New Russian Entrepreneurs

It is a pity that a third of the price we overpay for the brand. But it is already the market. You demand, with the same language here? After the collapse of the former republics of the Soviet Union, including and Russia turned out to be one on one with the dominant influence of the two superpowers of the most powerful economy in the world: the United States and the United Kingdom with their rich and invaluable experience in building market community. Our country was forced to learn a new look at the world. Does anyone learn from that? Learning has to have the strongest, and who it is, as you should have guessed.

True, the search for old books on economics, psychology, menedmentu years of release, a kind, 1992-1997-th. Nine out of ten – conversion, without a hint of foreign authors, which at that time simply did not exist. That's right, except my grandfather Marx did not yet know about Capitalism is nothing. But this well written British and American guru of Sciences. Inefficient production of domestic industry saw through border opportunities.

New Russian Entrepreneurs rushed to the west of the technology and means of production. And here they all had to deal with the problem of not knowing just English, which cited an absolutely all the documents accompanying the newly purchased equipment. And no matter what was purchased: German vertical milling machine or a party of Korean television. It's been a dozen years until the legislation of the country has come to the aid of domestic the consumer, forcing the import manufacturer to include in the instructions for use "translated into Russian.