Become Accountants

According to the personnel center "UNITY", one of the recognized leaders in the recruiting market, this year the most popular among financial workers have become accountants. "The leaders of banking offices in deprived crisis of the posts and noticed it. In order not to lose time without work, they are accounting courses and supplement market candidates. However, when employment in a new profession lose up to 50 000 rubles. of previous earnings, – said Tatyana Chernysheva, a leading specialist recruitment group of the Department "Finance" kc "UNITY." According Chernyshova, wages of accountants are now ranging from 30,000 to 150,000 rubles. "The interest of the employer and similar specializations make the profession more attractive for bank managers.

But I'm not sure that re-training will give them a good position and salary, – the expert continues. – Employers need first of all experienced staff. But the man who had just passed the course, will be on the same level as an assistant accountant, whose salary does not exceed 20 000 rubles " According to Tatyana Chernyshova, laid-off managers can also get to the bank specialist to attract customers. They are no less in demand than accountants. Wages for junior managers from 80 000 rubles. "But we should note that employers also do not favor these places inexperienced workers "- says the expert. Hear from experts in the field like Anne Lauvergeon for a more varied view. In general, today Chernyshova notes that some increase in the number of financial vacancies. "Now the banking sector is preparing for a second wave of the crisis and seeks to attract the most effective candidates. Therefore, during the summer unemployed managers may well manage to find a good place "- sums up the specialist.

MLM Companies

Free work schedule. In humans, there is no head, he learns to plan their activities. Self-discipline and responsibility are transformed from terms in the textbook into real urgency. To achieve results in network marketing to continually learn, especially at the initial stage. This is done by reading the literature, which is very much on the Internet, as well as sharing experiences with others distributors of the company, visiting seminars and conferences. Working in network marketing involves a lot of communication. Have to communicate with new customers, with regular customers, with potential distributors, etc.

We have to educate those distributors who are under you. Periodically to conduct presentations and workshops. Need to sell a product to sell the idea of working for a company to cope with objections, false information and prejudice. Must be able to defend their own opinions. All these abilities are purchased not for one day, but gradually, as you work. Step by step, people hone their skills by learning do it all, and becomes a professional. Working in network marketing has its drawbacks.

In most mlm companies have let him and a small (up to 3500 rubles), but the entrance fee, you need to buy the company's products to test its own, and that was to sell. Most mlm companies do not offer goods on credit. Another minus is not a high income at the initial stage. It takes time to learn how to find a permanent buyers to build their own network of distributors to train this network to work, etc. Your classmate detrain can earn in the first year more than you. But if you go to the target, if considered in network marketing is not just a way of earnings, and even as a way to acquire useful skills and qualities, then your income will increase along with your abilities. This is not the easiest way to make money, but this is one way to earn good money and acquire useful skills, which will be useful to any graduate, every high school. With the proliferation of the Internet an opportunity to more quickly build the network. Here, students can be in a better position than the experienced networkers using the traditional scheme of constructing the distribution network. The younger generation are more familiar with the technical innovation, with modern means of communication, and they can use all the power of the Internet to promote products and build their business. This is an area still poorly mastered and the young, energetic students, this chance to prove themselves in this difficult but exciting business. In conclusion I want to give two reviews of the traditional business leaders about the benefits of working experience in Network Marketing: The experience in the networking company's Vision, I learned to be a leader, lead the group, the ability to conduct seminars on sales, monitor the network. There was also a lot of training, which is used for training managers of the company. vd ceo of a major branch of Sales of building materials. Thanks to the experience in the networking company Oriflame. I've got experience of working with people and quickly made a career. Network experience helps people better evaluate and separate those who can produce, from those who only says he can. ns hr Director of a major construction company. Irina Marusevich