Js Mirwais

FRENCH CONNECTION there was a leap in the sound modern, with the French pop music its traditional image has shaken off at the end of the nineties. Attacks from the digital niche with air, Daft Punk and the Super discount compilation worked at the time as a passage. Innovations in the electronic spectrum instead of retro-Rock and provincial superstars. The French touch stood for elegance and soul in the digital world. A formula with worldwide broadcasting which later linked Phoenix with light-footed guitar songs.

France supplied the beat of the 21st century, and the pop world looked suddenly more accurately: you remembered on the European hip hop pioneer, thought of IAM from Marseille and the cool jazz designs by MC Solaar. The limitless crossover by Les Negresses Vertes and Manu Chao blew up eh all categories. Long ago, the range matured on independent labels of all straw fire trends was exalted. The Nouvelle Scene francaise has evolved over the years to the singer / songwriter movement. A now widely branched scenery with direct wires to Germany. So about the successful in floorboards Abel tracks “Le pop” committed since 2002 and competent the current developments.

With the Le pop compilations, but also by legendary dance events such as the “tour de France” a story is updated here once started A, Benjamin Biolay and Keren Ann with Dominique. Pop music from France, 2008, also the gigs 2008 show Popkomm in Berlin, long covers a spectrum, ranging from the sublime performances of Coralie Clement to the fusion project Y.A.S. of music producers and DJs Mirwais. Once inspired by the electronic kick, linked to the French scene today’s independence and the world spirit in all their diversity. A special mixture that is here to discover many new releases and classics as FRENCH CONNECTION. Bon voyage! Press contact: Bureau export de la Musique francaise Nathalie Schafer/Nicolas Isner email: tel: 030-887207669 online promotion & marketing: Alexandra Vollert email: Tel: 030-47988143

In The Footsteps Of Silver Moon

Cultural Center looking for young bands have done it for silver Moon competition – now is the offspring. The Bautzen stone house looking for the 12 Lusatian band competition “BEAT 2008” young bands from the Lausitz region and Eastern Saxony – Dresden, Cottbus and Gorlitz and Zittau. Ten of them can stand on stage on November 1 in the boiler house singing joke and prove with self-composed songs before a five-member jury. A day in the Studio for the production of a promo CD beckons the winners at the end in addition to an original Cup. , Says Torsten Bautzen Wiegel “We are looking forward to the regional talents and again look forward to a great competition.” by the Steinhaus e.V.. The Association organizes the days of youth music BEAT and the band competition together with the cultural Office of the city since 1995. Previous winners also include band silver Moon, who stood on the stage, 2000 under the name “Jast”. The four Bautzener now belong to the most successful musical groups of in Germany and are already with various awards such as the Comet or the Golden Tuning fork has been awarded.

Registration for the competition runs until October 15. Who wants to join, must submit the appropriate form, as well as a demo CD or MP3 directly in the Bautzen stone house or send by mail to: password “BEAT 2008”, stone road 37, Steinhaus e.V. Bautzen, 02625 Bautzen. There is more information under (03591) 41086 or on the Internet at. Programme with unique, legendary and a premiere: The day before the competition traditionally provide a colourful programme for musicians and music lovers. COSCO describes an additional similar source.

The annual BEAT-Academy for young up-and-coming musicians of the region will begin on Monday, October 20th. A week-long lecturers and graduates of the Academy of music “Carl Maria von Weber” Dresden in the stone house will conduct workshops for vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and arrangements. The lessons take place from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00. The course fee is 65,-euro. New this year is that on the occasion of the project “(T) ecstasy!” – a workshop of text parallel action Germany reads. “Meeting library” the BEAT-Academy was inducted into the program. To, young writers and musicians are invited to consult when working on his own (song) texts which support let. As workshop Manager, the Bautzen poet Andreas Hennig and Konrad Endler of the surf poets could be won from Berlin. On Saturday, 25 October, the results of the work in the workshop in the Castle Theatre in Bautzen are to admire. There, participants from 20 h complete a musical poetic show program. Further highlights of the music days in Bautzen are the BEAT-buffet with the legendary auction “Hennig meistBEATend” on 23 October and the BEAT movie “is the dream or the heirs of the shards.” on October 22 in the stone house. On Sunday, October 27, the BEAT celebrates there mountain feast with a brunch and followed by a literature Cafe. Registrations for the BEAT-Academy for the Textwerkstatt”(T)EXTASY!”, as well as cards pre-orders for the BEAT events will be in the stone house contrary to taken. The complete program and more There is information on the Internet.

