Vending Machines

Many novice operators, the selection of equipment often see vending machines as an alternative to BU. However, few of them can really evaluate all the consequences and results of such acquisition. "The Miser pay twice "- a wise proverb vividly illustrated by the examples in vending machines with BU. Vending machine recovery BU very expensive and requires specialized knowledge. And, as a rule, the funds saved to purchase vending machine BU, go to bring it back to normal. But in addition to monetary costs, takes a lot of time searching for parts and repairs, during which the machine could work and make profits.

First – the vending machine, with the stated resource about 5 years old, often sell in very obscene position, with almost life worked out the basic units. Although coffee mills, mixers, heaters can be periodically replaced in service, but the whole system has been set in life. Secondly – the equipment is usually marketed by large operators who put their machines in locations with high traffic. Naturally, the time of sale, equipment has been a great run, and on the verge of a serious Tech. service.

Third – the equipment purchased with a run, not only physically but also morally outdated. With each new model, the manufacturer corrects the design flaws earlier, according to the customer-service reviews around the world. Each operator follows its fleet, and constantly maintains performance of their machines. After they are a source of income, disregard that no one will. But sooner or later, the operator decides to change the machine. What are the reasons for the sale of vending machines BU: The operator decided to do another kind of business and sells its stock in whole or in part. In this case, machines are often sold together with a network of places where they ustanovleny.operator update park and sell the old machines in order to buy new ones. This statement is aimed at acquisition of new models, while he tries to sell outdated podorozhe.apparat was purchased to expand the network, but has not been set – it is rare and often due to the fact that the vendor is selling the network and decided to to regain the money spent on buying machine that did not have time to recoup itself. If purchased from a vending machine BU latter category, and it has little mileage – then either the buyer was very lucky, or from him something hid. Most of the proposed equipment, unfortunately, has obvious and hidden defects. And if the obvious defects can be hidden by conducting so-called "pre-training, then the buyer will get the unit of mass Hidden defects. Thus, buying a new vending machine you get: a new machine configured for you, with warranty and full service maintenance, the latest software with the latest features, technical support and training to operate the machine from the manufacturer, no problems with the breakage due to wear, to meet their own choice … .. and the success of the business. Successful choice you