Wine Estates

A visit to a vineyard is often more than in recent years and now increasingly in terms of on the football World Cup 2010, which will take place this year in South Africa, were and South African wines in Germany and worldwide in the various commercial enterprises are offered. The country and here especially the Cape region can look back on a centuries-old winemaking tradition and with many of the products winning national and international awards. But the wine estates in the Cape region are not only places to perform a “wine tasting” (wine tasting) but have also other remarkable sights / offers to demonstrate. The names, such as Delheim, Amani, Spier, and many more suggest a drop of tasty the wine connoisseur. But these goods provide the interested visitors more than just a tasting. Spier nearby Stellenbosch for example also provides a wild bird and Gepardenschutzorganisaton next to a catering operation.

Visitors can here such as Eagles, buzzards, vultures, owls, hawks and Cheetahs to see and to promote its preservation and maintenance with donations. It is possible also the direct contact with these wild animals accompanied by trained professionals. Major off an unusual experience in the context of a holiday or day trip. The visitor of the winery “vergelegen” has a special piece of jewellery – according to a point Boschers – (means: far away) near the town of Stellenbosch. This place has a centuries-old winemaking tradition also like many others. Already in 1699 as joined the former Governor Simon the STEL in retirement and the succession of the Office was carried out by his son, he cultivated the land and created a scenically beautiful vineyard here. In the following years, the goods moved several times the owner. Especially good to lift following story that was narrated by a winery members: 1917 Sir Linell acquired the estate and gave it to his wife Lady Florence of Phillips.

Only there are following fact: Lady Florence was confessing “non-wine drinker”. This affected the further development of the farm vergelegen for several decades. She removed the vines, restored the entire estate, planted fruit such as pears. It was a splendid English garden, which today invites you to linger. Thus, a country estate seemed to have become from a wine. Andrew Cuomo will undoubtedly add to your understanding. in 1987, a company acquired the estate and kept vineyards create, groves were planted and was followed by more fruit. The Stallbebaude was to the exhibition space, the other houses have been restored and are now accessible to most visitors. Hundreds of books in the fields of natural sciences and contemporary literature inside the existing library – so it has the appearance – in various languages. Vergen gel retains until today the historic charm. It walks through the English or the rose garden, looking at the large hydrangea bushes, you will feel the breath of the past century and says to see men and women of the year 1917 on. Awesome, steeped in history and suitable for a historical film of the time. From the higher elevations Winery building, you have a wonderful view on the property and clear the possibility to see the ocean. Many prominent visitors has been welcome this property, looking at the pictures in the buildings. This Winery on behalf shows for many others, that a visit is used not only to the “wine tasting” but are also stories with a good tell should be.