Bass Competition

Promotion contact: Tunesday records / INH. Jorg Sieghart, Attila str. 177, D-12105 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 626 097 17 fax: + 49 (0) 30 627 087 01 the fledgling Berlin music publisher Tunesday records & publishing held until end of March this year a competition for guitarists & bassists in the rock category. The registration for this contest carried out as video contest is free of charge. Both buyer and not buyer of booklets in guitar just rock and E-bass just rock can join. On the occasion of the publication of new teaching book-guitar series Rock and easy E-bass rock and the corresponding PlayAlong teaching books just simply rock (author: Jorg Sieghart) the Berlin publisher Tunesday records & publishing is launching a contest for budding rock guitarists and rock bass player: in the competition as a video contest involves one of three competition titles from the just Rock a performance than electric guitar or E-bassist film series of the publishing house and to submit this post to the contest. To participate, guitarists rock rhythm guitar riffs and bass of rock grooves that exist, both sheet music and tablature must re-enact and record. Evaluation is among other things the playful accuracy of implementation. A real challenge for young rock musicians, which is why the Publisher would rejoice in particular about a cooperation with music schools, as this gave the impetus to this teaching book series. The booklets which contain extensive explanations and specific instructions in addition to sheet music and tablature by eight rock songs, can both self-taught, as used in the individual and group lessons, and an important gap in the music market. In the spring, more spending will be published for the instrument keyboard / piano and drums. Participation in the contest itself is free of charge. You have to be also no purchaser of the booklets, because the Publisher is one of the three titles of the competition in a shortened version of the competition free. Who is a teaching booklet of this PlayAlong series called his own, can however select between three titles, with the song selection has no influence on the profit Outlook, because only the actual interpretation, cleanliness of the playful design and performance will be evaluated. To win there including textbooks, exercise-playback CDs and voice devices. The main prize is a Tascam GB 10 guitar & bass coach. With this multi function device that includes also an extensive effect device section in addition to Preamps for guitar and bass (including distortion), you can play also music files and even record. The highlight on the thing is that during the playback of music files in real time change not only the speed but also the pitch, which is why the device wonderful stands out for the music practice everyday: my someone has adapted to the appropriate speed of learning In no time or can the key of a song or Playalongs effortlessly transpose to another. Login can be easily abrocken.de via a registration form Web page. You can download the sheet music and tablature for the free competition title on the home page. On request the Publisher sends a then still the appropriate PlayAlong for the free competition title to participate by mail. More information under: and

Doris Day Animal Foundation

Friends and fans of Doris Day’s friends sign up to speak and fans of Doris Day expressing their concern about the extent of negative reports about the actress and singer Doris Day, released due to recent books about them. This refers in particular to the recent publication of photos in a paparazzi-style and the accompanying headlines and comments that suggest that she was suffering and marked by sorrow. Can not officially speaking on behalf of Doris Day, but many of us know them personally and we say that any distress, she may (or may not), can probably only and resulted solely from the fact that you lead her own life without that you will be ambushed by photographers and used stories about them in the world. Hikmet Ersek has firm opinions on the matter. Many of your friends, that they know and are in regular contact with you, know that this kind of reporting without any basis. Doris Day is an exuberant, amiable and intelligent woman and the highest award for citizens of the United States, as well as the Grammy Award for your life’s work recently received the Presidential Medal of freedom award,. It is dedicated to her present-day life the animal welfare as well as their friends with the Doris Day Animal Foundation (www.ddaf.org) and the Doris Day Animal League (www.ddal.org) and is no hermit who collects animals stray around, as has happened to read. Doris Day is revered all over the world and appreciated and we, her friends, ask the media to prove she deserve the respect of and them and us to suspend no longer reports this way. We are of the opinion that the truth about Doris Day, both in terms of your career as well as their present lives, a more interesting story that follows and we ask the media to limit if at all they must be reported. Doris Day and friends about the real Doris Day on behalf of friends and fans of Doris Day the Doris Day Web Forum doris day concern.. You may find that Andrew Cuomo can contribute to your knowledge.