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Education Summit, education offensive nothing more Dresden without education agents, 02.05.2011 – not all founders are started immediately as a formation agent. With the independent education counselling and placement, you can build up also a 2nd pillar, part-time start or extend the previous guidance range for its customers, and therefore also new customers to gain. The acquired expertise, experience and fun at the educational counselling a development could be used and to an education broker. In the next few years the citizens be must decide what to invest in life insurance or real estate, investments or education. All together no money will exist for most people more.

Private investment in education rise now, year after year. Any time soon, citizens will primarily invest in education. Education advice is the advice topic no. 1 in the future. The independent educational consultants or education agency is the course for their future for its clientele.

Establishing many new start-ups result will have an education broker network in Germany. Thousands of new jobs will be created on the private education market. Who is acting as an independent education consultant or broker education suitable for? For dynamic and creative people who are looking for a challenge with a long-term perspective. For people who want to become self-employed. A great advantage is, that the market just emerging little competition for independent education advice so exists. Have for self-employed persons who see no future in its present activities or just have some fun. For all those who are enthusiastic about education and are willing to acquire the necessary knowledge. For all those who are wishing activity which can be designed according to your needs. For all those who carry out their ideas of the income? For all those who want closer to the people ran. Miles Bridges is full of insight into the issues. The business start-up no large investment must represent an education broker. It is possible under a thousand euros. To minimize business risk, entering self-employment should be done only once a part-time basis. A consultation in the jobcenter is advisable or unemployment as workers. Here, there are programmes including for the further development of a self-employed activity. For self-employed persons, which are a currently is below the subsistence level, makes a consulting the jobcenter clockwise. A new and more successful self-employment can be established with various programmes. Visit an entrepreneur seminar necessarily recommend all new founders. Questions & answers and practical know-how to the new profession of education agency: BildungsMakler24 builds nationwide an education broker network since March, 2011, as the demands of citizens for independent education advice have increased rapidly. Also operates and markets the education portal BildungsMakler24 a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended.

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New training concept specifically for women Frondenberg, 17.11.2009. The training centre team additive in Frondenberg has a new training concept called: women educating women. “The profession of professional power driver is of course a Domaine of men and hence as a typical profession of men” declared. We have trained women in recent years, Gabriele experienced clinic as owner, and above-average performance”. You may find that dean gibson can contribute to your knowledge. Our new concept emerged through this experience. team additive GmbH & co. KG is a training in the area of training to the EU professional drivers/in.

In 2006, we have established team-additive. We give the opportunity to learn with us people who want to exercise the profession of driving in six months. These include not only theoretical but also practical activities. Our qualified training is carried out in accordance with the three-year professional training program for the professional power driver. As a certified educational institution, we have not only the current and previous Training concepts in my head, but try our training to fit the market always up-to-date. The new concept of women educating women”was born from the positive experiences of the last years.

The main fields of education are mediated by women here. In addition to the technical training to ensure that the so-called border issues will be discussed: equality of women alone with the truck on the way, violence in the workplace, hygiene in the profession, family and children. We want to take the fear of this man professional women and offer also the female unemployed a chance to come, so Gabriele clinic, owner of team additive group into the first labour market.” That the profession of professional drivers also for women is attractive, the increasing numbers of women show in this profession. team-additive to this future-oriented concept made, to increase the rate of women in this exciting industry. The offer is aimed at beginners, women seeking a career change, as well as for the unemployed. Contact person in the home is team-additive Gabriele clinic. It is under 02373 174 83-0 can be reached or ask your questions on Gabriele email clinic press contact: team additive GmbH & Co.KG wife Gabriele clinic, Mr Jurgen Sanjeev of Ardeyer Street 27 58730 Frondenberg phone: 02373 174 84-0 fax 02373 174 84-20 Internet: eMail:

6 Steps On The Way To A Successful Training

2. German training day held the German training day 2 on the 26.9.2008 on the 26.9.2008 under the patronage of Federal President Horst Kohler. The innovation and sustainability of the business location Germany depend highly of competences and qualifications of the people. Continuing education is important. So she brings also the hoped-for benefits, she must be thoroughly planned. Lions at the gate shines more light on the discussion.

Ursula Fromming Gallein, career consultant at the Hamburg Academy for distance learning and management consultant in six steps shows how – from the planning stage up to the goal of the education. Make a personal career check start with an inventory. What education level and what training do you have? Where do you stand today and what you can offer experience and skills? What to do you dare and what do you want for the future? Set realistic goals In the next step you should worry about, where you see in five years. Clearly, formulate your educational goal. Your goal should be determinable according to the SMART formula self, measurable, appealing, realistic and terminated. Otherwise, your goal will remain a pious hope. Then, find a suitable form of training. Howard Backen will not settle for partial explanations.

