Unambiguous answer to the question – you can earn. Another thing – how to make money. What is called for the rustle of nuts do not want to work nobody, not even protein – and she needs to touch the walnut legs and one s in his teeth. Freelancer – the same protein, seeking the nuts. Protein from morning till night, runs through the forest in search of hickory. When the nut is found, it lacks the first got a nut, and carefully chooses the one that is bigger, no spots rot, hard-shell.

Shorter speaking, the highest quality. After that drags him into the hollow, protecting fans from other nuts. Freelancer should do the same. We first wanted 'nut' – freelance site, where they were offered jobs just to freelancers. Then follows a choice: jobs, project.

Freelancer who wants to earn, is not limited to applying for one project, for one vacancy, he examines and sniffs everything that is offered at his specialty. A good freelancer knows the same thing, and protein – not all equally edible nuts, and not all projects can get to work. Therefore, we must examine (leave application) the greatest possible number. Should not be considered the result of Freelancer, how the money had fallen from the sky. Just so no one gives money, so you should evaluate their work adequately. Communicate – 'I am ready to undertake this work under any conditions "- is not value yourself, your skills diminish their work. In addition, customers are wary of such statements. If a person is willing to work on any terms, maybe he's just a loser? Or the quality of his work is extremely low? Such employees are not wanted. To earn a freelance, you must be an expert in your field. Real specialist. Witless protein remain hungry, a freelancer who does not possess expertise in their field, and will not be able to earn. No one has yet paid to anyone, simply because people really want to get the money. Freelance – work hard, which requires responsibility, discipline, knowledge and skills. If you want to become a freelancer, then remember: you have to work the same way both online, only better. And then you will visit customers and income.