Heat Stroke Symptoms

In principle, heat or sunstroke similar symptoms and their appearance only when the sun hit the consequences much worse – a high fever and usually need longer time to recover organism. Both stroke occurs when a person is a long time to heat (heat stroke) or in direct sunlight (insolation), which leads to failure of the thermal (heat) the regulation of the body. Often doctors equates to a thermal heat stroke. Normal human body temperature is 36,6-36,7 Celsius. Because of the hot weather, the body temperature increases. Typically, the body can easily adapt to temperature to 40 degrees Celsius, but if it exceeds this range, the person feels dizzy, weak, and it can often feel sick.

He feels a strong headache and sometimes unconsciousness. Thus we accurately can determine: What are the symptoms of heat stroke? * Vomiting * Headache * Sudden dizziness * weakness * High body temperature to 40 degrees or more * Fast heart rate * Rapid breathing * Muscle spasms and pain * Sweating stops completely * Skin becomes hot and dry * Loss of consciousness, how to treat heat stroke yourself some of the most effective and simple home remedies for sunstroke listed below. These home remedies will ensure rapid improvement in the patient's condition and the relief of symptoms of sunstroke. However, if after using these tools you do not even feel good, then you better to urgently seek medical advice. * The first urgent need to hide from the sun and start drinking lots of water, it is necessary to combat dehydration.

* The second most important step – to relax in a cool and shaded place. * Wipe the entire body with a sponge dipped in very cold water. * If you are dressed in tight, tight clothes, it is best to remove it, also applies to all sorts of accessories. * You must always drink a solution of dehydration, for example Regedrona, in order to restore mineral balance. * Bow is very effective in heat stroke. Even better to rub onion juice palms and soles of the feet. If you are not happy with the onions, then at least try for some time to smell the chopped onion to relieve the symptoms of sunstroke. * During a heat stroke is better to eat a lot of watery fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, oranges, etc. * Buttermilk (Low-fat cream) – is another effective means of first aid for sunstroke. It is best to drink at least 2-3 glasses of buttermilk daily, until all the symptoms of heat stroke will be. * It is also desirable stick to your diet – eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates is better to give preference to products that are rich in fiber and potassium. * Avoid alcohol and smoking, and exercise until you feel better. Stick to the bed for about 2 days to cure sunstroke completely. Source: NO BOREDOM

New IP-camera JVC Claims To Leadership In IP-video Surveillance

High image clarity and lack of distortion are ensured through the use of 1/4-inch CCD-matrix with progressive scan and 330 000 active pixels. Thanks to the Easy Wide-D a new IP camera quickly adapt to change lighting in the area of video surveillance, and allows you to send clear details of objects, including the backlight conditions. At very low light can activate the accumulation mode frames in which IP-camera sensitivity can be increased by several times. Depending on the bandwidth VN-V25U allows you to choose one of two resolutions: 640×480 or 320×240 pixels and the transfer of video over IP-based networks in the real time. New IP-camera is equipped with a web server and operates a network of stable 10/100BaseTX Ethernet. Depending on the bandwidth VN-V25U adjusts the data rate from 10 to 100 Mb / s, automatically via auto Auto-Negotiate, or manually. With support for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP IP-camera can be assigned to any free IP-address on the network, eliminating the manual installation of VN-V25U and eliminate errors.

SNTP protocol support allows camera to synchronize their internal clocks with the NTP-server, so if you use multiple IP devices in the system will not be inaccuracies in the time frame. Multi-user access makes it possible to simultaneously watch video with VN-V25U 20 users, and in broadcast mode (Multicast) – unlimited number of users. It's enough of a computer any web browser. When installing a network of more than 3 IP-camera is recommended use the software Milestone. This software has a user-friendly interface provides easy work of the operator with cameras and specialized software modules can significantly enhance the capacity of the system IP-Surveillance.

Main Friend

You can do something similar. You'll need quite a few things. Namely, a box of chocolates, a piece of paper, pen, scissors and imagination. First of all, take a leaf razlinovyvaete it by the number of sweets, remember a story from your life and write it in a way to fit into your drawn by the cell. Then cut these squares, wrap them in the candy and puts back into the box.

