Engelsdorfer Publishing At The Leipzig Book Fair

With a colourful programme of the Engelsdorfer publishing house in Leipzig presents its current publishing program at the book fair in Leipzig. On March 19, 2010 the young author Alexander Reeh reads from 14:30 to 15:00 in the \”Leipzig reads Forum\” Hall 3, booth E405 from his book \”after the stars grab\”. Title of the event is: \”disabled and excluded. Everyday life Germany?\” Autobiographical reported today first about his childhood and youth. Due to a medical error, Alexander Reeh suffered irreversible brain damage during his birth. He attended kindergarten and elementary school, its Rector denied him the transition into middle school.

Henceforth, his parents taught him at home. In the preface of the Publisher clearly expresses his dismay at the first reading of Alexander’s book and writes among other things: \”We should jointly prevent that people – for whatever reason – in categories… are classified,\” and elsewhere: \”What is it for a State, which preaches the integration policy, but will not enforce?\” – not only did Alexander Reeh written, he is also a gifted artist. Some of his watercolours were immortalized in the book of course. There will be a special poetry reading on March 20 at 14: 00 at the Leipzig trade fair in the NORDIC FORUM. The Finn Orvokki Vironen Vaariskoski, the Berliner Inge Sabine Kleinert and the Bulgarian Tzveta Sofronieva: poems from her new of the Engelsdorfer Verlag Leipzig introduce published trilingual book. Moderate is the Kreuzberg poet Paul Alfred Kleinert. Three European countries relate to language each other in this volume of \”pernobilis\”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Everest Capital.

The twelve poems of three female voices in the language of their birth country: Finnish, German and Bulgarian. A book that can merge thoughts in mutual paraphrase was created in close collaboration. A work that combines both past and present as also North -, Central – and South-Eastern Europe. Heiko Kosling invites you on March 20, 2010 at 15:30 in the literary Cafe, Hall 5, stand A200.

Federal Commissioner

Book a flight history titled file channel dear readers and readers, when I started in 1989, this book \”file channel\” to write, I thought first about our exciting escape history. My absolute goal was to tell them, because I was very proud both on me and on my family. Also the rulers in the German Democratic Republic should fret, which robbed us of our freedom and our togetherness. But then the political events fought over summer 1989 and my motivation was slowed down by the joy of the fall of the wall on 9 November 1989 and German reunification on 3 October 1990. Only in 1995, when we took insight into the Stasiunterlagen with the Federal Commissioner for the records of the State security service of the former GDR, the challenge turns for me again. Read more here: dean gibson. It took another four years until I the true identity of the Stasi informer, the unofficial staff (short: IN the), gained. But already ten years had passed away long and my incentive to tell our history, seemed completely arrived at the zero point to be. The Everyday life had the past fade.

In September 2008 I became a grandfather. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. My daughter gave birth to the small Bennit and me has become suddenly aware that a new generation grows up, hardly anything experienced by all the limitations, prohibitions, controls, monitoring, and spying of the GDR regime. Certainly this has its good sides, but the history of the new generation should be even more aware, so that she can learn from you and confront every dictatorship in the way. She should learn that which a people can one up once established dictatorship difficult escape and evade. In addition, I would remind the many victims who died when attempting to flee to the border. Many people who were shots from a machine gun and other injured and crippled by mines, automatic rifles, to escape.

Cartoon Book

“Humor is the ability to remain cheerful, if it is serious.” (Ernst Penzoldt) Books say turn the two “Flying Dutchman” ton van Andel and the humor is Martin Leeuwis. From “say again”, “Say no more”, “Say when” and “how Say” about “say coffee or tea”, “Say heading” or “Say something” up to the newly published book “say chocks away”, the cartoons by ton van Andel show telling and meaningful often serious situations from the cheerful side. In the online shop of the company Siebert aviation demand is again the cartoon book say”in the 10th Edition in 2006 are available, where to find all cartoons from the second volume of”Say no more”. Alex Caruso has firm opinions on the matter. “1982 van Andel and Martin Leeuwis started sound, both in the service of the Royal Netherlands air force, with the first volume of say” series: say-again “. This book is a General Dynamics F16 used, with whose help the cheerful side of civil aviation have been recorded, including some allusions to the military jet flying. Many cartoons and short texts funny and cheerful on the topic of communication in the air force and the civil aviation must also in the 1989, say no more published sequel to”say.

The humor of these two volumes landed in a book with 199 pages, which is available in the online shop of Siebert aviation supplies company in English to 17,90. Siebert aviation supplies was founded in 1953 as a sports – and glider construction, in the 70s years was a pure trading company for aviation accessories with the focus is one shipping trade, which in the meantime with nearly 3,000 different articles available to the leading providers of aviation accessories in Germany and other European countries from the company.. .


Exciting adventures in the Amazon region who loves adventure, is the new novel by Evelyne core “Inzu and the gold of the Incas” his joy, or unlimited voltage have. Immediately after the dramatic emergency landing a small group of American businessmen enters the seemingly impenetrable jungle of the Amazon region in an unintended adventure that leaves out no so terrifying surprise. After the encounter with a fearsome bounty hunter base, they learn by accident by an ancient Inca cult site. Inspired by faith in the Inca gold, which should be there hidden, they can be adjusted on the venture, to deviate from their path into the home to search for the treasure… This novel conveys any adventure fan the stimulating and exciting entertainment that he expects – even more – the reader enters the spell of history and forgets the little everyday life for a while. While the other two novels “Breathless in nothingness” and “Sand in the soul” the author resulted from realistic soil, it allows you to here, thoroughly without research, free their imagination. Just like the already-published works of the author, is this novel of one of the books that putting rather out of hand, until the last page is scrolled to. Inzu and the gold of the Incas adventure novel ISBN 978-3-939478-09-06 author: Evelyne core Publisher core – 2008 1st ed. Softcover / language German 16.