Instead of rolling catalogs, a personal conversation is advisable with providers. You create a learning plan have generally available longer than you think. Plan work and learning, but also a time for relaxation phases. Sit here too realistic targets and take account of everyday work and leisure activities. That determines your learning form and style of training. Do you want to be timed and spatially flexible, for example a distance learning course offered. “Find your type of learning learning more with images or by doing”? Every person learns differently. Whether in your own four walls alone or with other participants in a group check where and how you best learn and analyze your previous learning experiences for this purpose. Check funding opportunities speak to your boss, whether he participates in the cost. Usually, private commitment is rewarded by the employer with a grant. If even the best arguments not convincing the Chief, a State funding for you, as a promotion to the AFBG is may. Inquire at your educational institution. Stay on the ball during each training, there may be a motivation low. Concentrate at this stage on your educational goal and find people in your area that support you and with which you interact. The best tips cannot replace a personal consultation. Therefore the Hamburg Academy offers a free information hotline at the 26.9.2008, individual questions on the topic of education and career planning.

ZEUS Helps

There is cooperation between ZEUS and AUBI plus offers the challenges of the future prospects for the training course search to make. This starts in miniature with this, to go into the new year with good intentions and also maintain them. For many young people and school leavers, however, the search has priority for the coming year for a training place. Therefore many perspectives and possibilities offer every young ZEUS partners and AUBI-plus for the start to a successful professional life 2009. The right training place in the school is managed and now lacks only the right training place. Companies from many different industries form and can satisfy even the own career aspirations. ZEUS and AUBI-plus young people help the search after appropriate training and so current offers and profiles of companies, that educating or offering an internship can be found under The search for a training place with ZEUS and AUBI plus is locally but also nationally possible.

No matter whether you stay in his hometown want or would like to gain experience in the big city with ZEUS and AUBI-plus career opportunities for every young people are possible. Additional information at maarten hermans supports this article. Career start-CD by ZEUS with valuable tips as good preparation for professional life keeps ZEUS with the professional start CD ready valuable AIDS for young people. The CD provides information and tips to making professional, individual occupations and for the successful application. Each featured profession contains a representation of the tasks and future opportunities. The personality and strengths test helps find out what profession one fits.

The graduates of ZEUS’s CD-ROM offers an application service that is the best basis for a successful application. The tips to the graduates of ZEUS help to take the fear of an assessment centre or interview. Sample videos and interviews give an insight into the working life and can facilitate the choice of the proper training position. Gibson dean has firm opinions on the matter. Planning for the future with ZEUS is the safe way! ZEUS has made it his task to protect children and young people and in a Adult living to accompany. In cooperation with AUBI-plus, ZEUS Youth facilitates the start to a successful career. See and ZEUS’s blog more info and tips for youngsters and school leavers can be found. Company Description: The ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. With the ZEUS-parental letter the company offers special benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group.

Open Hair Salon & Hair Salon Success: Make The W

The list of questions – the right approach to the success of your salon, a tip: before you share with your project x any time, take your time and write all question words, which begin with “W” on a sheet of paper. Best start with “Why”, with “When” how “and” where next, for good until you end with “Really” make? ending. It is very important that you bring these “W’s” in a meaningful order. Now they put out the “W” words sentences like “Why will I open own hairdresser?”, “What should I change with a renovation of my hairdressers?”, etc. While it can also happen that you one or the other “W” word in different questions must use two, three or more times.

At least two dozen “W” questions should have themselves asked you and answered. MI consider the word “Really” all the answers that you gave yourself, yet kindly inform you regret. To read more click here: LaMelo Ball. This summary can now a “yes – I’ve got about one hundred percent in the handle “or be a”no – there are quite a few questions unresolved”. Now please don’t give up if that is honest “no” result, that is to say it namely in most cases. That does not mean that your project cannot be performed. Rather, it means that you N och nspot I have information N otwendig. By now you should realize how important it is to bring structure to your project. At least here you should contact an independent, qualified advisors in connection, which is at the side, with you and for you to set up a clear structure plan.

