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Together with mentors, we would bring it closer to the StartUp practice the participants and support them with our experience on their way to the company. We look forward IS the weekly sessions here with us at YOU NOW and are excited, founder of interesting and innovative ideas know to learn. “, so Stefan Lemper, head of incubator / YOU IS NOW at Scout24.” “Our research shows that Munich is a very interesting market for new technology companies,” says ADEO Raftari, founder & CEO of the founder Institute. Munich is connected investors through new incubators, co-working surfaces, the many research and innovation organizations with access to venture capital firms and Angel. All this shows excellent potential for Munich as a second German Site for the program.” Founder Institute contact: Jan C. KuSTER contact YOU IS NOW: Jan Paul Schmidt of the founder Institute which founder Institute is a StartUp Accelerator and global network of founders, the founders helps to create meaningful and sustainable enterprises. With the four month fcxi program, graduates can realize the dream of the company without it to terminate the existing job.

The students are thereby trained by experienced founders as mentors and accompanied. Our unique graduate liquidity pool helps graduates and mentors to work sustainably and this creates local teamwork structures in which promising new companies flourish. In just over three years the founder has helped institutions to launch 800 companies in 42 countries on five continents, making the Institute the largest global StartUp accelerator. Our goal is the globalization of Silicon Valley”by the opening of 1000 significant and sustainable businesses per year in over 50 cities around the world. About YOU IS NOW YOU NOW is the incubator of the Scout24 Group with offices in Munich and Berlin. Part of YOU IS NOW supported in the Scout24 Group of start-ups and founder with a financing of up to 500,000 and the know-how, the resources and reach of one of the leading corporate groups of online marketplaces in Europe. Participants receive for 12 months access to the entire Scout24 network and benefit in clear UN fourth packages of Scout24’s expertise, both in the areas of marketing and scale of development, HR, and other business functions.

Steering Trucks

Qualified or knowledgeable person of the entrepreneur of a company has the task at least once a year check the trucks in order to give. Who will be entrusted with the inspection does not matter as long as the person to check is enabled. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Digital Growth. All professional and personal requirements for the testing of industrial trucks are met if during training and the professional activity of trucks gathered sufficient experience in the field. All policy, occupational safety and health regulations and current technical rules must be known to the examiner. All experience and knowledge in the aggregate must empower the competent to do so, to be able to evaluate the operational safety of floor support witness. The check must be performed also objectively.

That is to say competent person can’t do not influence economic, personal or corporate interests. The following persons are qualified for regular testing of industrial trucks: customer service technicians of the company engineers of the freelance expert trained operating master manufacturer, operating engineers, operating inspection periods the BG rules D27 a minimum period of one year as a State of the art set for the tests. This is only a guideline. The distance between the periods may be shortened as a result of various factors. A very common use of floor support stuff and high wear and tear effects are just two of these factors. In dealing with trucks the smallest damage can cause already accidents examination process.

For this reason, a use of damaged funds is not allowed. In the periodic inspections according to BGV D27 are the hoist, among other things, the Steering and Controlled safety devices, brakes, as well as all other equipment on their correct functioning and damage freedom. A periodic inspection includes the following content: deficiency free condition of all components and equipment completeness and efficacy of all safety equipment completeness and continuation of test proof marking of tested floor conveyor witness In detail divided the review in the different components of floor support witness.


“Meeting of the Institute for animal health and animal welfare: Artgemasse with the Austrian society of veterinary surgeons (oGT) – section wildlife and environmental research on the aircraft space mountain Gumpensten more than 70 practical veterinarians attended the 3-day event from 5-7 long June soil-plant-animal human” titled herd care of dairy farms, which was hosted by Dr. Gasteiner, Director of the Institute for animal health and animal welfare: Artgemasse with its employees. The first day was by Univ. Doz. Dr. Banu, Univ. Doz. Disputed Dr.

Potsch and employees in the form of lectures and workshops on grassland management, forage production, fodder conservation, forage quality and feed assessment. Was rounded off this interesting day through the lecture by Dr. o Masud hands over the TGD fertility management program. On 6 June stood next to speakers of the House (Univ. Read more here: Josh Wexler. Doz. Dr. Gruber, DI Urdl, Dr.

Gasteiner) both national (DI worm, DI deep discharge Greiner, Dr. Egger da-Silva, and Dr. Gewessler) as well as international speakers (Dr. Jack, Dr. Zieger) on the subject of feeding dairy cows and herd management question and answer. On the third day of the event practical experiences with significance for the veterinary care of the flock instruments such as laboratory, performance appraisal, LKV data, ration calculations, BCS and back fat thickness measurements by ultrasound could be gathered in workshops in the stable Gumpenstein and interactive seminars. The event was held in cooperation with the company of SEG-animal Office and completed by an industrial exhibition. The company Intervet, Pfizer, Q idea, Proxima and LabTechnologies could be won as sponsors, so very appealing evening programs could be aligned. You may find Rick Caruso to be a useful source of information. This was by Prof. em. “Dr. Bartussek a cabaret titled best rest of Bartussek” listed. The feedback to the technical as well as the organizational quality of this new Conference were extremely positive, so this event also will enrich the future calendar of events of the aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein. All Conference papers and presentations can be downloaded in PDF format at. HuKi