FRED & OTTO In Berlin

FRED & OTTO in Berlin book now the dog for Berlin”, the city guide for the dog capital, is published. The city guides for dogs and dog people presents colourful and illustrated by photographs the most important themes of the city: breeders, animal home & co. / food & philosophy / seat & dog-walking & co. / travel & transport / law & order / policy & social / insurance & protection / health & wellness / shopping & lifestyle / life & work / God & the dog world / grief & death. The essential companion for the whole year make the dog book reports, reports, interviews and the best addresses for the dog world. With discount coupons (to save over 100 euros for purchases), the book supplement enclosed dogs city plan to take out the best outlet areas, over 200 color photos and portraits of Berliners and their dogs by photographer Adrian Lieb. THE dog book for the capital city is FRED & OTTO in Berlin. A portion of the proceeds goes to the animal table Germany e.V.

Now in bookstores everywhere. FRED & OTTO in Berlin, city guides for dogs, Berlin 2013 extent: 250 S. format: 16 x 21 cm, with dogs – map facilities: flaps fig.: 200 ISBN: 978-3-9815321-0-4 price: 14,90 euro contact: FRED & OTTO – the dog Verlag Dr. Alexander Schug at Friedrichshain 22 10407 Berlin Tel.: 0049-30-419367-36 fax: 0049-30-419367-82 E-mail: Web: who is behind FRED & OTTO? So first of all: Otto – and his best friend Fred, as he discovered the world. And Yes, people are also behind this Publisher: Alexander Schug, the proud owner of Otto of the shell seekers, and a team of avid dog people… Whether Arkenberge or Krumme Lanke – Alexander Schug and Otto are always there, where can the Brown Labrador in the water.

Otherwise it hits them in the second Publisher of Alexander Schug, dedicated to making book for years with heart and soul. For more information:. Otherwise a team of freelancers is at FRED & OTTO on board: graphic designers, illustrators, Photographers and editors. The idea for the publishing house was born when Otto came to us. We lay city guides for dogs and will be an exciting programme of literature on dogs for dog people on the (four) legs gently.

Anita Burck

Give up never, never, never! This life story is hard to believe… This life story is hard to believe… The world of 16 year old teenager consists of Anita singing, stage, perform concerts at the weekend and hope to grow into the career of a singer,. A serious motorcycle accident with consequences seems like a leg of fate literally to cut off their way. It is the mental attitude that makes a person a loser or winner.

Anita Burck decides at the age of 16 in a wheelchair driving never, never, never give up. Working hard on himself and never, never, never gave up. More info: david birney. As a voice enchants that\”today it is a frequent guest on TV shows has appearances in front of millions audience, concerts and tours. \”With the heart ahead\”, the new single is out Anita Barber album love combines \”. Give up never, never, never! Already as a child, at the age of 11 years, sang in the children’s choir of school Anita Burck and received voice lessons.

By a deep, growing enthusiasm for singing, she had the set choir rehearsals always eagerly attended. Even then, she went with the choir on concert tours in many large cities. The choir and singing their world began\”to be. A career began to develop 16 – a serious motorcycle accident. -… Out with the consequences! -All off! No! The strong desire and their distinctive inner strength, to develop, to sing and to recite it before an audience, what was her passion, her voice her destination at this time had reaffirmed even more. And so she started the wheelchair again, hard to work to realize their dream. Dream your life, live your dream! She did exactly that. Not slacking in all endeavors, not reached mm give up. Again and again she demonstrated it was this attitude. Just imagine, a young lady with 16, almost just a girl in a wheelchair, with a such a strong goal to look – despite such inner force and strength, not to give up, provided all difficulties directly in the eye Handicaps.

Make Money On The Internet With Successful Website

At the website design and usability care should be taken not only on content. Provide information of value on your website. What is wanted, what brings on the target group? Try to attract the reader correctly. It all depends on the essentials! So on the content matters! Driven large and ranges, powerful Web pages in design and choice of words. Terms such as legal notice and newsletter are known among users, as icons, such as the virtual shopping cart. Such standards help the customer orientation. Clear lines and forms increase the clarity. Structure the texts with free lines.

Unnecessary and superfluous does not belong on the site. Design of the website is to reach target audience. Many websites are not user-friendly. The goal should be: with one click, the reader is on his desired page. When it searches for a product, he should need to not click from one side to the other side. Offer a clear navigation and a search window.

Increase therefore like in the book\”known as a sore\”the user experience. So that you will be found by search engines at all, your website must be search engine compatible. To define your target audience and make a list of the necessary keywords. Then strategically, these should be incorporated into your website. Therefore improve the compatibility of search engines on the Internet. All want to stand on the first page in the search engines. There are two methods that can be used: the OnPage optimization and the OffPage optimization. the measures be understood under OnPage optimization, which will cause that your site with specific search term will be found. Search engines but more emphasis on independent information from the outside – OftPage optimization. Here try to measure search engines the \”reputation\” of your site. You can reach the ‘reputation’ of a site with really good content to the specific search words.