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Promotion of websites there are several free, basic and simple promotion techniques that serve to promote our website. These tasks require time and perseverance, but we have the advantage that the economic cost of this work is zero. Signature in emails can include a small lines of text at the end of each message sent in which we can indicate our URL. E-mail programs have provided this option, this way we can set up the message of the end of message automatically, without having to write the same thing over and over again. importance of the firm? very important. Every time you send an email and remove this option, we are losing the opportunity to publicize our website (especially if the volume of sent mails is large). The same happens in messages sent to mailing lists, discussion forums and guestbooks. Therefore we should review our mail program and configure the signature file.

To emphasize, adding the complete URL, including the effects that the link be active print advertising if the web page represents one company used different types of business stationery: envelopes, paper, letter, Folio, brochures and business cards. They all include a line with the URL of your site and the other with the e-mail address. Do the same when we publish advertisements in the print media (press, magazines, local newspapers…). Following these guidelines will be giving to know our website free of charge and delete tasks very little recommended as SPAM (sending of unsolicited email), this aspect, that will get an effect contrary to the desired free Bulletin Board offers this technical article of free promotion for websites in collaboration with Internet Web services.