The Grey Notebook

Life has to be excitement and diversity. And death, too, of course, at least in our case … a And laughed a hearty laugh and mischievous, fun herself for the paradox of his own sentence. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Western Union and gain more knowledge.. a "do not know what would it be without you a " he said, wheedling, Torrente. a "Is that you, Don Gonzalo, appears as the young lady, looks like another a " Adare said. a "Out of frustration, Remigio, out of frustration a " Galician said.

a Then, turning to me, asked me: a "Have you experienced a Josep Pla, the author of The Grey Notebook? a "I have not had the pleasure a " recognized. a "As the man was a genius. Not only as a writer and journalist, but in Catalan Doing so, but as a person. Done like a lynx. I once interviewed Montserrat Roig, when she began her literary career and, looking up and down, the Emporda said: a Senorita not understand how a young woman who has those legs lost time with the literaturaa .

Then you see: me never occurred to me telling that to Carmencita, thus demonstrating that not get to Pla or the height of the fly. a As he laughed with a kind of gurgling, waiting to see what effect his words had caused me, Martin Gaite said: a "She told so many times that I lost count. But, look, me with the literature has done better than me with my legs, but neither do I complain to their outcome.