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The Augsburger tradition jewelry offers is now available in the Briennerstrasse exclusive jewelry manufacturing and current trend labels Munich, September 2011 – Herbert Mayer, a family of watchmakers, opened in 1922 in Augsburg his own jewelry business. Today, 89 years later, the tradition jewelry in the Fugger city is one of the first addresses. With the new store in Munich, Herbert Mayer now offers a fine selection of exclusive pieces of jewellery and fine timepieces in the noble Briennerstrasse. Bernhard and Christoph Sieber, grandson of the founder of Herbert Mayer, today lead the family business in its third generation. The new stylish Munich branch exudes elegant cream and wood tones and features highlights such as an innovative chandelier in the form of ring. The Herbert Mayer gold forge champion of finished in the in-house manufacture special pieces of design and unique custom-made products.

On the occasion of the opening, Jeweller Herbert Mayer in an exclusive special edition from the in-house manufacture of goldsmith offers a special Highlight in limited edition: A 750 / white gold diamond ring with a brilliant cut diamond (0.41 ct.) includes 79 diamonds (0.36 ct.G/VSI) to the opening offer of 3690,-. This opening offer is valid subject to availability by the end of 2011. “The Oktoberfest Renner” of jewellers Herbert Mayer are pendant in white gold with Diamantenpave by DoDo as creatures with meanings such as “hunting prohibited” or the Dachshund you are great “. The range of the traditional House also includes jewelry by internationally renowned trend labels such as Tamara Comolli, Ole Lynggaard, the warrant of the Danish Royal family and DoDo Pomellato, as well as classics such as Chopard. Jeweller Herbert Mayer in Munich is also one of the best addresses for high quality men’s and ladies watches from manufacturers like Audemars Piquet, Breitling, Chopard Hublot, Omega and zenith. The Herbert Mayer watchmaking workshop is one of the most highly certified Bavaria. Since its inception in 1922, the name Herbert Mayer in the jewellery world is a synonym for tradition and values. These two principles are firmly anchored in the philosophy for three generations by Herbert Mayer. Press contact: Annette Zierer / Vera Hofer ziererCOMMUNICATIONS storm Plaza Karl Weinmair Strasse 6 80807 Munich Tel.: 124-88 fax: + 49-89-356 124-85 jeweler tart Mayer Augsburg: Anne Road 35 86150 Augsburg phone: 0821-50 97 50 fax: 0821-50 97-530 jeweler tart Mayer Munich: Briennerstrasse 7 80333 Munich phone: 089 – 68 90 60 90 Fax: 089 – 68 90 60-910

HVAC Gearing Construction Equipment Rental Backhoe For Landfill Usage In Just A Few Hours To

Large surface sealing the House landfill mountain in Rhineland-Palatinate requires excavators-special facilities. Hamburg / mountain, 24 October 2012 more efficient use at night: In just a few hours of the HVAC service technicians have converted branch Pforzheim late September a 24-tonne rental excavator from the HVAC rental fleet for the large surface sealing the House landfill (HMD) mountain in Rhineland-Palatinate. On behalf of the international make special company for landfill sealing, NAUE sealing GmbH & co. KG, the large excavator is equipped with a special winch to the laying of the landfill geomembrane. This HVAC left within 24 hours make special adapter plate in the size MS 21 and according to hydraulic connections.

The dredger able to move large plastic liners mountain (certified of the BAM Federal Institute for materials research and testing) on the 30,000-square-meter landfill section of HMD is with the winch. Also a 4.9 ton wheel loader from the HVAC rental fleet Ettlingen is here in the usage and acquires earthmoving – and transport work. This large construction projects launched on the 20th of September and lasts until June 28, 2013. The NAUE sealing area construction volume is approximately EUR 1 million. “Patric Riedinger, HVAC Manager Pforzheim, explains: through the professional use of our service technicians on-site rental diggers could in just a few hours with a winch be equipped and then used for landfill sealing.” The current renovation is part of the HVAC 24-hour customer service, the contractors take advantage of nationwide. Thanks to the well functioning special equipment the HKL received another order establishment casting for the construction of a landfill near Wetzlar”, so Riedinger. The organization took over the HVAC branch Pforzheim. HVAC in Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt proves expertise in surface sealing: for the reclamation of the old landfill Hangelsberge 27-tonnes-Longreach excavators from the HVAC rental PARK with operating personnel are in April of this year, as well as Container for the measure in use.

Further information: target the surface sealing of dumps is the sealing upwards and downwards: it prevents the ingress of rain water, as well as the formation of leachate in the ground. For this purpose different coatings are required depending on the class of landfill. Here, the landfill with soil is covered on the special sand material is compacted. Then, a BAM-tested plastic waterproofing membrane laid on the compacted sand and the railway overlap welded together. About HVAC machinery HVAC construction machinery ( is a vendor-independent owner and distributor of construction equipment, construction equipment, containers and commercial vehicles. Founded in 1970, is in Germany with its rental fleet and service offering largest full-service provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. Company name and at the same time expression for the Hanseatic are initials that stand for the founding cities of Hamburg, Kiel and Lubeck, Tradition, to which the owner-managed family company committed. HKL has a rental fleet of 30,000 machines construction machines and holds approximately 1,000 used machines for sale. In addition to the wide range of machine, HKL in its construction shops offers a wide range of construction equipment, tools, small machines and work clothing for every need. With its nationwide over 130 branches, 100 construction shops and over 40 ServicePlus centers the full-service provider guarantees proximity to the customer and the fast service on-site. HKL Baumaschinen in Poland, Spain and Austria has additional offices.

The Fight

Light Compactuamos with an inadequate calendar, that becomes some inactive clubs for unacceptable periods, or that they demand excesses of games of others, punishments for serious lacks, inadmissible errors of arbitrators, violence between twisted, masculine unemployment and until the excess of weekly games, is factors that desmotivam the public. It enters the positive initiatives of the last decades, we detach the creation of the calls ' ' Escolinhas de Futebol' ' reasonable stimulated for municipal city halls ONGs, projects and for the private initiative. Whose mission, vision, values, and politics objectify to form men to disclose craques, thus reaching a true one sport of high level. The emotional one of the athlete makes the difference, joining the ability technique, ethical behavior and eclectic ability, these attributes must be part of the qualification of young aspirings to the estrelato, in such a way will result in profits for the new discoveries, thanks to the improvement of the beddings of the soccer and for the orientation, on as to construct a successful career in a profession where high and low they are constant, knowing that many earn while others lose. 3.

The COUNTRY STOPS DURING the PANTRY OF the WORLD When the Election plays, generally a person at least in the street does not see itself, the children is excused from the school, many does not work. After all, the soccer of the world is the biggest related event, and it could not be different in the country of the soccer. The games attract thousands of fanatic torcedores, twisted organized, bands, tears and shouts. The vibration is enormous after each goal, the fight between twisted after each victory also. The judge is xingado (its mother, son of), the torcedores if despair, but in the end of the accounts everything always finishes well. Exactly if its teams loses and you have that to support to see its colleagues with the shirt of the other teams in the following day, in the week that comes everything can be different.