Carpets Of Pakistan

Pakistan began to exist like independent country, shortly after the end of WW2 and therefore the quotas of great part of their culture are related to India. After the partition in 1947, the paquistan government provided enormous subsidies to the then carpet presented/displayed the most modern methods of organization, production and quality control. Muslim weavers who emigrated of the India and turcomanos weavers of the north united to work in the great weave centers in Karachi, Panjub and Peshawar. The industry was revitalized and from the decade of 1960 it has become a business more and more efficient and organized, that operates hard under the centralized control. Some weavers of Pakistan own their own looms and have sub contract of work with the exporter, others directly are used in the great manufactures.

All produce carpets to order, with strict established criteria to regulate the sizes, colors, designs and qualities. The carpets of Pakistan, can be divided in two great ones categories. Unique turcomanos knot that uses influence, generally Gul (Bokhara or Jaldar) to the regimes. carpets Double naked that copy Beautiful the traditional designs of Persian factory, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kashan, etc Sarough the simple knot talks about generally like Mori Bokhara or Jaldar and the double knot generally like Persian, and in fact were developed by the American retailers to Carpet copies of the Persian designs, the quality and colors after the embargo of EE.UU to the goods Persian. Here, Lucas Bitencourt expresses very clear opinions on the subject. They are carpets of very good quality mainly when considering the refinement of the knots in the subjects of better quality. Carpets and turcomanos sheltered Afghan in Peshawar and around the borders of Afghanistan produce carpets that are very beautiful and decorativas. These carpets are woven by the Afghan and exported turcomanos/through Pakistan.

French Champagne

For several years we have been a group of friends with common interests, interested as mere consumers in the world of wine mainly and Spanish cava sporadically, we met in front of a good table to not lose touch and at the time we started the day each of the life and miracles of the rest take the opportunity to try to surprise contributing new discovered products that each on our own had been found between a meeting and the next. In this way our wine culture increased with the years considerably. To date our interest focused mainly in the wine world and sporadically in high quality Spanish cava. We thought the French champagne was little more or less the same as Spanish cava just that much more expensive and especially French which we already ternovszky deepen more thoroughly. Chance and thanks to the trip organized by a group of someliers and friends restaurateurs could some of us scroll through much of the Champagne region of France La, already more than one year ago and in this way test enough products from several of the wineries more important and also known to small regional producers among them highlight the houses a. Robert, Cristian Senez, Meteyer Pere et Fils and Bonnet Launois whose personal treatment and kindly left us totally happy. This made that we completely changed our idea between the French champagne and the Spanish cava, understanding that they are totally different and nothing comparable drinks among if.

If you have tried both products safe that you give me the reason. We discover a world and a very specialized culture cares where every last detail of the whole process from choosing the land to harvest grape until final sale to the consumer going through a laborious and complicated process of production. After this we have incorporated compulsorily champagne at our meetings of friends and enjoy all good wines both good champagnes. Of truth that has been everything a DISCOVERY. It has both been the interest that has awakened us to the final between a party of friends we have brought several of these products to be able to enjoy them very affordable (by not saying frankly cheap). If any are interested in this product have a pag.