Internet Site

And so, you realize that your business without a website far not move, and friends are advised to 'Make the site and everything will'. Here at last, the decision is made to create a website. You face the problem of finding a suitable web-studio. Companies who are engaged in manufacturing sites on the Internet very much, but how to choose the right company, what to look for? The first thing that you are interested most of all – the price of a site. Price level similar services in St.

Petersburg ranges from 500 rubles =) 900 000, and maybe even more. But luckily you do not need a portal or mts Megafon, you need a beautiful and functional corporate website, which you can fill and promote. And so a site for 500 -900-1000 rubles question whether web-studio live on that kind of money? A more interesting question that you get for that money? Most likely no good, it's just a publicity stunt, it is still your site will cost a lot more. The average price of high-quality corporate site in St. Petersburg from 25.000 to 50.000, so it is best to contact the company where you just say that and how much it costs. Cheap cheese Second, the portfolio of course need to assess whether it is large and do not buy for one job that you like, I like to be, if not all portfolios, then at least the best part.

Typically, companies that monitor their image spread in a portfolio of best works that have not touch design talent of the customer. Ask how much this site, or that one over there, and how much time was created, etc. Management system. There are many free and fee-based systems, there are systems being developed companies themselves. The first case, free is good not that free, and you do not have to buy them together with the site, they are good because the number of users far exceeds the number of users fee-based systems, which means that they are well tested, bugs are fixed and are constantly evolving. Toll system, their advantage is that they are supported by the developer. Finally samopisnye, support and development by web-studio, but if you want to change such as hosting system you probably will not give up, because it is their property, and you simply rent. Choose what you decide, all options have their pros and cons, and ultimately it will depend on the problems created by that site. Domain name. Domain must be registered to you or your company! And the only way. No let us to register yourself and then if that transfer the domain to you, etc. And finally, carefully read the contract and, if chosen web-studio which are going to work, spend a little time and look on the internet reviews to help you make the right choice company that will produce for you high quality and beautiful site.