Great Crisis

Many are the pointers that alert that the planet can be to the side of a great crisis. The global economy is to a step to enter in complete shock, mainly, had to the increase of the prices of the foods, that goes irremediably to threaten the nations poor and to the unemployment of the young. According to recent data of the index of the alimentary prices of the World Bank, they point with respect to an ascent of 36% of the prices of the alimentary goods. The pressure is each bigger time on poor, being the cruel and persistent situation in the time. More than 44 million people had been pushed for the poverty in the year last year and more 34 million will be able to follow this way, that is, to start to live with less than 1,25 dollar per day. Another determinative pointer is the unemployment enters the young in the whole world. This was a factor aggravation of the protests in the Average East and north of Africa.

It retakes it econmica that if speaks does not obtain to create enough jobs, existing a real risk, so that the unemployment if transforms into a perpetual sentence for young. The World is before the possibility to have a lost generation. We attend the bankruptcy of companies every day, you manufacture that they close its doors. The unemployeds are without expectations to find work future, the depression and the discouragement is generalized. The work represents a basic paper in the social affirmation and personal accomplishment. It is through the wage that the people obtain to accede the good and to organize its experience in society. We can be to a step of the civilizacional retrocession and the jib of the dignity human being, everything on behalf of the interests, of that they control the financial capital.

COBIT Company

Together with the COBIT, the Governana in YOU, can create a project so that the process of YOU is in accordance with the planning, organization, acquisition, implementation, delivery, support and monitoramento of the company. The COBIT is a tool that can be used to evaluate the financial operations of the company, of certain form ally to the internal controls. Tool that if finds lined up to a set of lines of direction of you practise, controls of YOU and auditorships of processes. The company today can opt to two sources, have a reactive position and wait that the external or pressures lead internal it for a more comfortable way, that many of the times can very be dispendioso for same. Or the company can act in proactive way and search improvement in its areas of processes using practical good existing norm or models. The COBIT possesss information on controls that must be a goal and the pointer-keys of performance in all the areas of YOU, however it does not possess information on as the organization makes to ripen in all these areas. The COBIT defines 34 areas of process of YOU (management of projects of YOU is only one of them) and supplies forms to measure the maturity of each one. The company still needs practical good norms of and the ITIL it is the responsible one for supplying these norms. The ITIL possue processes with the function to improve the system of management of services of YOU, an international, composed document standard that congregates best the practical ones for the management of services of YOU and that it can be used by any company who possesss a destined area YOU and that she needs to optimize its management in services. The ITIL is not a manual of instructions and yes a well acertiva way of in showing to the way for good planejamneto and delivery to them of services, a set of concepts.