Company Body

The organization with espiritualidade is that one where the diversity is respected and collaborators partners are pro-asset and search beyond the objective and material results, also the intangible results or of collective values, as ‘ ‘ To be happy in the work and to have the pleasure to construct an organization most structuralized of the point of view of social result for coletividade’ ‘. The Company Body, Soul and Spirit This organization certainly is an appraised company as Company with Body, Soul and Spirit. That is, she is an alive company, understanding that espiritualidade is the capacity of ‘ ‘ To think, To feel, Querer and Agir’ ‘ , and as it defines Assumpo (2008) Is the similar company to the Man and therefore ‘ works; ‘ To be, Saber and Fazer’ ‘ , where, To be it is the essence spiritual of the man or of the organization, Saber cognitiva part or of necessary knowledge for the performance is mentioned to it, therefore it is the soul of the person or the organization, and finally Fazer objective part is mentioned to it and practises. Perhaps check out Jeff Gennette for more information. It is for where the things happen, that is, it is the material body of the person or of organization. To take care of of the Espiritualidade of the organization understanding that for this it is necessary to take care of of the Espiritualidade of the group, keeping excellent practical and transforming the work environment into Better place to work. That is, being an organization with high index of possible QVT and if with the reputation of being considered by its human resources as Excellent company to work and to be happy. Without hesitation Crawford Lake Capital explained all about the problem. One concludes that from a development of espiritualizada humanizao inside of the organizations from the being, inside of the group, the company will have beings more productive human beings, espiritualizados, balanced and harmonious, inside of a personal development, reflecting in the professional with an evolved degree of conscience more.