That's all a gift is ready! Each time, eating the candy, your friend will read a new piece of history, and remember you with a smile on his lips. Also, if you have the opportunity to take part in a package of things to your friend or loved one, you can porassovyvat the pockets of clothing, bags, notepads, notebooks and places like the small little notes prepared by you in advance. These notes should contain a text with some nice wishes, love declarations, etc. Every time your friend will change or look for something, he will bump into your message, which will undoubtedly give him a lot of pleasant moments and will not feel abandoned and alone. As a symbolic gift perfect boomerang. One of my friend once said that: "Boomerang – a symbol of eternal return." And indeed it is. The main thing do not forget to make sure that your friend forgot to take it with you. Let this simple little thing to remind him in a journey that waiting for him at home and should not be greatly delayed.

Revolutionary New Product BRADY Intelligent Printer

In a series printing systems used IP technology 'smart cell' (built-in chip) that connects to a single system of the printer, material, ribbon and software. With this innovation the user to quickly and easily download the material for Future of labels into the printer, clicked a couple of times in the program to create labels and print various labels, tags and markers shrink. Thus, the printer can produce copies of labels in a timely manner, it was then, when necessary. Advantages series printers Brady IP: – Automatically detect settings labels – Increased productivity – Reduced residue and marriage: no amount of material for calibration. – High profitability Print – Easy to operate and maintain – Optimizing the process of integration into production lines With bi-directional smart cell technology, the printer recognizes and controls the parameters of the feed material and ribbon, automatically calibrates to cut down and the continuous material, thus providing excellent quality printing.

The user gets immediate access to all information about the printing process. Intelligent control system carries a printer informing the user about problems when printing on the printer LCD display, the graphical user interface allows you to control the printer from the menu manually. Printer intended for the manufacture of labels for the different economic sectors: electrical and power engineering, electronics, manufacturing, laboratories, health care, transportation, aerospace, rail transport, public transport, wire and cable identification and so on. "Our clients use different materials for their production. Therefore, when developing the system print specialists put Brady priority simplification handmade and settings, downloading materials, increase the efficiency of investment '- said Nicole Nelson (Nicole Nelson), product manager for Brady. Print System Series Brady IP available with 300 and 600 dpi, with the presence of a network card and without it.

Maximum label height – 106mm, minimum label length – 3.2mm. Direct path loading of material and ribbon eliminates the need to take the time to fill them in gear. Ribbon automatically centered. Lightweight compact design saves space printer. Director of Business Development 'Unit Mark Pro' Brady distributor in Russia, Dmitry Nayshuller, commented: 'Brady Professionals able to significantly streamline the process of printing labels for industrial marking, which, together with the successful positioning of the printer between high-speed printers, a series of compact and BP Precision Printer series 1244/1344 allow many users to facilitate the creation of professional labeling. In Russia, the printer will appear at the end of October and the cost of the printer for Russia is not yet known. " Corporation Brady – an international leader in the production of integrated identification solutions for industries. Brady products help to improve safety, control the opening and protection against counterfeiting, increase the productivity of enterprises. Founded in 1914, more than 500 000 customers in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, education, medicine and other industries. In the state of Brady – more than 9000 people in the Americas, Europe and Asia / Pacific. Sales in 2006 year Brady was about 1.018 billion dollars. Presence in Russia and the CIS since 1997 – the company 'Unit Mark Pro',.

The Essence Of Corporate Events

What is the key to success and prosperity of any large company? Of course, in a friendly, cohesive and interacting team. A strong team ensures the intensity and efficiency. But, unfortunately, time is not possible to organize a trust friendly atmosphere, to hold any event. Currently all major companies are held corporate events and holiday organization such as parties, joint training, visits to the country, as well as plenty of other reasons to gather colleagues – presentations, banquets. Every day, people are working side by side in the conventional mode, and sometimes do not notice how interesting and wonderful people around them.

Corporate events, with the right to organize, reveal the potential of people and show them in a new light. People can reveal themselves as more creative, more creative, more relaxed. Sometimes, never think that a person who works there, maybe something special. But corporate events are an opportunity to present in a small team to show itself and will leave positive impressions about the event, instilling in the hearts of people admire and respect. What could be better than the employee to learn in an informal atmosphere during the holidays! But the organization of activities as well as and corporate events, needs a professional approach. Therefore, in such cases, companies are turning to specialized agencies.

Organization of holidays, corporate events and other activities sometimes require the original and even non-standard approach. You can hold them traditionally, and it will be quite interesting, fun and entertaining. But if you have already held several events for your company, there is a need for a something original. In other corporate events are similar to each other and will be held on the familiar scenario of what can fairly podnadoest. Therefore, organizing the event, keep in mind that innovations never hurt and it's done for the benefit of the company. Source: Next Event