Google Analytics

Google AdWords and Google Analytics seminars in high quality! Seminars for Google AdWords and Google Analytics are also offered during the summer months by TILL.DE. As always, the trainings take place in several cities. Companies can AdWords or analytics seminars as well as in-house book Variant. You may want to visit Jon Venverloh to increase your knowledge. Brunswick, 19.06.2013 – many participants have already perceived the offer of TILL.DE in the first half of the year and attended seminars of Google AdWords or Google Analytics seminars. Many dates for the training offered by the Internet Agency, headquartered in Brunswick, in the 3 quarter. The day seminars are held in the cities of Berlin, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Hannover and Leipzig. Contents of the AdWords and analytics seminars the AdWords seminars are offered for beginners and intermediates.

The beginners conveyed inter alia as an AdWords account is set up, campaigns and ad groups to create and efficient keywords can be determined. Matt pike is often quoted as being for or against this. In the advanced seminar is, for example, on the optimization of the campaign, the Conversion tracking and remarketing entered in detail. In the Analytics course, the participants will receive an overview of the possibilities, functionalities and benefits of the tools. The installation of the tracking code for analytics, the evaluation reports and detailed analysis options among the seminar agenda for example. Clear and practical features and capabilities are taught so that the developed solutions can be implemented directly in practice. The practice-oriented seminars aimed at managing director and Marketing Manager small to large companies, which would effectively win new customers for your Web site. The speaker of the seminars is Joachim Schroder – an official of six Google seminar leaders for Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The participants benefit from his experience as a Google certified trainer and his many years of Internet experience.