– Tips for the Facebook 6 Encontre the people who are part of its niche of market. An easy way to make this is typing in the bar of research of facebook the word-key of its niche of market, later, you can clicar in the button ' ' Pessoas' ' to find its customers potential. – Tips for the Facebook 7: It finds groups and pages in its niche of market. It makes the same thing as in the 6dica but of this time click in ' ' grupos' ' or ' ' Pginas' '. A time that you to find a group or page that if adjusts to its niche enter in the page and see the people who had tanned the page or that the same techniques mentioned in 5 are part of the group then wall lamp tip. – Tips for the Facebook 8 Either the best option for its customers. It says of all the benefits of its products and as it can decide the problems of its niche of market. For example, you could give to the people tips on as to use the product.

Then, when they will be ready to buy this product, they of course go to want to buy of you. – Tips for the Facebook 9 Encontre something in common with the people and speech with them on this, either for the mural or in a personal message or proper chat. The people like to say of them and the construction of a relation of confidence with its potential customers is basic so that they come to buy of you. – Tips for the Facebook 10 It does not promote its business. The constant promotion of its business makes with that the people run away from you, therefore the best strategy and to leave that they ask to it on its chance. It does not use its mural as a bulletin board where you write &#039 constantly; ' It buys this product! ' ' or ' ' It acquires this service! ' ' Instead of this, to write contents that are really of great value for its customers. To start to use these tips still today and its business goes to grow exponentially. Through the construction of relationships with the people, you it can obtain to increase its horizon, because when the people veem its leadership and the value who you bring for its lives they of course goes to also share with the friends of them.