Global Corruption

Silence is an accomplice where the weakest suffer. So says in his latest book John Thompson, professor of economics at the University of Seville. The financial crisis. Guide to understand and explain to citizens about what is happening in the world and why. It is the claim of a moral crisis and an attempt to encourage people to raise their voices, and tell the powers that have reached this point. What happened in finance is the result of a way of acting that would not have been possible without the complicity of governments and central banks looked the other way. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Western Union.

If the EU is signing agreements with tax havens, is facilitating their existence. Virtually all financial institutions have headquarters there. The Institute for Works of Religion, which is the Vatican’s central bank, is a tax haven. Governments favoring dark financial operations. If Gibraltar has 30,000 inhabitants and the Spanish government is giving 100,000 lines giving means to operate as a tax haven. Son essential tools to do what banks have been doing. From the governments tell us that would be catastrophic not to apply certain measures of financial rescue. It is a condition for governments to bank interest.

They are pumping money through banks, and they use it to save their accounts. It falls short of the real economy. Citizens pay taxes to support banks so that they, in turn, fund companies to regulate their employment records. Because it is also true that many companies are using the crisis to cover up a bad government similar to that of banks. “Saving the financial system is not saving the banks. The system has collapsed because banks have turned to speculate on false pretenses. And that has caused hunger. We have seen in many banks bid for people to invest by taking advantage of rising prices of food markets. Speculative investors are those that cause hunger, and it is professional to use the resources to sustain them. And give them even more money to earn more money. In May last year, the FAO called for 6,000 million dollars for immediate famine. Only 4000 were collected. If it is demagoguery to say no give money to the FAO to combat hunger and yet, give billions of dollars to the banks, then have to pay enormous bonuses to their managers or to save face to banks have lost money in pyramid Madoff, “says Torres. The citizens have to demand an end to this immorality, not a euro more to corrupt banks get the money to tax havens, which fund speculative activities, while there are so many people starving. This crisis brings up moral values on which our civilization is mounted. Citizens need to know that the Church has tax havens and terrorists, arms dealers and corrupt bankers also have facilities to settle in tax havens. The finances have become a global system of corruption with the complicity of governments and institutions. As actions concrete change, Juan Torres seeks to ban tax havens, tax discourage speculation, to give governments room to maneuver, control capital movements. But not if people have no power to demand it. Obama plans, which are relatively mild, are being viciously attacked and modified by the right and the financial powers. We must demand an end to this immoral situation where the economy is global. To overcome these powers, citizens can go out and vote for parties that support these ideas, put our money in so-called ethical banks, not speculators. The change can be achieved through peaceful and democratic, but not forcefully saying that the corrupt.