Gentlemen One

The mercy does not represent to have d of nobody! Mercy means attachment to the things of God, respect the God. The merciful one is taken care of by adultery Deus.O spiritual is that one that knows the Word of God, but not it honor. He is that one that says in them to be our brother in the Christian faith, but in the practical one, during the adversities, it is not. It is moved away from it! What it disdains the word will perish, but what it fears the order will be galardoado. Sayings 13:13 the one that disrespects what God speaks to it, perishes, therefore it does not practise the Word, but the iniquities that the world indicates to it. E, taking off them for is, said: Gentlemen, who are necessary that I make to save me? they had said: You and your house believe in Mr. Jesus Christ and will be saved. Acts 16:30 – 31Ore for all the people of its family, citing the name of each one of them in its conjunct.

It is remained believing in Mr. Jesus Christ and the salvation of all its dear beings! and also established Jeosaf to some of the levitas and the priests and the heads of the parents of Israel on the judgment Mr., and the causes judicial; had come back Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 19:8 and here it is that You would love, the supreme priest, will all preside over on you in the business Mr.; Zebadias, son of Ismael, leader of the house of Jud, in all the business of the king; also the officers, the levitas, are before you; you strengthen you, therefore, and you make it; you will be with the good ones. 2 Chronicles 19:11 the Gentleman always will be with the good ones. It is our justice, believes in what It teaches to you through the Word.