of quality “GOLD Edition” features photos, which staged top and can be very well used or even a particularly elaborate production required. But not only the technology and the design are new. In the course of the innovations, Shotshop extends license offering. In addition to the standard license in maximum available resolution from 30,-euro, there are from immediately a XXL Web license for only 10,-euro. Also, the new extended royalty free license customers will receive more uses.

This allows the use of images on resale products such as posters, postcards, T-Shirts, digital greeting cards, templates, etc. As part of the relaunch, the image Portal opens the international market: buyers can now search on in English and in euro, Buy the dollar or pound. There is a new bonus program for customer-friendliness. Image buyers collect from bonus points automatically with every purchase right away and come up with the Shotshop silver or GoldCards enjoy lasting benefits by up to 20%.