Taxi Service

They put to him its letrerito in the ceiling, one of which it is bought in the avenues main by 30 suns and ready, to taxear has been said. They cross the main avenues and they offer service of Taxi. Also usually they use micros, light trucks to couster, to assault. They use the cartelito of route and they happen through transport omnibus I publish. It has much well-taken care of when it approaches a taxi or group, because the delinquents no longer know that to invent to make the easy money, taking off it a who really strive to obtain it. This arequipea Nlida Parqui Mamani is the case of the young person (24), that during the dawn of Monday 01 of January approached tico of the company Imperial AQP, plate EH 7675, that offered the service of group from Zamcola to downtown.

She did not notice herself that his apparently inoffensive occupants would be accomplices they would attack and it, undressing it of her credit card of Scotiabank and its cellular one, aside from sending it of tico by the environs of the fishing Terminal. In spite of scare, woman followed his attackers on board taxi, until environs of center commercial Cayma, where it descried to a patrol craft of the Police of Tourism, giving them the alarm voice and beginning a persecution that culminated in the Villalba street, in front of the daily Mail. The prisoners were identified like Scrates Arnaldo Quispe Carvajal (25), Cinthia Tamayo Estaa (22), Jose Antonio Vilca Mrquez (18) and E.A. CH. (17). Another form of to be able unwary to assault them, to rob to them and until violating them, is the famous Facebook, very used by the modern delinquents, thus calling them. A really worrisome fact is that cases have been detected in which depraveed subject they catch to juniors soon to violate them.

Web Money Making

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