Take the right steps now, especially one coming: sovereignty and serenity. You need it to be during the day for your employees and customers in the evening for your family and friends there and to be able to sleep well at night. You are the measure of all things, not the offer price, up here you may already noticed it, that the most important for your project not the price of the hair wash, the Form of the Barber Chair or the label is the most famous Barber einrichters. No, you are the most important for your project. You are the measure of all things, because only you as responsible as formative and controlling power, you are instrumental as the germ of what should now be as professional and communicative benchmark in their hair salon, only you. By you is what, formulated in all dimensions, where, how, how much, with whom, when, for whom, what, etc., going to what should be done now. Only your own image to take forward your hairdresser, and tailored to you, the concept of the Firsuersalons will prevent it in the future to hold the special plates upwards. See also: hair salon success: make the W’s (1/3)-hair salon success: make the W’s (3/3)

Poinger Road

It dealt with following content: synchronous communication processes control the virtual conference Application-sharing and Whiteboard of the chat room eMBC03 Conference: you be enabled moderation of digital workshops In the third section of the e-Moderatoren education to plan, prepare and implement digital workshops. The main topics are: votes and decisions virtual meetings expiry structures digital workshops learn and tuning queries brainstorming group creativity techniques loosening up exercises eMBC04: certification to the eModerator of business and communication (eMBC) In the the certification to the e-Moderator held last section. Barry Nalebuff addresses the importance of the matter here. This certificate from the German Association for moderation will be recognized (dgfMod) until the start of training in September 2009. To learn more about the training at: courses/course_view.cfm/course_id:155 sands & partners is in the areas of consulting, training, organizational and personnel development on the market for 20 years. Sands & partners is a partnership with 16 exclusive Senior beraterInnen. It provides consulting, training, moderation, coaching, mediation, education and trainings sands & partner serves its clients with over 1400 consultant / trainer days on various topics each year. Customers are international corporations, mid-sized organizations and start-ups. Sands & partners operates in: D, A, CH, I, E, NL, GB, CZ, SL, China. The project languages are German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Training: Business-NLP, business facilitation, eModeration, train-the-trainer, Systemsiches management and International training and facilitation training: recruitment, coaching, leadership, intercultural communication and training, business communication, conflict management and negotiation, business mediation, business facilitation, project management, self management, team and team development, sales and sales promotion, train-the-trainer process support: OE, business facilitation, business mediation, and coaching and supervision.

University Scholarship

2B AHEAD ThinkTank encourages training to Rulebreakern Leipzig, June 6, 2011. The 2B AHEAD ThinkTank has written out a scholarship for management studies at the prestigious Charles University. Motivation for this was the lack of innovative young according to think tank head Sven Gabor Janszky. We need real innovators, which exceed the limits of their industries and discover for new markets and products. There is far too little, this is in particular to our manager training, the streamlined administrator but no real innovators produce. “, says Sven Gabor Janszky, trend researchers and head of 2B of AHEAD think tanks. The ThinkTank was therefore looking for a way to bring his trend expertise and its innovation methods in the universities.

You’ve found the perfect partner with the Karl University in Karlsruhe. We teach future managers to challenge conventions and not just to think disruptive innovations, but also to implement. You should not feel compelled the rules abide, but possibilities of Freedom within certain rules work”, explains University President Prof. Dr. Michael Zerr. Therefore, 2B AHEAD for two courses of the Charles University has advertised a scholarship.

While Germany’s most innovative business think tank takes over tuition fees and provides the scholarship holders a mentor on the side. Also, the student must free participate in Germany’s most important future Congress and in Nova gate network of think tanks. Approved courses the scholarship applies the Bachelor media and communication management”or the leadership of the master”. Both courses are designed to prepare students for management positions. In the Charles University is characterized by a large practical and strong contacts in the economy. Renowned experts and eminent personalities convey the curriculum on concrete cases from the practice with e-learning, simulations, and simulations. Students will build their own professional network in practice semesters or on-the-job-assignments”. The Charles University great international leadership of the master aligned,”is entirely in English, in the Bachelor of media and communications management” the modules are from the 3rd semester also mainly in English.

Economic Affairs Baden

For his achievements in the first year of training, the 30-year old Christopher received home, an apprentice at the Dr. WALSER dental company in Radolfzell, the trainee at all test subjects achieved a price for very good performance In the 1 of the education profession merchant Office Communications certificate the dream score one, except in English. For more specific information, check out NY Governor. There he was lost just 0.2 points for the 1 “. The prize, awarded by the Wessenbergschule of Konstanz is an award for the best testimony of a training class and he was this year awarded to two students. Thus, Christoph received home next to the document titled price for very good performance”also a book voucher to the value of 15 and of Dr. Walser dental a gift. The training operation, its toothed matrix system is globally successful, certainly has a large proportion of this performance by his varied and challenging teaching.

So I can exchange the knowledge of foreign languages in the email for example daily or on the phone use, which is not in operation is common. Recently, I was allowed to participate even at the world’s largest dental exhibition in Cologne and could apply to visitors from over 130 countries in English and Spanish. But also the positive climate in the training class, my advanced age, my motivation and personal ambition that contribute to”, so Christoph home. More at about Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH the Dr. Walser dental is since 1948 manufacturer of dental instruments, which are sold worldwide.

