Flat moving, as any move at all, requires relocating the maximum attention, patience and effort, not so much physical as moral. Just head is spinning: how to organize, pack, do not break and did not forget. But perhaps the main feature of an apartment move, if I may say so, types, kinds and dimensional diversity of transported property, ie, the abundance of quantitative and qualitative variety of large, medium and small items, knick-knacks and , items and predmetikov, all sorts of stuff and accessories that are not subject to accurate classification, but are subject to mandatory carriage on the new habitat. In this case, all this abundance of personal needs, as a rule, higher degree of care and attention. It is understandable – all his own, dear, beloved, dear heart. Of course, the first and most important – properly prepare for the move.

To transportation of furniture, personal belongings and other property was successful you first need all this accurately and reliably sort out, equip and pack. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And do not forget to mark where everything is absolutely identical in appearance packaged items. For example, using tape or bright colored markers. It would be nice to make a mark on the packaging informative, such as: glassware, books, etc. And best of all glued or pinned to the box or bag of short description of the contents. Believe me, worth the candle. The more thorough and detailed you rassortiruete and skomponuete things in the old place on the characteristic features, such as: the form and type, belonging to the site and / or family member, the degree of immediate need, being wanted, the degree of transportability, etc., the simpler, easier and more pleasant you will not disassemble, arrange and lay out all this after the fact apartment move by taking away as much if not physical, then the nervous forces.

For example: clothing – outerwear for the season, casual / work clothes, home wear, lingerie, books – fiction, special, baby, magazines, textiles – kitchen, bedroom, interior. and etc. etc. In addition, the inevitable move apartments – a great opportunity to finally make an audit of accumulated good result which will most likely have some, and perhaps significantly minimizes future troubles. In the end, you should be able to part with unnecessary things, it expands the living space, and frees up the positive life energy.

Apartment Search Agency

Apartment owners who choose to surrender the apartment itself, and not through real estate agency, do not do it in good faith to save your money on agency commissions, and for the reason that they wanted to rent an apartment for rent without signing a tenancy agreement / lease premises with the tenant. In this case, homeowners can behave as you wish: to raise the rent during the year are claimed by you in an apartment without warning and in your absence, etc. Apartment Search rent through a reliable agency for rental housing: a fast, easy, safe and certainly not free. 2. The choice of rental agencies: a large well-known real estate agency or a highly specialized agency for rent housing? Currently, the market rent is actively developing. Among the real estate agencies there is much competition. Each agency is fighting for the Customer to its methods. Warren Kanders shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Major real estate agencies in the main "take Customer "of its popularity," name ", but on the Internet found a lot of feedback that a poor-quality services no responsibility they carry. Sue on "shark business" has almost no sense – spend more nerves, time and money, and the result probably will not get anywhere. Also on the Moscow real estate market active unfurled a small highly specialized agencies, which have mediation services are available only for hire, lease of residential property. Among the small agencies in rental housing is important to distinguish the good from the agency "is not very good" or firm-by-night.

Packet Policies

Many insurers have developed a standard form covering the risks of small business enterprises. Examples of coatings provided by such insurance policies are listed below: loss or damage of commercial equipment and goods Shop (other than stocks of tobacco and cigarettes, which are insured in a special way), caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft, robbery, riot, malicious (deductible applies), aircraft (Except for sonic booms), collision with ground transport, earthquake, storm, flood, breaking line (deductible applies), plus a seasonal increase in X% of the sum insured in November and December. Interested parties can include in the contract the risk of accident and the insurance amount may be indexed according to inflation index. The loss of trading profit due to the suspension of operations (a term not exceeding 12 months), caused by risks listed above, including additional costs for compensation for loss of commercial profit, plus pay for professional accountants (within a specified amount), involved in the certification of the claim. The standard liability limit is sometimes set as follows: multiply by a factor of 1.5 the sum insured on the shelves and cost recovery of retail space and add payroll accountants employed in preparation of claims. Loss of money: for transportation, located in the premises during business hours or in a safe after hours, is not in the safe, were in the store after hours, who were in the homes of the owner or employees; by crossed checks, plus compensation for death, loss of one or both eyes or one or more limbs, or a week for total disability resulting from the attack on collectors (for persons aged 17 to 70 years). 'Money' in this case include money orders, food stamps and coupons with a declared value.

Fight of float glass in doors and windows of the storefront, including the cost of glass works plus concomitant damage to the goods. Responsibility towards employees and members of the public limited to limit compensation to third parties for claims to the quality of goods. Not required additions, such as the integrity of employees, accidents with individuals, loss of license. In the case where the is insured for a combined policy, he is free to include cover all risks, which, his view, belong to his company and if it uses a batch policy, the composition of its coating, must include the standard risks, which at the request of the insured may be added.