Is Poetry Dead?

Is poetry deceased or are the poets finished? Many periodicals and magazines have if worried in knowing if the poetry it goes to continue or it goes to finish of a time. Let us see what he happens after a communication of the subject. James Woolsey Jr. oftentimes addresses this issue. Nowadays the poetry is if becoming each uglier time, worse, without argument none. Any one starts suddenly to say that poet is alone because he writes any scribble there. But it does not know no rule of the game. To write poetry it has that to be truth poet, therefore the poetries need arguments, beddings, message, knowledge. The poetries need well to be worked and to transmit the message well.

Modernismo came to abolish all the rules of the versificao. They had finished the metrificaes you rhyme, them, the forms, the structuralized styles, at last all the ways of if obtaining a good poetry (in verse form, because the poetry can be in the way of a chronicle also). From there for the poetry it has here decayed always. Much people do not like to read poems, mainly of the new poets who really find many difficulties in publishing its books. Nothing does not advance to write a thing that nobody likes to read. But nor for this we go to say that the poets are died.

The truth poets still use of much tato to elaborate well its poems. When they write following the norms of the Modernismo, make it with sufficient care, giving structures and forms to the poetical text what it is not concern of the young. The majority of the new poets does not know no rule of versificao. He is clearly that it does not go to need to use all those rules that already are exceeded, but it needs to have a little of notion.