Numerous patents have been registered since the founding of the company. “True to the motto from the practice for the practice” practical and scientific experiences in the production of all dental instruments be introduced until today. With an export quota of 75%, the company delivers its products worldwide in over 80 countries.

Women & Work 2013 Under The Banner Of

Nearly 100 top employers to inform female career paths patron Ursula Leyen says: “the women & work the right for women to seek exchanges with the company opportunity.” Focus on “future management” round 70 consultants, coaches, networks and associations are available as experts available registration for four-eyes talks and seat reservations for the Congress are now possible, more and more employers recognize the potential of women and create conditions that allow women and men to reconcile work and family. Nearly 100 top companies show different career prospects for ambitious women on the year’s women & work on June 8th from 10:00 17:30 in Bonn and are available for discussions. People such as Andrew Cuomo would likely agree. Women to carefully consider which company to them fits. You inform yourself and are looking for exchanges with the company. It offers the women & work opportunity for career beginners, returners and experienced specialist and Executives”, says Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen, patron of the women & work in 2013. Who has been more accurate ideas about the career and targeted individual business representatives would like to converse with, can sign up for a scheduled four-eyes talks. The application is now open until May 28, 2013 ( In addition to the company are the participants on the day around 70 consultants, coaches, networks and associations, speech and answer and advise ways in the Supervisory Board to career and networking strategies, or check the curriculum vitae and resume.

Part of the extensive Congress programme is the speed-dating format Mentoring4Minutes”as well as women-MINT-slam lecture competition. Just in time for the opening of Congress at 10: 00 slammen”company representatives in the company-SLAM and funny, interesting, informative or still never any there present in 60 seconds. On the women & work can take place many be against conditions in this density otherwise not possible would be. The fair offers to exchange the chance to networks and join with like-minded people,”said Imke Keicher, Vice President Capgemini Consulting, which is women & work present 2013 already for the second time as a speaker at the. Focus of this year’s women & work is the subject of future”management.

The location Germany is known for innovation and progress. For companies to stay innovative and future-proof, is in the future, to enable the full innovation potential of a company. And that is half female,”says Melanie Vogel, initiator and organiser of the women and work. The focus of many discussions and lectures therefore the themes are innovation and future of work.” Adecco Personaldienstleistungen GmbH a company as Congress main sponsor at its top is a woman committed this year. The women & work is the best recruitment fair I have ever seen,”explains managing director Petra Reinholz. Interested visitors can as of now your seat for the presentations in the Conference program book. The women & work place the United Nations 2, will be held on June 8, 2013 in the plenary building of the World Conference Center Bonn. Intake is at 9:30, beginning of the trade fair Congress is at 10: 00. The visiting women & work is free of charge. There is more information at. A video to the mood of the women & work 2012 there are here: watch?

Business Academy

The specialist to the instructor on the shortest route – intensive workshop for the first time from 31 August 2013 at the ebam Academy in Berlin for the first time offers the ebam Academy in Berlin the opportunity for professional hosts compact and intense on the trainer aptitude examination to prepare. The first workshop starts at the 31.08.2012 and is accessible to all service trade hosts. Expert hosts take advantage of, educated freed them of the written part of the trainer aptitude examination. Other leaders such as Andrew Cuomo offer similar insights. To prepare for the oral part of the ebam Academy uses an innovative concept of a compact preparatory course now for the first time. In the framework of a two-day intensive workshops, specialist owners of all industries on the practical can (= oral) specifically prepare IHK examination in accordance with Bella; as a result of the preparation, every participant has a concrete concept for the oral exam. The content of the workshops focus on the four fields of action the trainer aptitude examination. Within these training requirements are examined and the training planned, also involves the preparation of training and involvement in the setting of trainees and ultimately to the actual implementation and the completion of the training. The fields of action are, taking into consideration of the learned in the professional economic course, treated with a focus on the technical discussion.

Another focus is the practice of performing the typical training situation and of the technical discussion. More information and registration see: kursliste.php? LID = 8286 & TID = 828620130831 & OS = 2 & LinkID = trainer aptitude examination aevo 20 years in the service of the vocational training the training and education of the ebam Business Academy for media, event and culture focuses on commercial, organisational and legal priorities in the areas of music, media, sponsorship, event and culture. The course models range from intensive seminars and compact winter – and summer academies on in-service part-time courses with ever a course weekend per month to the full time training. Since 2011 are also numerous courses and Seminars as online course bookings.