Industry has implemented the use of the packaging technology to preserve foods and liquids in an optimal manner. How it works this technology is that when it comes to packaging heats the contents for the Elimination of the possibly existing microorganisms either on the product or on the packaging. The best conditions for packaging a product is or under pressure or at high temperatures. The fact that at high temperatures helps with the removal of microorganisms and the preservation of the product in a greater amount of time. The packaging under pressure are vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products, among others. This in order to preserve them for more time due to the transportation of the products since they are made until they arrive at the hands of the consumer. The packaging technology arises from the need to be able to save food as much as possible and these when it comes to the consumer can be eaten without any uncertainty about its status. Although there are different types of packaged and categories within the same, the most common are the packaging by pressure and at high temperatures. To your product with the best quality when it comes to reaching your customers hand, no doubt that the packaging technology will do the best job to achieve your goals. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.