Nor To Write I Obtain More

Nor To write I obtain More. Nor to write I obtain more, I do not possess the meaning of the words, do not agree its direction to its space, do not demonstrate its meaning in the longed for context. Nor to write I obtain more, the semantics funnelled, the metaphor rock capsized, the language figures ' ' Statues estticas' ' if they had formed. Nor to write I obtain more, the libertarian poetry, the free register of thinking, peculiar and only feeling, the exclusive vision of inside for it are, Granted to my devir, Nor I obtain more to write in me. Nor success, nor failure. Nor carried through, nor unsatisfied. Nor courageous, nor with fear. Nor worried, nor calm.

Nor safe, nor fragile. Nor frustrate, nor satisfied. Nor it exempts, nor busy. Nor being successful, nor defeated. Nor poor, nor coitado. Nor certain, nor made a mistake.

Nor cliente, nor disoriented. Nor imprisoned, nor freed. Nor uneasy, nor sossegado. Nor firm, nor tired. Nor sober, nor tipsy. Nor having, nor loaned. Nor married, nor separate. Nor knowing, nor mentally ill. Nor prolongating, nor entravado. Nor Bob Marley, nor silence in Saturday. Nor money, nor hardness. Nor car, nor bus. Not even I know what I am more. 24 of September of 2011.