The Court

Type of stuff happens every day all drown, do not worry. The next day, he apparently realized that he is doing is stupid, continuing to work with me. After all, I would have to pay an amount stated in the report. (Remember: the report was to 19200 of a penny, to which he agreed), ie he has 4200, plus work on the wiring, plus a battery (1600). And by-reference something from him! I was there for him to check them to make! Plus receipt. Well yes I turned out as fish on a hook! And began statement that the work was done poorly, though earlier in front of witnesses, he said the opposite. What have I done it with such filth, and that it works with me no more.

What if his tenants served in the court, he will tear me in general, as Tuzik warmer. Told how he “pepper>> in this city that he goes under the big people that he has a lot of connections that it knows everything. And in its power to put me on a couple of days in the bullpen, to me there processed as follows. Offered me pogovorito pay him moral damages (from the material damaged bag of cement, half a sack filler, which also have witnesses) but after I calculated the neighbors (except some would have to pay him!). I agreed that this topic will talk later and assured that the promised repairs neighbors do. Of course, about money he owes me – opportunities to remind him there was no, because I believed that really made him a huge nasty and he was horrified by what happened.