WinRAR Manager

Our portal – Download Software 2010 offers a golden download free software from us you will find a lot of useful software: drivers, software, antivirus, codecs for the correct audio and video files and much more. All programs are free to download and absolutely free. Our portal is a nonprofit project whose goal is to provide you with high-quality computer programs with a comprehensive description of their functional characteristics. Here are some popular programs: Far Manager – a file manager. It has support for keyboard shortcuts and a very convenient interface. Far Manager allows you to perform practically any operations with files and archives. Program allows you to view files and directories, edit, copy and rename files, Far Manager with more than 100 plug-ins that add good functionality. Total Commander 7.5 – File Manager, which has lots of features, replacement of the standard file manager.

Total Commander 7.5 has multilingual support and following vozvozhnosti: search, comparison and synchronize files and folders, built-in player audio / video files supporting all popular archives, built-in FTP client, HTTP proxy support; orgomnoe of plugins increasing its functionality and more more. Punto Switcher 3.1 – Automatic selection of Russian and English keyboard layout. With Punto Switcher 3.1 on the keyboard switch can be forgotten, it will be done automatically! The program works by using the principle of non- Some combinations of letters for Russian and English languages. RivTuner 2.30 – A program to fine-tune the NVIDIA and ATI, running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. RivTuner 2.30 allows access to undocumented features of your video card, making her work as productively. Style XP 2010 – The program allows you to customize and change the look of Windows XP. Style XP 2010 Contains a huge collection of additional desktop themes (men's women's and children's themes). Style XP does not slow down computer and does not cause any problems.

7-Zip – file archiver with a high degree of file compression. Supports all major archive formats. 7-Zip compression is especially useful for large files. Archiver WinRAR 7 – File archiver For Windows 7, XP, Vista. Is one of the best archives on the compression ratio and speed. WinRAR archiver 7 can make backups of any data and a few times to reduce their volume. People such as Macy’s Inc. would likely agree. WinZip 14.5 2010 – File Archiver for Windows 7, XP, Vista. WinZip 14.5 2010 has a simple and intuitive interface, WinZip 14.5 2010 can quickly compress any files in order to save disk space. Alcohol 120% – an emulator of CD and DVD discs. It supports all major image formats including ISO, is an option to delete information from the CD and DVD discs. Alcohol 120 works with images of games several times faster than CD-ROM drive. Outpost Firewall pro 7.0 – a multi-function firewall. Protects your computer from hacking, information theft and contamination. Has Russian interface and flexible configuration. With Outpost Firewall pro 7.0, you can protect your computer from external threats.